Arts and Craft plus the B-word!

Arts and Craft plus the B-word!


So what’s the B-word? B.U.D.G.E.T

I always thought of myself as being a creative type when I was in high school. Never really went too well the the science and maths but woodwork, art and home economics seem more enjoyable to me.

Those instincts still stay with me to this day and have been reproduced with Eme 🙂 As mentioned earlier (see Morning Routine post) there are parts of the working week where we have events at the local Playgroup or ‘Making Music’ event. At these community events the kids are encouraged to explore a new environment with other kids and fun activities indoors and outdoors… why didn’t they have this fun stuff when I was a tadpole 🙂

When we’re not at the community group events we make our own budget fun at home. All you need is some appropriate space, paper, crayons/pens/pencils and other little tidbits. Here’s a few examples of recent ‘projects’ we’ve completed together:

1. Eme’s unique birthday cards

Here you save some money plus spend quality time by designing and creating your own birthday card! This example below is Eme’s recent effort for her Godmother’s birthday in May. It took 10 mins and made a lasting impression!


2. Easter bunny ears

Easter is a great time to be around family and friends. This year I was inspired to create Easter bunny ears for Emelina and her little cousins. The materials I used were: left over fabrics from various cloths, plastic flowers from the op shop and from the ‘cheap $2 store’ – wire, glue and coloured straw. It took about half a day to out together 5 x Easter bunny ears.

3. Butterfly magnets

I was thinking of a memorable gift for family and I thought of a unique butterfly magnet. The process involves finding a butterfly stencil/design on Google, printing it out on normal A4 paper then I traced it over thicker poster paper, cut it out carefully along the border first, then I had Eme colour it in to her liking. Lastly I glued a small piece of magnet tape (costs $4-5) on the spine of the butterfly and folded the wings which gives the butterfly a 3D look on the fridge.


I decided to make quite a few of these ‘butterfly cards’ so when a birthday rolls around they’re ready to go – each one different depending on Eme’s creative mood 🙂

These are only examples of some of the mischief that we get up to. As you know, we have the working week pretty much planned out and I secretly look forward to what Emelina puts together next time we have ‘Arts and Craft Time’.

These ideas are not totally my own but I draw inspiration and ideas from TV programs (Mr. Maker on ABC), random Youtube videos (search kids arts and craft), photos off social media (Facebook and Instagram) and good old Google.

Hope this gives you some inspiration and I’d love to see your designs!

Happy days,


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