Queen’s Birthday Weekend!

Queen’s Birthday Weekend!

Hi all,

Everyone loves a Public Holiday. Where ever you may be or whatever language you may speak everyone understands what a Public Holiday means! It basically means a day off 🙂

Now I understand what you may be thinking… Belinda… you’re a stay at home Mum surely everyday is a public holiday?!

I understand how you may feel but I always wanted to be a full time mother even when I was working full time but let me just say – if you’re lucky enough to observe a public holiday and both you and your partner/family have the ‘free day’ then that in itself should be celebrated.

If you’re like us the ‘free day’ is mostly spent chasing up odd ends, cleaning the house, trying to tame the unruly backyard or catching up on any popular series (watching Dexter atm which we never enjoyed at the time but very entertaining now – 5 years later).

Well this Public Holiday in Australia is called Queen’s Birthday which this year falls on Monday 12 June 2017 which means we have a long weekend. This had me wondering what is this holiday all about? So I did what most millennials do and Google’d it! Here was the result:

Queen's Bday

Not really sure what a constitutional monarchy is so had to rely on the trusty Google search again and found:


So we (Australia that is) being a territory of the British Empire basically celebrate the birthday of the monarch (King or in this case Queen) and are rewarded by having the day off to cook, clean and chase up on things we normally neglect ;P

Lastly, again out of interest, I Google’d the current British monarch Queen Elizabeth II to see if the dates correspond to our public holiday date of Monday 12 June 2017:


Not sure who let the team down there but her Majesty’s birthday is 3 weeks overdue! As you can see her actual birthday is on 21 April! Either Google is lying to me or someone in the Australian government let us down 🙂

Which ever way you decide to spend your ‘day off’ please make sure you enjoy it and cherish the time you have with loved ones and to those who work on public holidays I appreciate your service – especially those who serve the nice hot coffees!

Happy days,


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