Cleaning Hacks 101

Cleaning Hacks 101

Hi all,

We all have that trick up our sleeve to clean up after kids or have that special remedy to assist with feeling flat or worn out. Today I thought I’d share my best cleaning ‘hacks’ which have helped keep things in good working order.

In no particular order here are my Top 3 ‘Hacks’ for cleaning around the house:

1. Lemon in the kettle

Now before you judge me… think about it for a minute. Look at your kettle. Is it see through or completely covered? Well our old kettle was completely covered and after I saw a post on Facebook about how dirty the inside of the kettle can get I never looked back and bought a see through kettle.


Basically the idea is to boil the kettle with a few slices of lemon mixed in with the boiling water. The ‘magic juices’ in the lemon dislodges any crusty stubborn bits inside the kettle and keeps it mint fresh. I tend to do this every 3-4 months at home but I ALWAYS follow this procedure when I stay at a hotel 🙂


2. Soaking baby clothes regime

Now Emelina is a normal 2yo girl. Energetic, gets into those hard to reach places around the house and enjoys the great outdoors. Believe me, she has the stains on her clothes and under garments to prove it! The regime I follow has been one passed down from my mother – basically you soak the clothes together in warm Napisan overnight – then wash in warm water the next day.


3. Storage tubs for Eme clothes

I may have raised this earlier with you guys (see earlier posts) but I’m a big believer in storage. Now I have all of Eme’s belongings from size 0000 up to what she’s just squeezed out of packed away neatly in storage. My process may seem tedious but believe me it’s worth the effort!


Once Eme has grown a bit too big for a sizing of clothing then the item of clothing is washed and ironed then packed away in one 60L storage container which is about $10 from the local KMart or similar store. The tub will get pretty full then it is sealed and covered with a big rubbish bag. Just recently I lent some baby clothes to my sister (who has a little girl) and it was such an easy process to open the storage boxes and gift Eme’s smaller clothes to her new little cousin 🙂

I hope you’ve found some benefit with these hacks and if you have anything similar that is easy and actionable that you do/use I’d love to hear about it!

Have a great day,


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