Learning through PLAY!

Learning through PLAY!

Hi guys,

Throughout the course of the day we try and encompass play with Emelina to encourage learning from home. As we mentioned earlier (see Morning Routine post) Emelina plays and learns with other kiddies at the local playgroup a couple times a week but we try and compliment that at home.

Example #1 – ABC charts


Here’s a photo of Eme’s room which has some pictures and posters on the doors which she can see when she wakes up, when we change her clothes/nappies and when we dry her after a shower. As we’re helping her we make an effort to point or count or ask simple questions like ‘what colour is this?’ or ‘how many pencils are there?’ or ‘where’s the frog?’ etc. It helps settle her as she gets quite fiddly when we try and change her and she learns bit by bit. 2 for 1 deal – she learns and get’s settled at the same time 🙂


Example #2 – Helping with cooking/making shakes

As I mentioned earlier (see Prep Hack 101) Leki is pretty good in the morning and makes breakfast for us. If Eme wakes up early then she’s recruited to help daddy cook! He sits her on the bench and they put the meal together.


Eme practices cracking the eggs and feels the texture of the hard shell and the gooey yolk. She helps pour muesli out of the packet, she is the sample tester for the banana pieces and doesn’t hesitate to take a glob of honey off the spoon 😉 One highlight of the week is when Emelina asks to make a milkshake. The best part is she knows all the ingredients off by heart and can name them individually. The conversation goes like this:

  • Belinda: “What do we need for the milkshake?”
  • Eme: “Chocolate… umm honey and banana… annnnnd milk!”


It’s interesting to watch Emelina learn how food is prepared as during the day she plays with her toys and tries to wipe their dirty bottoms or tries to feed them ‘food’. I think she’s grasping these ideas by learning through PLAY!

Example #3 – The great outdoors


On a nice day we try and go for a local bike ride. We are fortunate that there’s a large river which has plenty of ducks that visit. We encourage Eme to name different animals as we ride along – she can correctly name a horse and when we ask ‘what sound does a horse make?’ she responds with an enthusiastic ‘neiiiiggh!’. We repeat this each time we come across different animals – pigs, cats, birds and dogs.

LOL moment = our favourite animal to ask is the elephant (obviously not seen locally) and her accompanying action which she makes a trumpet noise and swings her arm pretending to be the elephants trunk!


Our observation is that kids are naturally inquisitive very playful especially at the age of 1-4 years old when everything is ‘new’. Our little daughter is learning and grasping so much we struggle to keep up with her. One challenge we’ve identified is that she’ll need more help to continue her development. We’ve done some research and we’ll share more about it later with you!

Kids test your boundaries. Children can sook, draw on the carpet or walls, breaks things and test you by not listening. This has been our experience as well. While it’s not always sunshine and rainbows we feel you take the good with the bad. Kids will be kids 🙂

Enjoy them while they’re young because jeez they grow quickly!

With love,


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