Introducing Esther!

Introducing Esther!

Thank you Belinda for giving me this opportunity to write in your new blog about my experience as a Mother.

Hi, my name is Esther.

I live in Melbourne and now I have a little family which includes my 2.5 years old boy and a partner who works for the fire brigade. I am originally from Malaysia and came here to study a bachelor degree in 1997 and left to Singapore for work opportunities while waiting for the approval of my Permanent Residency (PR) application.

I returned to Australia in 2004 and applied to study a master degree in exercise rehabilitation. So I am now an Accredited Exercise Physiologist.

I met Belinda through the local council’s Mothers Group program in 2015. We all been through a lot with our little ones and we still manage to keep in touch even though we live are far apart. Good old Facebook and Viber for communication!

I work 3 x days a week on my own business based in 3 locations around Melbourne VIC. Keeps me busy but I really enjoy it!

I must say my partner and I were a bit surprised as we were not planning on having kids. Early on I was prepared to be a single mother but we both learnt to accept the big lifestyle change and we’ve grown to love the process of parenthood.

The main subject I’d to share with you all today – is my pregnancy story.

I enjoyed being pregnant and it was the most wonderful experience. Believe it or not I was due to work the day our little one arrived and I messaged my clients that I am going to have a baby! I’m sure they were excited for me as I was 😊


The whole contraction thing is not a great feeling. I didn’t even realise I was having contractions the whole night while I was at home. I was constantly going to the bathroom, feeling unwell and I thought I had a bout of nasty food poisoning.

A friend told me you will know when the baby is almost here as you will get severe period pain. But, I never experienced period pain so I had no idea what to expect. Later that night things ramped up for the worst and I downloaded the contraction App and started to monitor things.

Around 6am, my partner woke up and asked me what is wrong as I was crouching in pain and I told him that I think I am going to have the baby. He rang the hospital and the lady was saying “go and have shower and take your time to come in” but I was like ‘no way’ – I was ready to go! The journey to the hospital was horrible having a few contractions on the way.

Once admitted at 8.30am, I told the midwives that I wanted the epidural because of the pain. They insisted that I have the gas and the some mild analgesia but I still persisted and asked for stronger pain relief. The nurse still didn’t want to administer the epidural and I went along having the gas but kept vomiting. Finally the nurse gave me some anti-nauseous medication which helped a lot.

My pain was worsening and I was strongly considering Cesarean surgery. The contractions were getting closer and closer and the nurse asked me to lie down and she monitored me closely. I kept insisting for the epidural and I finally got the doctor to give me the relief I needed.

Then… when the next contraction came the midwife apologised and said that we couldn’t give you the epidural as we can see your baby’s head. I was so fatigued and drained as the nurse told me the next contraction you will feel a burning sensation as she lifted my leg to an awkward angle. Yup!!! Burning sensation! After about heavy 3 breaths between pushing our little boy arrived safely into this world. All done at 12:26pm – 3 hours of labouring.

I was encouraged to start feeding this little bundle of joy immediately and I was amazed after that all that effort I’m here with my son!

Around 2pm – I was out of bed for a shower and walked to the shopping centre with my partner to have lunch. Guess what I had? Sushi… 😊

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