Preparation Hack 101

Preparation Hack 101


Today I thought I’d share the process of ‘food preparation’ for our little family. Now please remember I’m not a guru or anything but this seems to work for us and I’m happy to share!

In the morning for breakfast we try and keep things really easy as every minute counts. There are usually 2 options in the morning:

1) lightly pan fried egg, baby spinach and asparagus in coconut oil served with avocado and grass fed butter or

2) muesli or Weet-bix with banana and honey

Preparation is key and my husband Leki usually takes the reins at preparing breakfast. We find it takes about 15-20 mins to prepare a great nutritious meal.

We have found that avoiding bread in the morning and a small amount of milk (<100 ml each) gives us plenty of fuel and energy until the hunger pains strike later in the day. Breakfast is with either coffee or water.

Lunch is pretty straight forward and we try and prepare ‘more’ from dinner the night before and reheat for lunch the following day. Not really ideal but necessity driven as most lunch times I’m out at the local events (see earlier post) and hubby has his lunch packed. We rarely eat out during the week which is a good way to balance the budget and look forward to a ‘cheat meal’ on the weekend.

Now dinner time is the hardest to prepare. I try and start the whole process at 4pm as Emelina needs attention and I also try and factor ‘my time’ at 6:30pm for my daily dose of Neighbours. This gives me a window of around 1.5hours to have everything done and dusted. Again, like breakfast, we like to keep things simple and easy to prepare. The options are always 3 x vegetables (mostly sweet potato, asparagus, bean sprout and baby spinach) either lightly pan fried in coconut oil or oven roasted served with lightly pan grilled beef, chicken or fish. The ratio is roughly 30% meat and 70% vegetables with some pine nuts or grass fed butter on the side. Remember I try and cook a little extra and Leki will have that for lunch the following day at work.

Years ago I used to get frustrated because I always wanted to try and cook a ‘new’ dish most nights. It was a challenge to make something I’d be proud of and be sure that we would enjoy it. I’ve found it easier now to have a ‘pre-determined’ meal plan especially during the working week.

Now there are only 1-3 options available and there are very little changes between them. For example we may have beef on Mon, chicken on Tues and fish on Wed and so on but the same vegetables are prepared (either lightly pan fried or oven baked). This makes it easy for me to prepare plus the added bonus it’s cost effective and more importantly TIME EFFECTIVE.

Believe me – it makes it all the more satisfying on the weekend digging into a few ‘naughty meals’ when you know you’ve been pretty good during the week 😉


Hope that helps and always open to feedback. What works for you?

Until next time,


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