To Op Shop or Not To Op Shop

To Op Shop or Not To Op Shop

Hi guys,

If you are someone who enjoys shopping then we may have something in common. It’s almost about the thrill of the chase – leaving the house knowing that you’ll be spending the day digging for some great threads and finding some great deals! Plus, I’m an old fashioned girl I like trying things on rather then buying clothes online… although I do have a few accounts with different online retailers like and etc.

There’s nothing better then piecing an outfit together for an upcoming event or hunting around at the local shopping centre for that top you need (or want ;P) or even better finding a sale and sourcing some great gems. The only issue is the dreaded budget. Going shopping hurts the pocket and usually when I do go shopping I end up buying things for other people or Emelina.

But don’t fear – Op Shopping is here! If there’s a pop song about the popularity of opportunity shopping then I know there’s a lot of people out there who also appreciate the art of shopping at a Thrift Store – not just me ;).

4There’s so many positives to op shopping. Cheap – tick. Great deals – tick. Great quality – tick. Appeal to your creativity – tick. Now I’m not saying that every time you head into an op shop you find nuggets of gold. There is a process to this endeavour.

For example, try and keep an open mind when you’re browsing. It is not uncommon that I would buy something now that may not fit or may not be ‘in fashion’ at the moment but it could make a raging come back down the track. One time I bought something and Emelina didn’t get the chance to wear it for another 8 months! It was a cute little jacket which I thought would be perfect for the winter months (we were in the hot summer at the time) and she’s wearing it very well at the moment I must say ;).

Below was a recent haul at the local thrift store which I pinched off my Snapchat:

thriftObviously these clothes are for our daughter and aren’t they awesome! One of these items by themselves would probably set me back $50. But for ALL these items = $50!!

Estimated cost = $200

Actual cost = $50

Belinda’s current mood = Priceless!! 🙂

I hope that has given you a little insight into the benefits of op shopping. I just want to reinforce the benefits again. Cheap – tick. Great deals – tick. Great quality – tick. Appeal to your creativity – tick.

The only other benefit is Convenience. Imagine having to criss-cross around your local shopping having to buy 8-10 different items. Don’t get me wrong I really enjoy browsing and finding the best price and comparing offers but sometimes I just want the convenience of everything being there and scooping it all up in the one go!

How do you shop for clothes? Are you an online shopper or prefer to check at the store first? My last tip would be to drop into the op shop when you’re visiting a regional town or a holiday location – good chance you’ll find a few beauties in there!

Happy days,


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