Cleaning Routine

Cleaning Routine


Today I thought I’d put my thoughts together on the mechanics of how I manage the ‘cleaning routine’ over the course of the day, week, fortnight or month. Now again I’m not magician or anything although sometimes I wish I could just cast a spell and clear all the mess away ;P

Lets start with the daily grind. In terms of keeping the house ‘healthy’ I find staying on top of the space you see most of the time and keeping it in good working order – the kitchen and the bedrooms. The goal is to always keep the bedrooms well kept with a made bed and clothes put away. This keeps me sane. The other measure is to try and keep the dishes clear and the sink uncluttered. That too keeps me sane and happy lol

Now what gets done 2-3 times per week? Mostly laundry, vacuuming and changing the bed sheets.

Usually I like to time the washing with a nice sunny day (like most people) and I do almost 2 x loads per week for hubby and I. For Emelina I wash her clothes almost 3-4 x loads per week. The reason why Eme has so many washing loads is because I have this system where all her clothes are pre-soaked for the stains then washed the next day. It takes a bit of processing but it’s now automatic for me.

Vacuuming is pretty straight forward. I get all the big rooms and bedrooms and I usually complete the vacuuming on a day I’m not washing. Makes it easier to manage my day and keep an eye on Eme while she keeps herself entertained.

Changing bed sheets is a enjoyable process for me. It feels luxurious and refreshing to be rolling in some new crisp sheets that smell like an early spring morning. You may have some guilty pleasures but looking forward to some new sheets are one of mine!

The fortnightly caper? The mini spring clean. Nothing too exciting just the trying clean or aim to put things away where they need to live. For example, if there’s some toys that Eme doesn’t play with anymore – away it goes into storage or if summer clothes are not as helpful in the winter months – again away it goes to storage. Fun fact – Imagine after a long dark winter the glorious summer is upon us and you rediscover those summer clothes you’ve put away in storage 6-9 months earlier!

The last cleaning effort – the monthly gardening effort. Again nothing glamourous just some pruning, lawn mowing and raking. We usually wait for a nice day and we complete it as a team. A little family bonding time and getting the vitamin D quota for the day 😉 Our council run green waste bin usually comes fortnightly so we also factor that in when the monthly gardening effort is required! We are trying (unsuccessfully) to grow a little vegetable patch but it takes a lot of effort and it’s in the too hard basket at the moment. Something to consider again down the track I think!


I hope that’s helpful and I’m sure there’s things that work for you but this gives you an idea of how we can stay on top of things. A bit of music blaring in the background makes any monotonous task a little more enjoyable. I like to have some remixed reggae music or whatever is on the Top 20 playing in the background off my phone.

Cleaning… not the best fun but necessary!

Until next time,


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