Comfort zone to Country zone!

Comfort zone to Country zone!

Hi everyone,

I’m a city girl at heart. I enjoy the convenience of being near a nice cafe or close enough to my wax lady or having all the shops I enjoy at arms length. You know how it is – suddenly you need something… quick dash to the local shopping centre or maybe you’re dragging your feet to put a meal together… drop in a say hello to Ronald or need a last minute babysitter… family are only a short trip away.


Now 18 months ago hubby got a work opportunity away from metropolitan Melbourne. 90 mins away from the Melbourne CBD to be exact! Now that’s not really the Outback but for a city girl it might as well be 😉

Making the decision to move was a process that took over 6 months. After tallying up the pros and cons we decided on making the tree change and giving it a go! We moved from our little place near the Airport to Kyneton which is roughly half way between Melbourne and Bendigo.


As they say the tyranny of distance can ruin convenience. So we have to be all the more prepared and spend some time thinking about when we’ll visit the city to see family, do our bulk shopping at Costco and visit our favourite store for organic supplies Terra Madre.

We enjoy the trip into the city every 4-6 weeks which can act as a pressure valve from ‘cabin fever’. When you live in a regional town you can miss some of the aspects of living in suburbia. But after dealing with city traffic and crazy drivers, feeling overwhelmed with the hustle and bustle and just being bogged down with the noise I must say it is a welcome change heading back to the countryside after our day out.

Now I’m not dismissing a possible return to metropolitan Melbourne but I would encourage you to try something different if your circumstances allow it. We have both been born and raised in the suburbs and have no links to regional Australia but I must say it has been such a great experience.


We are approaching our first winter in the region and given we are along the Macedon mountain range some morning temperatures are -5 degrees Celsius. So I don’t want to pump it up too much until we get through our first cold season.

Wish us luck 🙂

Have a great day,


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