Morning Routine

Morning Routine

Hi guys.

If you have kids there’s a high chance you have a set routine to help manage your day. It could be the morning routine or preparing to go to the local shopping centre or getting everyone fed throughout the day.

I thought it might be helpful to share our morning routine and I would love your feedback on what works for you!

Well to begin with the morning routine is judged by how well our daughter Emelina sleeps the previous night. Now not to sound too proud but we are blessed to have a really good sleeper in our 2yo daughter 🙂

Let’s assume she’s had a great night and slept all the way through – then she would usually wake up around 7:30am and come into our room to announce that she’s awake with a bright – good morning!

Now hubby is a goodie in the morning and makes breakfast with Emelina while I try and to drag myself out of bed (I’m not very functional in the morning – need about 20 mins to get the engine running).

By 8am we sit together and eat breakfast which can vary from lightly panned fried omelette with avocado and baby spinach or muesli with honey and cashew nuts or the humble Weet-bix with banana. We usually prefer coffee in the morning rather then tea but more on that next time!

We usually finish up breakfast at 8:30am and hubby dashes out for work beginning at 9am and Eme and I prepare for the day’s events (playgroup or reading time at the local library which both start at around 10:30am). I find that after breakfast if I put on a program on TV (usually a little snippet of a movie that Eme enjoys like Sing! or Trolls) it keeps her settled so I can organise her outfit for the day, get myself ready/hair/makeup etc. then I can scoop up Emelina for her fresh nappy change and get her sorted.


It would be nearing 10am by this time and I’d hope the house is in pretty good condition, Eme and I are ready for a short stroll to the local playgroup/library event at 10:30am.

After we’ve been in town for a couple of hours we may alternate by having lunch with the community (organised by the local playgroup) or we’d have lunch at home.

That is pretty much our morning routine from Mon-Thurs. I can share with you what Fri-Sun looks like down the track but I like how these morning are on auto-pilot because I know what to expect and it gives me one less thing to ‘worry’ about.

Hope you enjoyed the little insight to our ‘typical’ morning routine… although as we all know… it’s not always rosy!

Until next time,


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