1 YR Later

1 YR Later

Hi guys,

Thank you for your support of my blog.

It’s been 1 YEAR since I posted my very first blog post 🙂

I remember feeling embarrassed and scared about putting my ideas out to the universe and talking about the things that interest me.

Wow – looking back, I can’t express how much I’ve changed and grown over the last year.

Pics 048
Sept 2007 – child free days 🙂

I’ve celebrated 10 years of friendship with my best friend, my husband Leki (Sept 2017).

Celebrated our 7 year wedding anniversary (Nov 2017).

26 Nov 2011

Added to our growing family with our second child – Kyneton (Jan 2018).

Watched with growing pride as our 3yo daughter Emelina started her formal education at our local Montessori school and gymnastics classes (Feb 2018).

Our lil monkeys

Building my little business (More updates to come soon!)

Spent time with family and friends celebrating life…


I’m learning to accept myself.


The post today is about honesty.

I honestly don’t know how I got this great life when there are so many unfortunate people around me.

I honestly don’t know how I managed to earn my beautiful family.

I honestly don’t know how I got through high school.

I’m not the best at spelling but we work on this blog together so it works out well.

I get confused and embarrassed because I get red easily when I talk to people because I’m not wanting to mix my words up and make myself look silly.

In the end it’s all about how you feel in your own skin.

No one is responsible for your happiness but you.

And if you agree with that then the opposite is also true…

No one is responsible for your unhappiness other then YOU!

With that being said I’d like to review how I can sometimes OVER estimate what I can get done in the short term but UNDER estimate what I can achieve over the long term.

F [2]
Heading towards 75kg!

For example after reviewing the last 5 months I had grand visions of losing a heap of weight quickly after having baby no.2 but as I found out it’s a struggle and requires more patience.

Another thing I thought would be straight forward was enrolling my 3yo daughter into our local ‘alternative’ school. I’ve since learnt that there’s a whole lot more that comes with Montessori and to be consistent with Eme’s learning at school – we have to continue her education at home. I’ll have a whole update on this down the track 🙂

But… the opposite is also true.

Something to celebrate for me personally is that over the last 12 months I’ve slowly shared with you little bits of my life and my family that I don’t get to share with most people. I still get nervous sharing some things about me.

Ky’s Baptism

I’ve written about my troubles with breast feeding, managing my long held anxieties, juggling 2 x kids at home, Montessori school, gymnastics, moving to the Country and being apart of different community groups… something that I never would have imagined 1 year ago!

With all the challenges and successes over the last 12 months I can only imagine how the next 12 months will have in store for me.

I’ll have to wait and see 😉

With love,

Belinda xo

Me Time

Me Time

I was thinking about “me time”. Yes, I can hear mothers of babies and young children muttering “there is no time for ‘me time’”. And mothers of school age children who either work and/or spend precious time ferrying children to sport or ballet or music or just play dates muttering the same. STOP!

Mothers with babies and young children, I know you often use that time to catch up with some household task but try to spend even half an hour of their nap time doing something just for you whether it’s reading, going out into the garden, exercising or whatever. If your child doesn’t nap then early on get them used to going into their bedroom with books or toys with the door closed for an hour for “their special time”.

My husband used to give me Tuesday evening off, I’d go to art class and he was responsible for the children. That time apart from family responsibilities and having adult conversation was a lifesaver. Perhaps for you it could be some other hobby, maybe book club or just catching up with girlfriends where every sentence isn’t interrupted by crying or “Jimmy don’t do that” or “yes darling that is clever”.

Mothers of school age children, obviously if you’re also working you are desperately time poor but at least you do get to have time away and the opportunity to have adult speech. Stay at home mothers usually spend a lot of time helping at school and doing unpaid volunteer work plus the constant ferrying around. Make friends with the other mothers so that if there ever is an emergency or you’re running late you feel able to ask for help.

Keeping sane and having time with your partner/husband is the best argument for establishing set bedtimes for the children. During the week because my husband didn’t arrive home until 6:30 I used to feed the children early, cleaning up and putting our meals aside. Then after time catching up with the boys doings, he’d put them to bed with a story, we’d both kiss them goodnight and then zap our dinner and have it in peace and quiet. On weekends we all ate together, cleaned up together, did family things, went out together as a family.

Every month our parents gave us a Friday or Saturday night off and we’d go out to dinner and perhaps see a movie, go to a concert or dance or catch up with friends. It was good for the children to spend time alone with their grandparents as well. Remember your children will grow up and leave home and you don’t want to find yourself living with a partner you no longer know. Those years after your children leave can be some of the best and freest of your life together.


And seeing I’m on the Advice Wagon, I know it takes extra time but when your young child offers to help with household chores like getting dinner or cleaning etc accept that help. Don’t wait until they are teenagers and then suddenly start asking for or yelling at them to help. Make it an expected thing from an early age.

Most of all take time to enjoy each stage of your life. It passes so quickly. As someone once said “It’s not the destination but the journey that is important”.

[UPDATE] Losing Weight After Having A Baby (Pt.V)

[UPDATE] Losing Weight After Having A Baby (Pt.V)

Hi all.

Thanks for dropping in 🙂

This is the 5th episode of my weight loss journey which I update monthly. Click below to review the story so far!

Episode #1 – Jan

Episode #2 – Feb

Episode #3 – Mar

Episode #4 – Apr

F [2]

The goal of this chain post is to track my weight loss but maintain breastfeeding for my newborn son Ky for over 12 months.

What’s the latest?

Well… my original intention was to drop weight from almost 95kg to 69kg within 6 months while managing my newborn son Kyneton.

I’m 5 months along and currently weighing 77.7kg and my adjusted goal is now to achieve pre-baby weight of 75kg by the time we travel to Thailand in late-June.

So I have to lose 2.7kgs in 6 weeks.

I should be able to reach that goal – fingers crossed!

I’ll still work on losing weight down to my dream weight of 69kg over the next 3-6 months. I hope you enjoy the process as I report it to you 🙂

S [2]

Top 3 Talking Points

  1. Ky is still irritable at night
  2. BIG improvement with breastmilk
  3. Being consistent

1. Ky is still irritable at night

Our son Kyneton was a dream baby for the first 2-3 months.

He was intermittently sleeping throughout the day but was giving us almost 6-8 hours at night – great trade off!

Then around week 12-13 we noticed he was getting incredibly irritable at night and wanted to feed every 3-4 hours.

Leki thought he may be ready for puree/mashed solids but I was wanting to hold out until he was 4 months. So we held on for another 4 weeks with feeding him solely on breast milk.

In the last week leading into month 4 we started some small samples of mashed banana and mashed avocado.

After a few missed attempts he took to it really well and hungrily ate what we gave him.

So we are now going to review our feeding routine and consider giving him solids with each meal and top up with breast milk.

We will then monitor how he goes sleeping at night as a result of our ‘experiment’.

One extra thing I would like to add is that Leki has been researching on other reasons why Ky may be generally irritable.

Earlier I documented that Ky was born with the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck and he was very stressed.

Leki’s research suggested that some babies can be quite sensitive and hormonally imbalanced as a result of the trauma in those early moments in life. As a result, the health of the child can be compromised.

More on that in the next update in June once we have more evidence of what helps/doesn’t work for us 😉

2. BIG improvement on Breast milk

Got Milk?

I have 🙂

Here’s what worked for me.

I’ve established a good base of eating well, having good sleep and monitoring my stress levels.

Highly recommend

On top of that I have supplemented with lactation support tablets and lactation cookies.

After some research I found that the Herbs of Gold brand had the ingredients that worked for me. It helps boost all the necessary goodies that help my mammary glands produce milk in volume to keep Ky happy.

Lactation cookies were pretty expensive from local stores for only 10 cookies so I decided to make them.

Here’s the boobie cookies recipe/instructions I sourced from Pinterest:

It comes out very toasty and most importantly – tasty! Both Leki and Emelina give their stamp of approval 🙂



3. Being consistent


In the tracking sheet you can see there are 2 weeks where despite how good I was being the weight didn’t come off.

I practised my intermittent fasting window of 8 hours, tried my best to maintain a short HIIT exercise program daily and ate very well but… nothing 🙁

Instead of beating myself up I tried to maintain my mindset and kept a healthy optimism about it all.

From the 21 Apr (80.9kg) to 4 May (79kg) I was hovering around the same weight for over 2 weeks! I must admit it was a struggle to maintain my positive outlook because I wasn’t losing and maintaining any weight loss.

But then I got some good momentum over the following week as I steadily dropped down the weight by STICKING TO MY GUNS 🙂

I’m glad I did because I’ve got my second wind 🙂

As I was hovering around the low 80kg for almost 2 weeks it started to come off.

Key take away – BE CONSISTENT!

Here are some small changes in how I run my day outlined below:

  • Usual light breakfast at 7:30am which is slightly earlier then usual
  • My first 10min HIIT session with before or after breakfast (probably doing this twice a week now)
  • Do my ONE thing if I’m at home or I might be out of the house for Montessori/Gymnastics from 9am-11am
  • Have lunch 11-12pm
  • Try and squeeze in my second 10min HIIT session (trying to do this daily)
  • “Dinner” at 2-3pm
  • Fast from 3-4pm to 7:30am
105cm in May 2018. Lost 5cm in circumference in 4 weeks!

More to share next month as we’re getting closer and closer to Thailand 🙂



With love,

Belinda xo

Ky’s Baptism

Ky’s Baptism

Hi guys,

Last weekend we celebrated the Baptism of our son into our Catholic Church.

It was a great day and we enjoyed having friends and family together to celebrate the occasion.

We selected my first cousin from Sydney to be the Godfather and Leki’s older sister is the Godmother.

The Godparents 🙂

I enjoy the traditional aspect of our Faith and our Culture.

The day started off early with the help of my sister with make up and hair at 7:30am. While I was being made up Leki was getting Emelina ready and Kyneton was being nursed by my sister.

I had already asked my Family to help organise the day by getting my sister to pick up the Cake from Eiffel Cakes, my Aunty picked up the balloons from Lombards, we have personalised chocolates as a gift made by chocsbymez and we had 3-4 cars rolling over to the Church from my parents house loaded with local Family and those who came from interstate and Overseas!

Thanks ChocsbyMez 🙂

Despite our best efforts we were a little late to the Church service at 10:30am but we were apart of the second half of the service.

My mother helped us into our Traditional costume which are woven mats with fibre ropes tying everything down. It looks uncomfortable but it’s not too bad and we are not in the traditional te’unga (costume) that often so we both enjoyed it 🙂


Our Church

Kyneton’s Christening was at 11:30am and I was feeling a bit of stress as we were running late but things settled as we spoke to Father Jan and he settled my nerves!

The Baptism went for about 20 minutes and I must say little Ky did very well as I tried to make sure he was comfortable as possible. I fed him earlier and made sure his nappy was nice and fresh.

All smiles 🙂

As Father Jan poured the water over Ky blessing him I thought Kyneton was going to belt out a massive tantrum but he was quite settled and actually drifted into a deep sleep 🙂 Lucky me!

As with all our Family celebrations we make sure we take plenty of photos to remember the occasion! This event was no different 🙂

Our little community 🙂

Special shout out to my cousin and his girls from Sydney! We know more Sydneysiders would have loved to be here but sent their love and were there in spirit 🙂

Thank You Sydney Crew!

Also want to mention my overseas travelers from Tonga and New Zealand.

My Grandmother, Aunty and Uncle and cousins from NZ who were able to celebrate the day with us.

From the Friendly Islands with Love
Cousins from NZ!

After we finished up our photos and engagements at our Church we made our way to the little after party at The Braybrook Hotel.

It’s a buffet restaurant based in West Melbourne and the main reason (apart from the quality of the food) we decided to host the gathering here was because they have an AWESOME indoor playground that is great for entertaining the kids. Highly recommend them for your next party!

So Kyneton’s Baptism was on Sunday 6 May 2018 but I pre-booked The Braybrook Hotel in February to make sure we had enough seats.

I picked and organised the date early in 2018 so I could let all the travelling families know early and allow plenty of time to save $$ and travel to Melbourne.

Ky’s Baptism Cake

So by 3:30pm the day was completed and we were all done.

Despite a few little hiccups the day was a success.

Special shout out to my sister for capturing these priceless photos.

To all my friends and Family thank you for your help and witnessing my son’s journey in God’s love.


With love,

Belinda xo

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day

Hi Mums,

Happy Mother’s Day to you all for next week 🙂

This post is arriving a week early as I have a few jam packed weeks coming up so I thought I’d share some of the events we’ll be up to on Mother’s Day weekend and I’d love to hear what you’ll be up to!

Mother’s Day is doubly special for me because it’s been almost 1 YEAR since my very first blog post!

I wanted to commit to posting weekly without fail and I’ve managed to do that. Hope you’ve enjoyed these posts that I’m sharing as much as I have presenting it to you 🙂

I also have a special part of my blog where I time stamped my very first blog entry which you can find in the top right corner 🙂


Well, what has happened in a year? Plenty!

  • I had a new team member join our family – little Kyneton
  • Emelina has started up Montessori school and is slowly detaching from Mum and Dad 🙂
  • I’ve grown a year wiser with how I manage my time and spend it with loved ones
  • Emelina has started regular sport/training which I’ll share later 🙂
  • Plenty of celebrations, parties and events AND MORE!

So Mother’s Day is Sun 13 May and gosh the year has flown by so quickly already.

Just feels like we packed up the Christmas decorations just last week 🙂

This is what we have planned for the weekend

Early in the morning we’ve signed up to the Mother’s Day Classic which is a Fun Run/Walk raising money and awareness for Breast Cancer research.

We’ll be definitely walking NOT running LOL

It’s based around my beautiful city of Melbourne in the Alexandria gardens and we’ll be dressed up in our best pink clothes and walking shoes!

We’ve signed up for the 4km course

I wrote earlier that we moved over an hour away from the main CBD of Melbourne almost 1.5 years ago and we’ve loved the country change.

There are times though that I’ve missed being in the City and having that cosmopolitan feeling! It’ll be great to return back and make some new memories with my little family.

Melbourne Botanic Gardens

When the morning is all finished up I’ll be having lunch with my Mother-in-Law in the city.

Leki’s parents

We’ll take her out to a little Japanese place that’s kid friendly. Always good to see Family and spending quality time!

We’ll also plan to see Leki’s Grandmother who is now in a nursing facility and celebrate her strong spirit!

Leki’s Grandma

We are lucky to have great grandparents with us still and we only have one set of them on both sides of our Families – Leki’s maternal grandmother and my maternal grandmother.

The Yarra River

After we finish up having lunch we’ll head up to the Northern suburbs and have an early dinner for my Mother and my Grandmother.

My Mum 🙂

We are celebrating Kyneton’s Baptism this weekend and we are blessed to have my Grandmother from Tonga visiting! So we get to spend time with her, celebrate Ky’s Baptism this weekend and Mother’s Day next week!

My Grandma

Phew! Mother’s Day will be a busy day for us.

Fortunately we’ll be staying in the city overnight so we can get over to the Fun Walk nice and early then Lunch in the city before finishing off in the Northern suburbs then hike back out to the country late Sunday night.

Wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂

Have a great Mother’s Day – however you choose to spend it!

With love,

Belinda xo

A Friend In Me

A Friend In Me

Hi guys,

Esther was apart of an organising committee that successfully hosted a great party/initiative that celebrates children and parties. I asked Esther to give a little insight into how much effort goes into organising something at this scale!

The event was last Sunday 15 April 2018 and I asked Esther to give a little feedback prior.

Here’s the summary of what was on offer:


Enjoy 🙂

Hi Belinda,

Just a quick note about this Superhero themed event. (Here’s the link to the Facebook event page)

How do we plan it all?
friend in me
Great work ladies 🙂
Basically, they are 3 of us that constantly messaging each other day and night to organise, finalise and brainstorm the party and we do have a few other volunteers helping out too.
We also managed to get all our partners involved too!
So we are 4 days away from the party.
This week we are finalising the schedule as some entertainers have last minute changes and we had to reshuffle everyone around which was an inconvenience to the others but we found a way to make it work 🙂
In the end we just had to work together to find a solution as the event was only 4 days away!

This is our 2nd year running this community event and it is bigger and better then last year as we have a bigger venue and hoping to raise more money for the Ronald McDonald House which is a charity doing great work for kids.

This week we are picking up and printing some sponsored vouchers, goodies for the goodies bags, bean bags for the quiet room for special kids and BBQ burner for the sausage sizzle. It’s all happening!
We definitely had fun and will return next year 🙂
On Friday, I will pick up some bread from Bakers Delight, sausages from the butcher (Ascot Vale Meats on Union Road) and on Saturday fruits from a local green grocer (The Happy Apple) and cupcakes from Mister Nice Guys.
We will also spend all day Saturday (day before the event) getting together to pack the 300+ goodies bags, wrapping up the raffles prizes and finalising the party.

Beside that, earlier in the week on Monday we checked the venue to finalise the set-up.

The plan on Sunday (event day) is basically getting there at 7am to set-up and confirm the vendors at 8am and allow them to set up with a final briefing at 8.45am before the doors open!
Super Leki and Owlette 🙂
We can’t wait for this as we had planned for this since last year July (almost 9 months of planning!!) and in only the last 6 weeks we had been more focused on delivering it.
We are so excited and LET’S PARTY!!!

Can’t Slow Progress!

Can’t Slow Progress!

Hi guys,

Sombre post for you today.

I’ve broken this post into 3 short sections with some updates on Eme’s development/School that I’d like to report:

I had one of the worst experiences in school to date when a Mother described to me how her child was being called names and being bullied at school – because the child has special needs.

When the story was being retold to me I felt a range of emotions.

Infuriated! Frustrated! Helpless! Angry!

Fortunately the Mother calmed me down and said she’s conditioned for it and now it rolls of her like water off a duck’s back.

I’m still trying to register that.

I don’t think I’d ever recover if any of my kids are getting bullied or called names.

It would be even worse for me as a parent if I caught wind that it was my children bullying other kids.

Big Girl School 🙂

But when she said the Mother of the offending child was also branding her child ‘retarded’ that crossed the line.

It reinforces the idea that children learn from their environment.

If parents are hopeless with their moral compass then can we blame children who bully if they pick up these same behaviours at home?

Of course not! They learn from what they see and hear.

I mentioned earlier that Leki and I are working on building respectful and resilient kids and even with our best efforts we can still fall short.

Actions not words.

That’s what kids respond to.

You can say one thing and then do another and they’ll judge you from what you did not what you said.

So with that vent out the way I have also something else to share:

Emelina has learnt the power of lying

Here’s the story… I noticed there was a little toy fish with the tail now broken.

I approached Eme about it and asked: “What happened to the toy Eme? Did you break it?”

Eme’s response: “No Mama – Aneira did it”

Me: “Tell me honestly Eme – did you break the toy?”

Eme: “No Mama – Neriah did it…”

Me: “Eme… this is your last chance… did you break the toy?”

Eme: “Yes Mama, Eme did it. I’m sorry” (with a cheeky smile)

Happy Days 🙂

I couldn’t believe how this little girl managed it or if it’s a developmental thing but she will now test the boundaries with her little white lies.

In this short conversation she was trying to blame her cousins who hadn’t visited or played with the broken toy recently.

Once she realised that I wasn’t buying her story she gave up and accepted fault 🙂

I’ll have to be on my game from now on.

The final update is Eme’s successful detachment at School.

At her Montessori school the kiddies are grouped in age groups rather then Year levels.

So the first ‘stage’ to assist with development and eventually detachment from parents is the Nesting/”Nido” age group ranging from 6 months to 3yo where classes can be a weekly session for an hour.

After some time familiarising with the classroom and the teacher plus other kids you can then progress to the next class once you’re around 3yo.

The next age group is “Yellow Group”.

In Yellow Group parents are encouraged to say goodbye to the children in the morning before leaving while trying your best to avoid the drawn out goodbye.

So there I was at our second class into Yellow Group and after our first session I felt that Eme was settling in well with her new classmates.

When I went to say goodbye to Eme in the hallway leading into her classroom and I leaned in for the kiss and hug and then she said: “See ya Mama” turned around and ran excitedly to her Yellow Group.

And just like that… my little girl had cut me from her imaginary umbilical cord 🙂

Eme’s School Bag

When her class finished 2 hours later – I was huddled with all the other anxious Mums in the hallway waiting to see how our little ones got on.

Next thing we hear is the door swing open and then the stampede of excited kids looking for the familiar face of Mum or Dad.

Then… out to the confusion I saw my little Eme.

Big eyes, wide brimming grin and a high pitch excited squeal when her eyes locked onto mine.

I felt so relieved that she enjoyed her time away from Mama because she has been my little side kick these last 3 and a bit years but now I feel she’s begun her own unique journey.

Such a #MamaMoment 🙂

Well, there you have it.

A wide ranging experience with pre-school.

Bullying. Lying. And now Flying… Solo!

The adventure continues…

With love,

Belinda xo

[UPDATE] Losing Weight After Having A Baby (Pt.IV)

[UPDATE] Losing Weight After Having A Baby (Pt.IV)

Hi all.

Thanks for dropping in 🙂

This is the 4th episode of my weight loss journey which I update monthly. Click below to review the story so far!

Episode #1 – Jan

Episode #2 – Feb

Episode #3 – Mar

The goal of this chain post is to track my weight loss but maintain breastfeeding for my newborn son Ky for over 12 months.

Why all the effort?

Well to be honest – it’s because I want to be in a bikini by late-June 2018 for our overseas trip to Thailand!

By this time my newborn son will be almost 5 months old.

So my goal is to get from my starting weight (94.9 kgs post baby) to my pre-baby weight (75 kgs) and ultimately to my super duper goal of 69 kgs by June 21 2018!! 🙂

Apr 2018 – Weighing 81.5 kgs after 120 days in!

Top 3 Talking Points

  1. Ky is getting a bit irritable at night
  2. I’m running low on breastmilk
  3. Not losing as much weight per week as I would like

1. Ky is getting a bit irritable at night

Kyneton is now 3 months old and he was doing very well. Averaging 6-8 hours at night and feeding almost every 2-4 hours during the day.

Suddenly in the last 2 weeks I have had a couple of nights where he slept for 4 hours then would wake and cry to feed every 2 hours. This happened probably twice at home and a couple of nights when I stayed at my parents place during the week.

I’m not sure what changed as my diet, exercise and breastfeeding volume has been pretty good and consistent. My only idea is that he’s getting more hungry and pretty sensitive to noisy siblings 🙂

So I will be thinking about starting to puree some solids soon – broccoli, sweet potato and other goodies! I hope that helps to settle him. Wish me luck 😉

Apr 2018 – Waist circumference now 110cm. Down 10cms after 3 months!

2. I’m running low on Breastmilk

As I flagged in my last post (3rd edition) I have started intermittent fasting (IF) and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

My food intake has been consistent meaning I still eat 3 x meals in an 8 hour window: 8am-4pm then I fast for 16 hours.

I eat breakfast at 8am, have a heavier lunch at 12pm then a lighter dinner at 3/4pm.

I also have some great healthy snacks and smoothies during my 8 hour window with plenty of water.

I’m not sure if it’s Kyneton hunger that’s demanding more milk from me or if he’s ‘ready’ for solids but our Maternity Nurse suggested that newborns are ready for solids between 4-6 months.

So I’m going to be monitoring these next 4 weeks very closely and I’ve decided to stick to my health plan, eat well, practice IF and HIIT twice a day.

The only change is that I will double my breastfeeding ‘power smoothie’ intake. One at breakfast and another at the end of my 8-hour window.

I’ll let you know of my results next month.

Ky will be 4 months old and might be ‘ready’ for solids but I need to do more research on that!

Slow and steady!


3. Not losing as much weigh per week as I would like

In my first episode I put it out into the universe that I want to lose 1.2 kgs per week so I can achieve my goal of 69 kgs by June 21 2018.

At the time of writing I should be 79.1 kgs if I continued to lose weight at that targeted rate.

I’m currently 81.5 kgs.

Don’t get me wrong I’m really happy with that effort and how I’m looking and feeling but I’m not losing quite enough.

I notice that despite all my effort I’m losing about 3 kgs per month or 750g per week.

So if I continue at that rate I’ll be my pre-baby weight of 75 kgs by the time I get to Thailand. Not a bad prize for second place 🙂

My husband Leki also promised to buy me an outfit for Ky’s Christening coming up in May if I reached my target of 79 kgs. That was another incentive to push for my goals.

Hopefully I can get a consolation prize off him LOL

Shrinking waist line 🙂

So the game plan right now is to work on my mindset and general well being.

Sometimes when things don’t go your way you can start to beat yourself up and blame other people because it’s just not working.

My main goal over the next period of time is to be consistent.

No one wants this more then me.

No one is responsible for the results except me.

Only I can decide how I react to good and bad news and how I can move forward despite being disappointed.

ori [3]
My little man 🙂
Again, I would like to reaffirm my primary goal which is Kyneton continuing to feed happily and sleep well at night.

By the look of how he’s putting on weight and filling up I’m VERY happy with my results!

More to share next month as we’re getting closer and closer to Thailand 🙂



With love,

Belinda xo

Time’s Up

Time’s Up

Wills are strange things.

They can be an affirmation of love or an opportunity to say things that would never have been said in life. They can make dreams come true or be an instrument of revenge. They can bring families together or tear them apart.

writing GIF-downsized

When you have young children, making a will also includes making provision for the care of your family if you and your partner are both gone. This can be an agonising decision. Who will love them or raise them the way you intend ? Are the grandparents too old, too sick or unwilling to take on raising another family?

Is your sibling’s spouse on one side charming but way too casual with their own children? Is your sister-in-law a martinet whose children are frightened to say boo and live in something close to a prison camp? Are other siblings unmarried and always travelling or partying and will other siblings on the other side take offence that they weren’t chosen?

Are you both orphans with no close relatives? Would any of your friends be agreeable or capable? You pray it will never happen but you must make some provision or they will end up in state care. You may be fortunate that you have someone who is both willing and loving but many couples don’t have that luxury and agonise over the best of a very ordinary bunch. In our case it meant them being put into the care of an interstate uncle who barely knew their names and changed partners more often than his socks, or an aunt who drank heavily and screamed like a fishwife at her own children.

Will your children not only lose their parents but their home and friends and be forced to make great adjustments while coping with overwhelming grief? These are sobering thoughts for any parent.

mi vida loca funeral GIF-source


We wrote letters to our children to be given to them, in case the worst happened, before the reading of the will, (updating them every two years) so they would have written proof of how much we loved them and how proud we were to be their parents. We included a couple of photos very special to us all and then we prayed hard that they would never need to read them.

We breathed a sigh of relief when our eldest child reached an age where he could have the guardianship of his younger sister and brother.

Organising Myself

Organising Myself

Hi guys,

Thanks for stopping by.

Today I wanted to give you a little insight into how I try and keep myself organised and how I track things.

With the help of technology I am able to track how my day, week and month go as I can become overwhelmed whenever I lose track of what’s coming up.

So there are a few Apps that I use in no particular order to stay organised:


Facebook Messengerfacebook-messenger-white.svg.thumb

For my sisters we have a group chat on Facebook Messenger.

There are 4 of us and we talk about all things sisters do  😉

It’s a great way for us to keep in touch and make sure we are in communication on anything that’s coming up with our individual families.

We talk about our upcoming Thailand trip in June, things within the family we need to sort out and saving dates for celebrations that’s coming up soon!

I wrote earlier about how our time with important people is getting less and less and so I cherish the video calls, texts and time my sisters and I put into staying in touch 🙂



viber-iconOn my in-law’s side of the family they use a social media chat app and it’s updated very regularly.

In the Group chat there’s Leki’s parents, his siblings and partners.

It’s not uncommon that someone would post a little picture of what the kids are up to that day or a message of support if someone is doing it tough or planning for any events coming up in the future.

Recently Leki’s brother posted a little photo of their son having his first babycino which brought a smile to my face!


Gmail + Google Calendar

So looking specifically at my own little family – Leki and I sync the calendar app on our gmaikphones (we are Samsung fans!) to our family Gmail account.

This allows any entry into the calendar app on our phones to automatically sync with our family gmail account.

It’s really helpful in avoiding a clash in our schedules or either of us ‘double booking’ a weekend.

Highly recommend using this app!

Screenshot_20180410-190242_Samsung Experience Home
Mar 2018 – Calendar App on Samsung Galaxy 8 phone

You can see in the example photo above of my calendar for March 2018 (which is a calendar-iconscreenshot from my phone) Google has entered in automatically any National or State holidays relevant to Australia making that easy.

You can imagine as the family grows and gets busier with school, sport, celebrations, meetings etc. it may be important to block off time just for myself or for my family so we can try and relax 🙂

I am feeling confident that with developing our system of communication \we can stay on top of it all.


Old School Diary

The final piece of the puzzle is Leki’s diary.

He prefers to keep everything in it and enjoys crossing out an ‘item or job’ once it’s been completed.

All the reminders for bills to be paid, birthdays to attend, celebrations and important reminders live in here.

Every year since he was in high school he’s kept a diary and from 2003-current he has a collection of all the diaries documenting what was going on at that time!

I was going through a diary from our early days dating as an example and it reminded me of those early years when we would go to the movies and just hang out. Felt like an eternity ago 🙂

I wonder how we will look back at this time 20 years from now with the diary entries he places in 2018!



So when we sit down to eat breakfast every morning I previously described how we always spend this time talking about our day ahead, anything coming up on the weekend or anything else coming up.

We whip out the phone and check any entries on the Google calendar, then check any reminders or notes on the Facebook Messenger and Viber chat groups then double check with Leki’s diary.

Once we know ‘where its at’ we can move forward with our day and be confident we have all our bases covered.

Keeping my calendar free for Eme 🙂

How do you keep in touch with your family and friends? Are you trying your best to stay connected? Remember time with your loved ones is precious and needs to be appreciated everyday.



Have a great day – with love,


Belinda xo