Planning Holidays 101

Planning Holidays 101

Hi guys,

Today I wanted to share a little insight into how we plan for small but regular holidays to recharge the mind, body and spirit.

I’m a big believer in a balanced lifestyle. We aim to spend 40% of the time ‘working’, 40% ‘resting’ and 20% ‘living’. These percentages don’t look balanced but let me explain:

Working is what we do throughout the working day. Whether you’re punching in 9am-5pm or looking after the family or a bit of both… over time this can can wear you out!

Resting is what we do for the remainder of working day. It may mean some alone time at home, time out with the family or catching up on sleep.

Living is the time you choose to spend doing what you’re passionate about. One of our passions is planning regular getaways so that we are ‘working’ towards something. We see it as an incentive or reward to push hard during those ‘working’ days.

To give you some context we plan little getaways every 3 months. This has been a good goal for us as we book 6 months in advance so we have something locked in. We used to keep a weekend free every so often to have that time at home but it wasn’t the same recharging feeling like getting away from your usual environment.


We are big fans of the Big 4 caravan and cabin sites around Australia. We’ve visited:

  • Coburg VIC site in Nov 2016 for 2 nights
  • Batemans Bay NSW during Easter/Apr 2017 for 3 nights
  • Our upcoming adventure is planned for late-Aug to Echuca VIC along the Murray River for 2 nights!

The last holiday for the year is planned for Dec 2017 in the Mornington Peninsula VIC for 5 nights (Christmas family getaway) – YAY!

As you can see 2017 was jam packed with short sharp trips away which refreshes the mind and re-energises the body.

Once upon a time before the family came along I would prefer a sizeable break for 2-4 weeks in one go but now I find better value and feel more rejuvenated with smaller but frequent retreats! Being able to plan ahead and budget accordingly frees up ‘mental space’ knowing that if you’re working away solidly throughout the year you’ll be rewarded with a little getaway.


I acknowledge that this is a great luxury to be able to get away with your family but it doesn’t have to be extravagant at all. We’ve only started getting away to cabins and caravan parks very recently. Before then we were believers in slogging away for the bulk of the year and taking time off when you could.

The difference now is that we sit and plan the year ahead and commit to regular time off regardless of what’s happening.

How do you organise your family getaways? Do you have any recommendations of campsites or parks? I’d love to hear from you!

Until next time,


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