[UPDATE] Size 10 Dress By Christmas (Pt.VIII)

[UPDATE] Size 10 Dress By Christmas (Pt.VIII)

Hi guys.

I started recording my weight loss journey after baby #2 on Jan 2018 and this is the 8th (August) edition of the how it’s been going for me.

I summarise my results and publish every month – check out the story so far:

Episode #1 – Jan (4 days after baby #2)

Episode #2 – Feb (Losing the baby fat)

Episode #3 – Mar (Starting to hit the wall)

Episode #4 – Apr (Intermittent fasting and HIIT training)

Episode #5 – May (Lost 17.2kgs in 4 months!)

Episode #6 – June (Mission Accomplished!)

Episode #7 – July (New Goal)

Last week I wrote about my primary goal of maintaining high quality breastfeeding with the secondary goal of losing weight down to a size 10 summer dress.

Surviving the winter… brrr

The real struggle has begun!

The main issue I’m finding is the reward is NOT married to the effort.

What does that mean?

In my early days with the baby fat it was ‘easier’ for that to come off me.

All that was required was a little effort with my food choices and a big effort with discipline.

So what’s changed?

Now that I’m back at my ‘healthy’ weight it’s a harder task to lose more weight.

What’s required now is a big effort with my food choices and a bigger effort with my discipline.

Blessed 🙂

Where to from here?

Let me start with what’s worked for me

I always come back to the same ideas that seem to work for me.

Once I acknowledge what’s been good I then think about what hasn’t been that good or what I can improve on.

Good things first:

  • Modified paleo/wholefood diet
  • Intermittent fasting
  • Simple High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) routine
  • ‘Cheat’ treats

Things to improve on:

  • Negative self talk
  • Seeing other people’s results and making them my own
  • Letting other people enjoy their own well being journey
Glamourous Mum life 🙂

The Negatives

Self talk

Sometimes when things don’t go your way it can be easier to blame other people, other things or just blame the situation.

In those testing times it can be the self talk that determine the outcome.

My natural tendency is to blame other people, blame things or blame the situation.

Negative self talk has been my go to strategy. Not good 🙁

Something that I’m actively working on is asking myself “is this as bad as it seems?” or “what does that mean?”.

Example no. 1 – Seeing that I’m not losing weight

If I try and ask myself those questions then helps manage those inner feelings of frustration, anger and hopelessness. So if I ask myself “is it as bad as it seems?” then I can see that’s it’s simply just numbers on a weighing machine. With time and persistence these numbers will change.

Example no. 2 – Ky crying at night

I’ve written that I’m struggling with settling Kyneton at night. Rather then get upset I ask myself “what does that mean?”. I try and work on the questions I ask myself so that I can arrive to better solutions rather then accepting things as they are.

Social media is not real

The interconnected online world is not real.

A simple photo on Instagram does not show the struggle.

A short video showing you my best angle is not the real me.

My freckles on my face really irritate me.

My thinning hair and the fact that I may become prematurely bald worries me.

These are some of my many self perceived ‘problems’.

In Facebook-land or Instagram you don’t see those things… just a good things.

Imagine the image that people online may or may not be showing you.

What’s my point?

Don’t measure your happiness with what you see online.

Find happiness in real places like what’s inside you, people around you, at home, a sunny morning, drinking your coffee… you get the idea.

A bit preachy I know but I hope you see the message.

I follow all types of Mums online.

Some are funny, others are passionate about things and others are really fit and healthy.

Sometimes it can feed into my negative self talk.

So next time you see the gorgeous girl on Instagram, feel guilty with images of that Mum sweating in the gym or just plain feel uncomfortable about where you are in your journey don’t make things worse by comparing yourself to someone else.

Run your own race 🙂

Food prep 101

Let other people enjoy their own well being journey

Don’t get me wrong I am proud of the results I have had since I started in 2015 (after baby no.1).

I’ve grown A LOT.

I have lost a lot of weight.

I try my best not to judge you.

I try my best to keep an open mind.

I appreciate that we are all on a different path.

I appreciate that you might have a different game plan.

I need to learn that you’re on your own journey.

My results are unique to me and if you find it helpful – that’s really cool 🙂

Teaching Eme, Ky crying and Leki bulk cooking 🙂

The Positives

Modified Paleo/wholefood diet

I’ve written at length about our family food choices.

We believe in eating a paleo/wholefood diet meaning that we try and eat things that come directly from the land or from animals.

Basically we try and avoid things that are manufactured or come out of a box.

There are a lot of free materials available to assist you in your ongoing self education but I would point you to who we follow – Dave Asprey and Dr. Berg.

Since we have changed our eating habits our bodies are now very efficient with the type of food we eat we are optimised for ketones.

What’s ketones? Basically our bodies use ketones (healthy fats) rather then carbs (sugars) or protein for energy. Think of it as the body using all the fat (in storage on the love handles) for energy rather then carbohydrates or protein.

I highly encourage that you educate yourself on this because this is the key for lifelong health.

This means that we practice cyclic ketosis where 4-5 days throughout the week we are in ketosis and the other days we cycle out of ketosis. There are many factors on why being in ketosis is beneficial not only weight loss but it’s really good for your insides. (I can elaborate on this later.)

We just eat a varied wholefood/paleo diet (food source). This food source is high in good carbohydrates (vegetables), moderate in protein (meat/fish) and very low in sugar (fruit/treats).

Since we have chosen this wholefood/paleo food source it allows my family to use ketones (healthy fats) as the primary source of energy.

When we have a treat on the weekend and eat some takeaway with family or have something ‘out’ it will take us out of ketosis although we can return to our optimised selves within 1-2 days.

That has been the result of hard work and I would encourage everyone to start your own journey TODAY!

Heading towards that summer dress 🙂

Intermittent fasting

I’ve written at length about how I fast for the majority of the day and that my 8-hour eating window is typically at breakfast until late-lunch/early dinner. From 8am-4pm is my eating window.

Intermittent fasting is not a diet plan.

It’s a ‘pattern of eating‘ that’s all.

You can eat whatever you like and still fast.

That’s what I mean by not a diet but rather a pattern of eating.

So I couple my paleo diet with intermittent fasting to maximise my external and more importantly internal health.

Simple High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) routine

I’ve shared with you that regular exercise is a clear struggle for me.

The science suggests that a short high intensity exercise for 10 mins is the same as an hour of leisurely walking.

With 2 young kids at home I’d struggle to carve out 60 mins for myself.

So 10 mins of action packed workouts is the goer for me!

Everyday I’m hustlin’!

‘Cheat’ treats

Leki and I enjoy coffee and chocolate.

It’s our weakness when it comes to treats.

We have been working on paleo friendly desserts/sweets that won’t break us out of ketosis but still tasty and satisfying.

I’ve just started making a couple of things and when I get them to a good enough level to share with you I will 🙂 Keep an eye out soon!


I’ve nearly gone the whole post without telling you where I’m at with my numbers!

Lost 23kg in 8 months

Well 4 weeks ago I weighed in at 74kg July 2018.

As this reaches you I’m at 71.9kg.

I lost just over 2kg in the last 4 weeks.

Also another little thing to share… we’re going to Bali in late-October 🙂

Long story but in short I’m so happy I’ve been steadily working on losing the weight because Leki only decided that we’d go in the last 2 weeks.

Gives me an extra incentive to push harder for the weight loss and the summer dress!!

Can’t wait until summer 🙂

So, if I can continue to lose an average of 2kg per month by late-Oct I should be 68kg!!

Then if I can be good in Bali and continue my journey to Xmas I should well and truly squeeze into that size 10 summer dress 😉

Here’s to fighting the good fight.




With love,

Belinda xo

[UPDATE] ‘Project Breastfeeding’

[UPDATE] ‘Project Breastfeeding’

Hello everyone.


Today is an update on “Project Breastfeeding”.

Read my first installment on this here.

In my breastfeeding timeline my last update was when Ky was 2 months old. He’s now 7 months old so a few things have changed.

He’s got 2 x teeth in the bottom row and he enjoys his regular mashed solids.

My initial goal was to breastfeed Ky for at least 12 months and at the rate I’m going I think I going to achieve this but it’s not without it’s challenges.


I wrote earlier about my previous challenges in regard to breastfeeding:

  • Running out at 6 months with my daughter
  • Running low at the 4th month with Ky due to my diet plan and stress
  • Trying to lose weight
  • Trying to introduce a regular exercise program
  • Planning my day/week/month so I can manage my time effectively

Here are my 3 main bits of advice I would give myself I were to go through this again:

  1. Don’t assume
  2. Little hacks
  3. Sleep is a priority

1. Don’t assume

Let me paint you a picture.

Imagine you’ve given birth and your new baby is sleeping well, feeding well and there aren’t any ‘problems’ in the early days.

That’s the Honeymoon Period.

Like all new marriages it’s all good early until your first argument 🙂

Same situation but with a baby.

My honeymoon period lasted about 3 months and into the 4th month the real world hit me.

I just assumed that everything would continue to be awesome.


Ky started demand feeding almost every 2 hours around the early days of his 4th month. He would wake and scream and cry like someone was pulling his arm and the only way (I thought) was to give him what he wanted.

Well that’s what I assumed anyway.

Fast forward a couple of months and I continued to demand feed him at night and I’ve now reinforced this behaviour – BAD MAMA 🙁

“Every time I cry my Mama will come and save me” is probably what Ky’s thinking the smart little bugger! 😉

So the result? I have this child who cries every 3-4 hours wanting to be fed or comforted which was made worse when he started teething around month 5 (after Thailand).

If I had my time again I would get on the front foot and conduct some research on what might happen.

Not just assume that everything will remain awesome!

I’ve made it my goal to help Ky with self soothing at night.

We feed him well with mashed solids for over 2 months now and he’s a happy camper during the day.

Just struggling with the night time and I blame myself for reinforcing this idea that it’s ok for him to cry and I’ll come to save the day!

2. Little hacks

There’s a couple of things I’d like to update you on compared to my early days.

(a) My diet and supplements remain the same

I continue to eat a wholesome varied diet – modified paleo is what we follow.

On top of that I supplement with a morning ‘booster shake’ which I make myself with various ingredients and finally I add 2 x Fenugreek tablets with water at breakfast.

(b) I have spaced out Kyneton’s breastfeeding

Now that Ky is eating mashed solids at breakfast, lunch and dinner I try and space out the breastfeeding from 4-6 per day to 2-3.

It has been a welcome change as I have more volume within each feed plus it gives my nipples more of a chance to ‘recover’ as Ky can sometimes gnaw and chew on it with his little 2 x teeth OUCH!

(c) Dream feeding

I have come to learn about this thing called dream feeding.

Apparently it’s when the baby is fed when he’s a alseep.

For the most part I’ve been working on pushing Ky’s last feed to as late as possible (my next point) but I will trial dream feeding if my latest strategy doesn’t work out for me.

(d) Pushing the last feed as late as possible

In our daily ‘wind down routine’ I’m washing and feeding the kids by 6pm at the latest.

By 7pm our 3yo Eme is in bed and she can put herself to sleep by 8pm most nights… YAY!

As I’m juggling Ky around Eme I feed him ‘dinner’ at the same time as Eme (who can mostly feed herself) at around 6pm.

I try and stretch the last breastfeeding effort to 9pm so that he’s ‘full’ for longer and I actively avoid feeding him at 2am-3am when he stirs and needs just a quick positional change. If that fails I’ll trial the ‘dream feeding’ I mentioned earlier before he stirs at 2am-3am as my Plan B.

So if I put him down at 9pm I try and get him to sleep right through until 4am-5am where I usually breastfeed him again then Leki takes over and looks after him in the morning.

I then get the rest of the morning off as Leki is usually up early after his good night sleep. He then cooks our hot breakfast at 7:30am and we eat together at 8am.

All this is made possible with how we closely monitor Ky’s sleeping behaviour and the level of his irritability.

Work in progress 🙂


3. Sleep is a priority

I know I might have touched on this earlier but sleep is no.1!

I have not been good in following my own advice as Ky is dictating my quality of sleep.

In the last 2 months I have been getting very tired waking over 4-5 times per night as he continues to demand feed.

As a result I’ve been feeling woozy throughout the day and I have chosen not to sleep during the day.

This can sometimes leave me feeling resentful to Leki and Ky because I’m not getting the sleep I need.

But I come back to our original plans when we decided to have another baby and how our home situation would look like.

Leki works full time and I’m at home full time.

He’s agreed to help as much as he can but the priority is to be healthy for work and provide. My part of the deal is to be happy at home and think about ways to make my job as easy as possible for myself.

I’ve really let myself down with the sleep side of the deal so I have done my own research and now working on finding the best method that works for me and my family.

I can only rely on people around me to do so much but ultimately this is my primary job so I need to get my act together.

Leki helps and that’s great. Together we’ve worked hard on Eme and she’s running very efficiently. So I just need to work harder on Ky… and myself.

The result?

Self soothing with Plan B being dream feeding.

You can see there’s a consistent theme here – self soothing.

As you know we’ve managed to get both Ky and Eme into their own rooms.

Eme continues to do really well.

Ky is a work in progress.

I will be giving myself 2 weeks to see how it goes before reviewing my results.

It’ll be tough and Leki is supportive of my effort but I feel I need to get over this hurdle and then I’m down the home stretch!

I’ll report on how I get past this little road block next time I update “Project Breastfeeding” which will be mostly likely after Ky’s first birthday in Jan 2019.

If I achieve my original goal of breastfeeding for 1 year then I’ll have to make new goals 🙂

The struggle continues!

With love,

Belinda xo

[UPDATE] Daily Routine With 2 Kids

[UPDATE] Daily Routine With 2 Kids

Hi all,

This is an update from an earlier post about this very topic.

The only difference is that we are 4 months down the track and I’d like to report on some developments since then 🙂

Compare notes with my previous post by clicking here.

What are the main changes?

  1. Kyneton is out of the bassinet and in his own room
  2. Emelina was getting scared sleeping in her own room
  3. Everyone is in bed by 8:30pm (ish)


1. Ky’s sleeping on his own… well kind of

So let me start by saying that this is quite difficult for us.

We had Ky in the bassinet next to our bed from day 1.

He’s now 7 months old and has a few teeth poking through the gums and he can be quite irritable during the day and upset overnight.

Despite that we both agreed it was time to put him in his own room – the nursery aka bedroom #3.

The funny thing is we are all doing a little better at night time since we decided on that.


Let me explain.

When he was sleeping right next to me in the bassinet, every little breath and splutter was heard by the Mama Bear 😉

That would always have me on edge and have me in a light superficial sleep.

Since he’s been in his own room two things have happened:

  1. Ky is sleeping more soundly
  2. I’m getting better sleep

Now let me break this down for a minute.

Pre-nursery Kyneton was waking probably every 2-3 hours over the night time.

Now I only attend to Ky on average 2 x times over the night when he’s hungry or uncomfortable.

The other thing is that when my Mum visited the other day she told me off for having Ky mostly lying on his back. As a result he was developing a flat head.

Now I alternate his position at night so that he’s more comfortable and overtime the ‘flat headedness’ will settle.

For example, if I place him on his left side when I put him down at 8pm I’d probably be attending to him around 10-11pm (uncomfortable and hungry) and feed him then switch him to the right side in the crib.

Often when I return at 4am (usually he’s hungry) I then see that he’s lying on his back and after I feed him I return him to side lying.

In terms of my own situation I’m getting much better rest averaging 2 hours (9-11pm) in the first block then another 4-5 hours (11pm-4am) in the second block of rest.

We do not practice co-sleeping at all although it is quite common in our culture.

So there you go, 7 months old and kicked out of our room into his own setup 🙂

2. Eme’s new sleeping routine… well kind of

We decided to put Emelina in her own room when she was 3 months old but let me back up a little and remind you that our 3yo daughter was a dream baby.

Slept well all the way through the night even when she was teething and right through until today.

What’s changed?

She sees ‘monsters’ and has some nightmares.

It might be something she saw on the TV during the day and then she brings it up when we begin her ‘wind down’ routine for bed time.

So here’s our traditional game plan.

5:30pm – Shower/bath

6pm – Dinner

6:30pm-7:30pm – Screen time

7:30pm-8:30pm – Wind down routine


So what’s our wind down routine?

Well we start off with brushing her teeth and taking her to the loo to empty her little bladder. (Only occasional accident in bed now… last one was in Thailand)

Then she goes to kiss her brother goodnight and Leki if he’s home by then.

I then follow her into her room and tuck her into bed.

We then say our nightly prayer and then my final instructions are that you can now ‘rest your body‘ and read your books and sleep when you’re tired.

That is the key difference.

We don’t force her to sleep and turn the light off.

She would get upset when we used the words ‘it’s time for bed’ or ‘go to sleep’. We now reframe it to ‘it’s story time‘ and ‘our bodies need to rest to have energy for tomorrow‘.

I then tell her it’s ok she can stay warm in bed and read her book (which I pile up next to her so she doesn’t have to get out of bed).


In her own time and with the lamp light on she’s reading and then falls off to sleep when she’s tired.

There’s no more dramas about monsters lurking in the darkness as she’s looking at her picture book and talking to herself.

Often we walk by (quietly) and we’ve either seen her konked out or she’s busily ‘reading’ the words and looking at the pictures of the book!

My last little tip is that we try and manage Eme’s day so that she doesn’t nap during the day.

We’ve found that when she naps she’s either pretty grumpy and clingly for 1-2 hours after she wakes or when we’re in our wind down mode it’s hard to get her settled because she’s still energised and not ready to ‘go down’ to bed.

Your mileage may vary 🙂

3. Bed time is 8:30PM… well kind of

So to bring us back to the general timeline. (Please review my last entry about this here.)

In the morning my husband Leki makes breakfast before he’s off to work around 8am. I also squeeze in my little 9 min HIIT session while he’s preparing our breakfast.

This has been a little change for our family as we’ve moved and some days of the week Leki needs to leave home a touch earlier so he can’t help with some things like he used to.

Between 8am-9am I’ve finished getting the kids ready so we travel to either Montessori school for Eme or gymnastics.

From around 11am-1pm we’re out shopping or running errands before we head home for my main meal (pre-prepared).

Once home again I then try and put Ky down for 1-2 hours if I’m lucky and Eme is content with playing in her Montessori space at home or watching a movie. (I’m still unpacking a little bit from our move!)

It’s around 4pm I try and get my second HIIT session before having my last meal for the day. I practice intermittent fasting for 16 hours starting at 4pm until breakfast at 7:30am. My eating window is usually 8 hours from 8am-4pm on average.

After my last meal I then try and wash Eme and Ky at 5pm then feed them so that when Leki gets home we can maximise our family time together and just hang out.

He usually gets home around 7pm.

Sometimes Leki plays with Eme in her Montessori space.

Other times Eme is having screen time and then we watch reruns of GoT or whatever series we are watching to pass the time until GoT returns 🙂

Our set routine has sorted out the food so that Leki eats at work and comes home just to chill out with us, it allows the kids to be prepared for the wind down routine and gives Mum and Dad a chance to have couple time!

So when we’re all watching programs or just hanging out Kyneton is usually happy to sit with us and giggle and laugh. As soon as he gets irritable it’s probably because he’s hungry and tired.

Easy fix!

I feed him and then place him into his crib. One down one to go!

Around 7:30pm Eme has already had her screen time and I initiate the wind down routine and she’s usually asleep by 9pm.

From 8pm onward Leki and I often watch an episode of something but other times we decide to go to bed and talk about the day and start looking forward to things that are coming up.

Most nights Mum and Dad are asleep at 9:30pm until the Kyneton alarm wakes us up.

Well that’s how the picture looks like in our little household.

I’ll most likely update this in 1 year and see what kind of changes have happened since!

With love,

Belinda xo

Time To Say Goodbye

Time To Say Goodbye

Hi guys,

Today is a funny post… well for me at least.

As you know I recently moved home and Leki and I saw it as an opportunity to get rid of things which we’ve held onto for too looooong 🙂

We are both sentimental with things.

Eme directing traffic

That little piece of paper that Eme first scribbled on as a baby.

My old cards and work slips that serve no purpose.

Leki’s old rugby gear which can take up a whole room.

Little toys that Ky was given that he doesn’t even use.

Other assorted knick knacks that don’t have a home in the house but live in a tired looking box ‘just incase’ we need it in the future.

We all have them.

Well most of us anyway.

So Leki came across a lady who’s whole ‘shtick’ is minimal living.

Now I know it can be simple to declutter and get rid of useless things but her whole angle is how you get rid of things.

Marie Kondo developed the “KonMari Method” which is a decluttering method based on Japanese values in order to surround yourself with items that spark joy.

Now personally when I think of a ‘Japanese home’ what I think of very little clutter and a simple natural feel within the home.

On the way to the tip

Basically Leki and I agreed that we would get rid of 90% of our things and practice a simple version of the KonMari method.

So how does it work?

To the item you are struggling to ‘let go’ you simple look at the object and think about the joy it had brought you… once upon a time.

It may be an old book, or a article of clothing, or in my case… boxes upon boxes of shoes, little things that have lingered in the closet for the day you might need it (and that day never comes).

You then say to the item – “you have brought me joy and now I must let you go“.

I’ll let you go to the op shop to bring someone else joy.

I’ll let you go and give joy to other family members.

I’ll let you go and help someone in need elsewhere.

You get the picture.

It’s almost reframing the item which was once much loved or neglected to be released and give someone else that joy.

Now I know this sounds crazy and woo woo but it really helps.

Fun times with Eme

Leki loves Rugby.

He’s been involved in Rugby and has collected A LOT of rugby gear and memorabilia from over the years.

He said goodbye to over 90% of his things and gave it all away.

I love shoes.

I have shoes spilling out of every closet of my home and I had more in storage.

I gave away 90% of my shoes.

We both feel good about it.

Speak to us 12 months ago and there would be no chance that we’d part with our special treasures.

Let me give you some insight:

Leki has traveled a lot with sporting teams and there is often tracksuits, tops, polos and other various equipment that comes with travel.

He would travel almost 6-8 x times a year and each traveling team would have their own uniform. After 5-7 years of traveling at 6-8 tours per year you can imagine how much stuff you collect.

Each tour would be special and he would tie some of those special memories to the clothing.

No anymore… he’s said goodbye to 90% of that stuff now.

Leki at the tip

 As I quoted earlier I love shoes.

All sorts of shoes too! High heels, platforms, knee high boots, sleek flats, runners. You name it, I had it in one shape or colour 🙂

I remember the exact pair of shoes I wore when Leki and I went on our first date!

They traveled with me in each of the homes we moved into even when I never wore them because they weren’t that fashionable as the years went by.

Regardless of that I still held onto them.

That was until I say goodbye to them last week and off they went. Given away to family in Tonga.

Wherever all our treasures have ended up…

“I hope they give you joy as much as they have given me”.

YAY – We’ve finally landed 🙂

With love,

Belinda xo

[UPDATE] Size 10 Dress By Christmas (Pt.VII)

[UPDATE] Size 10 Dress By Christmas (Pt.VII)

Hi all.

I’m now into month #7 of my documented well being journey.

The quick summary is that I achieved my goal of losing my baby weight before I went on an overseas holiday in mid-June.

July 2018 – 74kgs

I gave myself 6 months to achieve this and I’m proud to say I lost more then I originally targeted.

July 2018 – size 14

How did I do it?

Well, you are welcome to review how I went about it all below.

Episode #1 – Jan

Episode #2 – Feb

Episode #3 – Mar

Episode #4 – Apr

Episode #5 – May

Episode #6 – June

Despite all the ups and downs I want to reaffirm my primary goal which is:

To track my weight loss as I maintain breastfeeding for my newborn son Ky for over 12 months

Originally, I made the goal to lose weight down to my ‘best self’ which was 69 kgs from 95kgs after having baby no.2 Jan 2018. (I documented my weight loss after baby no.1 in 2015. Read about it here.)

About 4 months into this recent journey I realised that it will take more time to lose the weight to 69kgs and so I made the adjustment and targeted my pre-baby weight of 75kgs.

I managed to weight 73.9kgs just before my trip to Thailand. YAY 😉

BIG in January 2018 to a Bikini in June 2018 🙂

So now what?

Well, I’ve set another goal.

To fit into a size 10 dress by Christmas 2018

What’s the latest?

Well… I can tell you we had a BLAST in Thailand with family and friends.

Almost 20 of us went.

We survived the 9 hour flight which I wrote about last week.

Ate to our hearts content – seafood, pad thai, fresh fruit, hot buffet breakfast, crepes, sweets and all types of drinks 🙂

The only bit of exercise I did was walking around the markets and swimming in the pool 😉

The result?

I put on some naughty weight.

So it’s back on the bike for me, returning to my usual daily structure and building back into my normal routine and positive habits.

My Top 3 Things To Report

  1. Stress levels
  2. Back on the grind
  3. Time out?

1. Stress levels

Our sad gummy bear!

Our little son is now a little over 6 months old and has 2 little teeth popping through the gums.

As a result he’s really irritable at night and with the help of some child friendly Nurofen and Bonjela he’s found a little bit of relief at night time.

During the day he is like a little joey in the kangaroo pouch.

As soon as I get him down for some tummy time or set him down to do some things around the house – he starts crying.

It’s not one of those ‘cute’ baby cries either… it’s like a firetruck siren.

It’s loud to begin with then it rises and falls depending on how much attention he gets.

I swear this little guy knows how to press my buttons 😉

So on top of his teething issues we have also had some additional challenges like travelling overseas and moving house.

As a result I’ve been incredibly stressed and I feel it’s affected my supply of breast milk.

I know our established routine will help me ‘de-stress’ once I get everything up and running at home.

We’re back on our nutritious food plan, taking my ‘power smoothie’ with Fenugreek supplements plus I’ll be cooking my boobie cookies again soon. Read about it here.

Once I have all that under control then the stress will go 🙂

2. Back on the grind

To be honest I wasn’t too naughty while being overseas.

Eating in Patong

Although I enjoyed myself I didn’t over eat (too much), only had 1-2 alcoholic drinks and kept meals light at dinner time.

But now that I’m back and settling into the new house I’m looking to get back into routine.

So it’s back on the grind now.

I’m currently hovering around 74kgs and my target is to lose 5kgs over the next 5 months from size 14 to size 10.


I have found that the ‘easy’ part was losing the baby weight.

I’m in the ‘hard’ part of my weight loss which is shrinking down from my ‘stable’ pre-baby weight.

I have found it takes a lot more determination and discipline to lose weight here so I have given myself another 5 months to lose 5kgs.

But any progress is better then no progress.

I’ve returned to my normal routine of weighing myself in the morning and stuck to my program of eating during an 8 hour window and practicing intermittent fasting. (If you’re not sure what fasting is about check out my summary here.)

The thing I need to improve on is the regular exercise.

Right now I try and compliment my eating regime with a short high intensity interval training program (HIIT) consisting of sit to stand squats off a chair, wall push ups and step up and step downs.

I spend one minute at each exercise and complete the circuit three times. It only takes 9-10 minutes and I’m done. I also work at a high intensity (80% max.) so you should feel your heart beating out your chest and your breathing gets quite heavy. Now you’re working!

Once Ky get’s a little older I’ll be looking to start some strengthening work to tone up 😉

Swensen’s ice cream 🙂

3. Time out?

I’m a really big believer in trying to manage your day effectively so you can carve out some “ME TIME”.

In the morning breakfast is organised by my husband Leki.

We prepare the kids for what lies ahead before he’s off to work.

When I’m by myself it’s all hands on deck for the next 8 hours.

Eme doesn’t nap during the day anymore and she’s only got 2-3 things to attend throughout the week.

So there’s a lot of down time. A LOT OF DOWN TIME.

There’s plenty to do – it’s full time work.

But I’m not complaining. I actually enjoy it.

It just takes a lot of effort to plan the day for myself, my newborn Ky and the active 3yo Eme.

So as a family we’ve stated that we tend to commit to regular short ‘mini-breaks’. I wrote about it here.

It gives you a little bit of pleasure knowing that while you’re working hard – at home or at the office – coming soon you have a short trip planned to relieve some pressure!

So we have pre-planned a couple of small trips in August and September plus our annual Christmas getaway with Leki’s family is being organised now.

We are also planning a little caravan trip probably Easter next year for maybe a week. More on that later 😉

How bad am I?

I just got back from a holiday and I’m already planning the next one(s).

It makes us happy 🙂

Waiting for the warm sun to come back…



With love,

Belinda xo

Travelling Overseas With 2 Kids

Travelling Overseas With 2 Kids

Hi guys.

Sorry I haven’t been in touch for over 2 weeks.

I was having a great time overseas in Thailand and when we got back we finished up our move into our new home 🙂

Things are settling down now and I’m glad to be back with you!

Excited to jump on a plane together – Melbourne Airport

Today I thought I would write to you about how we recently travelled to Thailand with 2 kids, a pram and lots of luggage LOL

To begin with we had to prepare ourselves for the long haul.

It takes about 9 hours direct from Melbourne to Phuket and flying in economy class it’s not very glamorous or comfortable.

But, like all things we try and make the best of the situation.

In our group booking we knew there would be a lot of the family traveling with us so if we needed some extra hands then it was great to have them to lean on.

But in the end we wanted to complete the trip ‘on our own’ so that in future when we travel we know we can handle it – but it was good to know there’s a Plan B 😉

Eme and her cousin looking at the big planes!

So here’s my Top 3 travel tips after our recent experience:

  1. Pre-trip prep work
  2. Games and iPad
  3. Sleep hacks



1. Prep work

I would strongly consider night time flights both outbound and returning home.

When we left Melbourne at 2pm to Thailand the kids were full of enthusiasm and were hard to ‘contain’. Then, once we arrived at the other end at almost 11pm Australian time the kids were pretty whiny and understandably irritable.

On the way back we left Phuket at 11pm (Thailand time) and the kids were already asleep before we had wheels off the ground! Emelina slept all the way through and Kyneton woke 2-3 times over the return trip mostly to feed.

If possible, try and leave at night time as it’s far easier for the kids and as a by product… easier for Mum and Dad 🙂

Another thing we did was prepare Eme (our 3yo) for the flight by explaining what we would be going through in the weeks leading up to the trip.

Photo booth at Phuket Airport!

We explained to her in a playful way how big and busy the airport will be and she’ll have to hold hands with Mum and Dad so she doesn’t get lost, smile at the customs officer when they look at her passport, put her watch and travel bag through the xray machine and finally you’ll get to sit on the plane!

We would then mimic how the plane rattles when it starts down the run way and shudders when you take off the ground.

Emelina can be sensitive and can be very cautious in any new environment so when we explain things to her and describe what she may be experiencing we know that she’ll be much better prepared.

We even showed her Youtube videos of families going though the airport and being on the plane with kids of similar age and that seem to do the trick. Eme was very happy and excited when we arrived at the airport seeing her family especially her little cousins about to jump on a plane!

It’s funny now because whenever Eme sees a plane now she says: “We’re going to Thailand” 🙂 I wish Eme!

The last thing I would recommend is getting your passport organised early.

We had a few dramas with our application for Kyneton because the photo quality was not up to standard.

We went to the local Post Office and they were adamant that holding the baby behind a white background would be good enough. What happened? We got declined as his head position wasn’t quite right.

The second time we applied for Ky’s first passport we got declined a second time because there was a slight shadow on the photo – this time it was taken at the local pharmacy.

Finally we managed to get it through on the third photo attempt.

How? We used a white blanket on the ground and then asked the pharmacy attendant to take a photo of him from the top looking down. Wish someone told me that from the beginning. It would have saved us 3 weeks of time!

*TIP – I would recommend organising all your travel documents 3 months before you leave just in case something comes up especially if you are applying for a toddler

2. Games & iPad

On our Jetstar flight (a budget carrier) there are entertainment packages where for $10 you can have access to the TV and cartoons for the kids.

We were in a tough spot here philosophically because we only allow screen time for Eme at night when we ‘wind down’. I wrote about that previously here.

Should we allow it on the plane as a one off? Or should we be consistent?

We both decided on the way there that if Eme could get some sleep on the flight we’ll reward her with screen time.

She was asleep before the plan even took off!

Haven’t even left yet guys 🙂

I think the excitement of it all and the big build up exhausted her. Poor Eme 😉

She probably slept for 2 hours which meant we had another 7 hours to try and keep her occupied.

I was focusing on managing Eme because she’s more active and required more attention to make the trip for us and everyone around us more comfortable.

Colouring books lasted about 30 mins before she got tired of that.

Trying to pass the time

Trips to the toilet and walking up and down the aisle with Leki probably totalled 30 mins.

6 hours to account for….

I would probably say she had 3 hours of screen time where she watched 2 movies on the iPad and play some games.

The remaining 3 hours was sleep at the tail end of our trip with the help of our cushion (more on that later).

Kyneton on the other hand was pretty low maintenance.

Eme watching movies with her favourite unicorn headphones

All he wanted was to be fed every 3 hours and cuddled. He probably slept 4-5 times for around 45 mins each time. The rest of the time Leki and I took turns holding him or one of the family members took him of a little while to hang out.

He was getting a little irritable by the end of the flight and I think it was just the new stuffy environment he was in.

Neither of our kids had trouble with ‘popping’ in the ears at take off or landing although we were prepared with lollies for Eme and breastfeeding for Ky.

Always room for improvement 🙂

3. Sleep Hacks

I would probably say we need to focus more on our sleep efforts next time. The kids were fine it’s more about Leki and I.

Kids first.

I had been doing some research about a product that is an inflatable cushion that creates a ‘bed’ for a toddler.

After speaking to my sister we decided we’d buy one for our toddlers to see if would make the travel a bit easier.

After my experience I would highly recommend Kooshy Kids for your overseas travel if it’s more then 4 hours and your toddler needs a good quality sleep!

*TIP – Just make sure your carrier allows this product as we had a bit of resistance from the flight attendants (we had gained approval pre-flight from Jetstar but the flight crew weren’t informed)

The cushion is easily inflatable with a manual pump in only 10-15 minutes and you can add it as apart of your carry on luggage.

It works by inflating into the ‘negative space’ under your legs when you are sitting on a flight.

We used it in the final 3 hours of sleep that Eme got on the way to Thailand and she was very comfortable in the fetal position.

Unfortunately the hand pump was broken when we used it to inflate some floaties for the pool at the Thailand resort and so we were unable to use the Kooshy Kids cushion on the way back.

The result?

Eme was very uncomfortable with her attempted sleep in the fetal position and she was splayed out across Leki’s lap and her seat on the flight home. Poor girl!

One thing we saw but didn’t apply ourselves (wish we did though) was using the tray tables as a bassinet for Ky.

Imagine dropping the tray tables down, laying some blankets down and putting a baby on the makeshift bassinet. That’s what my sister did on the return flight with her baby but I didn’t think to do it myself.

Next time I will be using the cushion for Eme and the tray tables for Ky!

Lastly, we had focused so much on the kids that we forgot all about ourselves.

Next time we travel overseas I will be doing some research on a neck pillow and one of those face masks with earplugs so I can get some quality sleep. More on that next time.

Well that’s a little insight into our trip overseas.

Although it only covers some of the struggles with travelling with a little family I must say we had a great time!

We’ll be back!

Not only in Phuket but enjoying our first time on a plane together as a family.

One of many firsts I’m sure 🙂

Have a great day.

Belinda xo

Goodbye Faithful Friend

Goodbye Faithful Friend

Yesterday my little dog died.

I patted her goodbye as I went off to town and when I returned in the afternoon I was surprised that she didn’t run out to greet me. She was getting quite deaf but usually the cat nudged her when I came through the gate and they would both run to meet me. The cat didn’t meet me either and as I stepped onto the terrace I saw the cat watching me through the glass door.

I looked to the side and there was my little dog, lying on her favourite blanket, head on paws, fast asleep. I bent down to pat her and realised she was gone.

Tears welled up, as I remembered the many happy years we had shared…..the day we chose her from a litter and my husband put her in his pocket, the time our small granddaughters decked her with necklaces and tied a baby bonnet on her head as she sat patiently and the way she liked to sit at your feet with one paw resting on your shoe.

Sophy and our cat, Sox, were best friends.

They trotted after my husband as he checked water troughs and fences. They sat, one each side of me, as I gardened or picked tomatoes, then followed me back to the house. Often they were to be found, lying side by side, stretched out in the sunshine.

As Sophy became more deaf, Sox would tap her to make her aware they were needed. Sox is now dogging our steps, obviously missing her companion.

Sophy is buried in our pets’ cemetery, alongside Gyp, the most faithful companion to our boys as they navigated childhood.

Gyp was the ball-fetcher when the cricket ball or football went out of bounds, having learnt how to latch onto the football laces. Gyp was the one our four-year-old painted with his older brother’s model paints and when questioned, claimed “Gyp had got wet and went rusty”. Gyp liked to pose when the camera came out and there are few photos of our boys without him.

How grateful we all are for the wonderful love and companionship these little dogs have unstintingly given us, the empathy our boys learnt from being with them, for other animals, and the sheer joy they brought to our lives.

Sophy was over seventeen years old, fit and active, apart from some deafness, to the day she died. Wouldn’t we all like to live a full and busy life and then gently fall asleep in our old age ?

Farewell our good and faithful friend.

What Happens If My Husband Dies Suddenly?

What Happens If My Husband Dies Suddenly?

Hello everyone.

This post comes to you directly from Thailand while I’m away on holidays.

There are so many things I thought to write about while I’m enjoying time with my family – traveling with kids, things to do in Phuket, a review on our resort or maintaining my standard of lifestyle while on holidays.

Being away with my family makes me grateful for all the good things in my life.

But a thought that I can’t shrug in this time away reflecting is “what happens if my husband dies unexpectedly”.

Doom and gloom sort of subject I know but it’s something that is important to me.

You see I’m a full time stay at home Mum. I help make my house a home. I run the kids around. I enjoy cooking and cleaning. It’s how I best serve my little Family.

Our household income comes solely from my husband.

This is the sacrifice we decided to make once I finished up full time work almost 4 years ago.

I’m at home and he’s at work.

So if my husband suddenly passes away – our family will be in clear danger.

We talked about all sorts of scenarios if this happens.

The result?


Confidence to know what to do if an event happens.


Here are the Top 3 things we did to ensure our future if either of us or both of us suddenly pass away:

  1. Insurance
  2. Will
  3. Estate planning

1. Insurance

We like to think about insurance as paying for peace of mind.

You can choose to spend some of your money or not. Totally up to you!

There are all sorts of insurances out there for the ‘in case that happens’ scenario.

Private health insurance to cover you if you need services at the hospital.

Car insurance for damage to your car.

Funeral insurance to help ease the ‘burden’ of your funeral costs.

Travel insurance for all the things that might happen while you’re abroad.

Pet insurance for your little family companion at home.

I think there is insurance you can purchase for anything you can think of!

Here is my simple summary for our insurance explained by our family professional.

  • Life insurance

If either of us die then there is a lump sum payment that can paid out to help the remaining family members

  • Trauma and Permanent Injury

This type of insurance covers us if either of us sustain an injury that is permanent in nature.

For example if either of us were paralysed or permanently incapacitated then a lump sum is paid with an ongoing monthly income.

  • Trauma

Trauma insurance is something that will cover you if you sustain a serious injury but you are likely to recover.

Let’s say Leki has a car accident and needs 6 months to recover from his injuries. This insurance coverage is activated as his other insurance policies do not cover this type of injury.

This is a lump sum payment with can also work in conjunction with Income Protection below.

  • Income Protection

This type of insurance product is for when you are unable to work and a regular monthly amount (you have previously verified through your tax returns) is paid to you to cover your expenses while you are not able to work.

Think of Income Protection as your ‘weekly pay’ that you would be getting if you were working. That cash flow would help you buy groceries, put petrol in the car and pay for things that the family needs.

If you got struck down by an injury playing sport for example and you were unable to work for 2 months while you rehabilitated then you can action your income protection insurance.

So there you go.

As I understand it – if you are thinking about your insurance cover when you are ‘younger’ say in your 20s and 30s then the cost of your insurance will remain ‘cheaper’ then if you consider taking on insurance when you’re older and the risk of dying is higher.

I know this all sounds really dark and gloomy but I prefer to think and talk about these things with my family so we are clear on the best plan moving forward.

Just talking about it makes me confident.

It used to be that thing you thought about but never openly talked about it.

2. Will

Through our family lawyer Leki and I organised both our Wills.

It’s quite basic and doesn’t involve too many fancy things but it outlines what should happen if either or both of us suddenly pass away.

We approached the people we trust who we have named in the Will for their approval and counselled them on what our wishes are in the unlikely event that something does happen.

We talk openly about scenarios and what the lump sum payment from our insurances will be used for plus to assist with the ongoing costs of raising our children.

Talking about our game plan and likely scenarios really helped us but also assisted our appointed members on their accepted roles.

This is something that we review every year so that it is updated as we organised our Will when Eme was 1yo.


3. Estate Planning

What does that mean?

Well, to me it’s about what we plan to do with all our things or assets.

Both physical and non-physical.

You see it may be one things to have all the money in the world but what’s the point if you can’t enjoy it or more importantly pass it onto your children and help set up future generations.

I often think about stories of generational wealth being lost within 1-2 generations.

For example, let’s say your grandparents work hard to establish a business.

Then that grandparents teach their children who grow up and build the business to a new level of success.

Often, once the grandchildren are introduced to the family business all they have ever seen is the success and they tend to ‘enjoy and then spoil’ the success that their grandparents built.

This is not always the case but it’s very common.

I love this quote on this topic with this article – “The first generation builds it. The second generation sustains it. The third generation spoils it.”

The third generation rule stats that over 90% of great wealth over 2 generations lost by the 3rd generation. Crazy!

So from our perspective it’s one thing to have material wealth but it’s just as important to teach our kids about our philosophy of things to set them up for success as best we can.

Simple truths that have stood the test of time.

Don’t spend more then you make.

Work hard for the things you want.

Be happy and grateful for all that you have.

Finish all the food on your plate.

Don’t give up on your dreams.


So I would like to say that this post is not something you should take as gospel.

Think about your family and what would happen if you get thrown a big curve ball.

How will your family survive and thrive if one or both parents suddenly die?

Have some hard conversations with your partner.

Self educate and ask some hard questions to your chosen professionals in this space.

Try your best to teach your kids and lead by example.

I don’t want to come off as preachy as I’m not a professional in this space but what I can tell you is that I can sleep a little bit easier at night knowing that if something does happen we have a game plan – regardless how painful it may be.

As they say – Knowledge is Power.

Sending you positive vibes 😉

With love,

Belinda xo

[UPDATE] Size 10 Dress By Christmas (Pt.VI)

[UPDATE] Size 10 Dress By Christmas (Pt.VI)

Hi all.

This just in – I’VE ACHIEVED MY GOAL 🙂

I am officially at pre-baby weight 6 months after having my second baby on 3 Jan 2018.


How did I do it?

Well, this is the 6th episode of my weight loss journey which I update monthly and you can review below the story from beginning to end!

Episode #1 – Jan

Episode #2 – Feb

Episode #3 – Mar

Episode #4 – Apr

Episode #5 – May

The goal of this chain post was to track my weight loss as I maintain breastfeeding for my newborn son Ky for over 12 months

What’s the latest?

Well… I leave for Thailand tomorrow. HOORAY!

I’m 6 months along and I’ve reached my goal of being my pre-baby weight before I fly away for 2 weeks!

Well actually I’m EVEN LESS then my pre-baby weight last measuring 73.9kg! (I was around 75kg before baby no. 2)

So after much thought and goal setting what’s my new challenge to aim for?

Fitting into a size 10 dress by Christmas 2018!

I’m currently floating around a size 14-16 depending on the make and type of dress but I’m going to love squeezing into a summer dress in the next 6 months.

Just thinking about that makes me smile.

I lost 21kgs in 6 months. What a ride 🙂

Want the know the best bits to how I lost the weight?

Well… here’s my Top 3 bits of advice to help you along your journey:

My Top 3 Advice 

  1. Be happy and find the balance
  2. Be ok with slow results but consistent effort
  3. Celebrate everything

1. Be Happy & Find The Balance

Sounds a bit cliche and overused but that doesn’t make it untrue.

How you feel is the most important measuring stick 🙂

If you are plus sized and happy. All the more power to you.

If you’re happy with being frumpy – no one can say anything to make you feel different.

If you’re not happy being frumpy then only you alone are responsible to improving the way you feel.

Regardless of my body shape I always try and stay happy.

Revisiting my original goal which is to ensure my newborn Kyneton can continue to breastfeed for at least 12 months while I strive to lose weight safely.

I’m now 6 months along and he’s started some mashed solids and going along like a little champion!

Things weren’t always so rosy though.

He had some problems sleeping at night and I was starting to lose volume with my breast milk.

Instead of sulking and being depressed I decided to research with my husband and we are now better informed and better prepared with a ‘power smoothie’, lactation supplements and home made boobies cookies to boost up my supply.

There’s been NO problems with breast milk ever since.

What’s the result of this positive action and research – happiness.

Other times I could find myself in negative self talk and wind myself up to the point where I’d almost eat something naughty just because I can.


It’s in these times of weakness that I lean on 2 things:

  1. My husband
  2. My tracking sheet

I pointed out in my earlier post on losing weight after my first child is that having an accountability partner is really important.

Whether it’s a friend or your partner – someone is better then no one.

We all have times of weakness or struggle with being ‘good’ so leaning on my husband worked really well for me.

Another strategy is to track your weight loss regularly because the numbers on a piece of paper doesn’t lie.

Imagine seeing your numbers and it shows you losing 2kgs over the last weeks. It will strengthen your drive to stay good and compliant.

So there you go.

Try and have a ‘Plan B’ because will power can only take you so far.

My Plan B was hubby and the tracking sheet 🙂

Hope it helps!

Mother’s Day 4km Walk

2. Be OK with Slow Progress but Consistent Effort

I touched on the tracking sheet above and I have to emphasise that it is really important to measure your progress (in my humble opinion).


Because any progress is better then no progress.

Let’s pick the worst case scenario.

Let’s pretend you’ve tried your very best to be good.

On your research you decide to eat really well and commit to regular exercise.

After 4 weeks of being really good you notice that you’re not losing weight, in fact, you’re putting on weight!

What the hell is going on I hear you saying!?

Well the way I see it at the very least you know that you can push through and complete 4 weeks of discipline, you have eaten well and started exercising regularly.

It is at this important cross roads that YOU need to make a decision.

Will I quit or will I battle on?

Quitting reinforces that it ‘didn’t work’. The end. I’m going to be fat for ever.


I’m going to refuse to give in and dive deeper into what is stopping me from getting weight loss success.

In my weight loss journey over the last 6 months there was a period of time where I struggled to lose weight for almost 3 WEEKS!

I know how it feels to hit the wall despite being very good and sacrificing things for the greater result.

What happened next?

I lost 1.5kg in 4 days and went from being in 80s to the 70s in kgs.

That was a major breakthrough for my physical health and more importantly  my mental resilience.

I know that if I’m in pain and suffering all I have to do is be consistent and persist and the results will come slowly.

That is one of the biggest lesson this experiment has taught me.

And the reward?

Sure it’s great that I feel and look good for my trip to Thailand but what’s more important is knowing that I pushed myself and didn’t take any shortcuts.

Best feeling ever!

My sister’s birthday at Taco Bill

3. Celebrate Everything

This might be a given but I celebrated everything.

If I had McDonald’s with my family for a little treat then I would enjoy it knowing that I’ve ‘earned’ it.

Sure I know it may not be the best thing to eat all the time but now and then is harmless.

Ditto fish and chips, pizza and other takeaway.

I don’t let the fear of putting on weight slow me down anymore because I know that if I get back into my routine that it’s will come off me after a couple of days.

That knowledge didn’t come overnight – it came with time and patience.

Similarly if I lose weight from being good then great – Hi-5’s all around 😉

But I always reinforce it to myself that the numbers a result of hard work and discipline. If I get caught being lazy and complacent then it can easily change!

Having a tough night with the kids not sleeping so well – no worries I’ll enjoy sleeping with Emelina to settle her because she won’t need me to settle her forever.

Kyneton has been crying and sooking all day but I choose to look at the brighter side of things and try and play with him.

Leki finishes work late and falls asleep early while we’re talking in bed. Although I can get angry I try and remember that he drives long distances and I thank God that he comes home to us safely every night.

I choose to celebrate the good things in life because there’s already plenty of things that we can’t control.

Celebrate everything and be happy.



With love,

Belinda xo

Moving House

Moving House

Hi guys,

Today I’m going to talk to you about moving houses.

It’s one of those situations that a lot of people can empathise with because it can be a big pain in the backside!

I read somewhere that there are 3 things that people can relate to in terms of ‘stress’ – from highest to lowest:

  1. A family member passing away
  2. Having a serious injury or car accident
  3. Moving house

Changing utility services from the old location to the new one, internet connections, organising mailing forward service from the post office and packing boxes. It’s all a big struggle.

But we tend to look at it in a different light. For example:

  • Hubby and I get review all the old utility fees and see if we can negotiate a better deal with the new connection
  • I see it as a chance to freshen up as I can get rid of all the old things I’ve been holding on to (Yes – I’m a closet hoarder. I like to hold on to old things like they’re never going out of fashion)
  • Sorting through all ‘those things’ at the very back of the closet you can find long lost items. That old cardigan, old photos you completely forgot about and that missing ear ring 🙂

We are preparing to make a little move from where we live in Kyneton VIC 15 mins closer to the big city of Melbourne.

We are still roughly 45 mins from the CBD but a lot things we are involved with are in our new town of Gisborne.

Eme’s school and gymnastics. I’m a touch closer to family and friends and Leki can travel a lot easier between his work locations. Excited much!

So I was thinking about my own experiences moving to and from different houses growing up.

1985 | My Dad 🙂

Let me start at the beginning:

1984 | My parents getting married in my grandparent’s backyard

Talking with my Mum she recalls living in a little unit with my Dad in Reservoir (an inner city suburb to the north of Melbourne) behind my grandparents house.

1992 | 90s fashion is making a come back 🙂

Fast forward a few years and my parents moved in and out of a number of homes but my memories of Heyington Avenue, Thomastown (an outer north suburb of Melbourne) is where a lot of my early child memories were made.

Laying brck
2004| My Dad laying brick down

I began primary school at this house. I jumped over my neighbour’s fence and played with the dog. My aunty and uncle lived two doors down and my church community was nearby.

A lot of fond memories live here.

back house
2005 | My sister and I in our ‘back house’

After 6 years living on Heyington Ave my parents bought their first home which is where they currently live in the same suburb, Thomastown.

2004 | Chilling out with my girls at home

Here I would live out my teenage years, help bring up my younger sisters and cousins, host many families and parties in the backyard, help my Dad build a separate house in the back, finish high school, start part time work at the local shoe store, walk back a forth from the train station at 6am for work in the city.

In my young adult years my older sister and I moved into the ‘back house’ which was a great feeling! We had our own space but I was still in the comfort of the family nest with Mum’s cooking 🙂


It is also at this home where my husband Leki proposed to me in front of our parents. This home will always hold a special place in my heart!

So I want to also talk about another special time in my life with regards to moving house.

When Leki and I were getting quite serious in our relationship he asked my parents if I could move in with him into his apartment. This was a big deal for both of us.

In many cultures young women are to stay at home until you get married. Our culture also encourages this but it’s not strictly enforced but I always knew I was supposed to stay home until I got hitched.

In the end both our parents agreed and allowed us to move in together.

On November 2008 slightly before my 23rd birthday – I left my family home forever.

Although there was a lot of excitement doing something new I also felt a heaviness in my heart because my time at home had come to an end.

So from Nov 2008 to Apr 2010 Leki and I lived together in an inner high rise apartment in Southbank.

toss 007
2008 | Our local Chinese spot on Bourke St Melbourne

This was a great time for me as not only had I just moved out of home, it was right in the middle of the big city!

I worked nearby and Leki travelled to the West for his work. Over the weekend it was an easy stroll to the local night spots, food markets and trendy bars. What a time to be alive 🙂

Yee 003
2009 | Dinner at Crown Casino

In the apartment was Leki’s brother and his girlfriend (now wife) and although we were all courteous and respectful in our little apartment I think we were all ready to have our own space.

way 009
2008 | My sister-in-law and I on my 23rd birthday at our apartment

So in Apr 2010 Leki and I moved into our first home Caroline Springs – an outer western suburb of Melbourne. It was another milestone for us as we were now a suburban family.

All we needed was the pet dog and some kids 🙂

2010 | Moving to the suburbs!

In May 2012 we moved from Caroline Springs to a small unit near the airport in Tullamarine.

The small unit allowed us to save $$ and was accessible to work for both Leki and I while we worked hard to establish ourselves.

2015 | Our little girl Eme in our little unit in Tullamarine

It is in this little unit that we welcomed our first child – Emelina. This little unit was so close to everything, freeways, shopping centres and my local Mother’s Group 🙂

While we were in Tullamarine we decided it was time really think about our lifestyle as a family. Where do we want to live? How do we want the kids to grow up? What else is out there?

2016 | The Chopped Festival in Maldon with Eme’s Aunty

It was around this time that Leki was offered a working opportunity in the Macedon Ranges. Perfect! This was the sign. After 6 months of thinking about it we took a deep breath and decided to dive in.

We made the tree change to Kyneton – roughly an hour out of the Melbourne CBD.

2016 | Trentham Falls

On Sept 2016 we called country Victoria home.

We even named our second child after our town – Kyneton! That’s how much we love it out here.

2018 | Bathing Kyneton in Kyneton 🙂

We’ve hosted birthday parties and sleepovers here.

Met a lot of great locals and community groups. Seen and experienced the great outdoors. Tasted a lot of the local produce. Watched with pride as our little girl roamed free in our sizeable backyard on her birthday parties!

And so it is with a heavy heart we prepare to leave Kyneton to pursue new goals and our desire to be in the country remains strong as ever the only difference is that we now call Gisborne home!

So that’s small insight into our current living arrangement as we look to move soon.

In the last 10 years – from 2008 to 2018 – I’ve moved out of my family home into an inner city apartment, moved into a house in the suburbs, relocated into a small unit block moved onto bigger land in the country and now we make another move.

I feel this helps us to be resilient in moving for future travels.

Who knows, maybe we won’t need to have a fixed address and we’ll caravan around Australia for a while. Or maybe we’ll move back into the city. Or maybe we’ll want to move to the beach? Maybe we’ll explore interstate? Who knows… we might even move overseas?

2019-? | Where to next?

Whatever the future holds I can only learn from what the past has taught me.

Nothing is certain.

Enjoy each day and embrace whatever tomorrow brings.

With love,

Belinda xo