Can’t Wait Until The Weekend!

Can’t Wait Until The Weekend!

Hi there!

I wanted to share a small insight into a thought I had during the week.

Our personal family situation is that hubby works and I’m the home maker. Leki is blessed to have full time work opportunities and I appreciate the blessing of being a full-time mother.

As you may know – it’s not a luxury being at home or work full time but we all find a way to make things work!

For instance, if the average working day is 8 hours and you work 5 days a week = 40 hours per week. If you are at home – you start work when you wake up and you clock off when you finally get to lay your head at night.


Both work and the home maker scenarios are different and vary in many aspects but the same stressors exist:

  • Be on time/be there for the family  162332-200
  • Conflict resolution with unhappy customers at work/kids 162332-200
  • Keep high standards of work  162332-200

But the same rewards exist too:

  • Lunch break/rest times  162332-200
  • Keep customers/kids happy  162332-200
  • Making friends with colleagues/other parents from playgroup/school  162332-200

With that in mind – the whole family looks forward to the weekend to blow off some steam and spend some much needed family time. Because Leki works half a Saturday we tend to pre-plan the weekend events.

Now let’s break down the 4 x weekends in a typical month. Two of those weekends will be spent with both sides of the family i.e. 1 week with Leki’s parents or siblings and the other week with my family. That leaves 2 x weekends per month. That’s where a little bit of random fun may take place 🙂 We try and maximise the weekend to really squeeze every little bit out of family time!

Simple things like:

Nature walk (Malmsbury Botanical Gardens)


Visiting some National Parks (Turpins Falls in Metcalfe VIC)



Taking Eme to the local playground


Church (Eme with her Nena)


Some months are busier then others as there may be celebrations, engagements and work functions to account for!

Sometimes when you have a couple of weeks where you are back to back with different things over the weekend you just want to recharge at home – in peace and quiet :).

Our guilty pleasure is carving out some time to stay indoors flopping our bellies out and being lazy! On these lazy weekends our preference is to watch an entertaining series to tide us over (currently watching The Sopranos) until the return of GoT (Game of Thrones) and YES WE ARE BIG FANS!!

Weekends can be flat out – how do you manage your time? Do you volunteer at the local community group? Are you busy chasing kids at endless sporting/music commitments? Do you work on the weekends?

Whatever you get up to over the weekend may you be safe with your loved ones!

Until next time,


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