Time Hack 101 – “ME” Time

Time Hack 101 – “ME” Time

Hi guys,

Quick scenario:

Imagine for a minute that you have someone that you wait on hand and foot, cook and clean after them, plan their medical reviews and monitor the prescribed medication, nurture and soothe them to sleep, reinforce standards to keep in public and being stern when it comes to discipline.

All that is for my husband when he has man flu 🙂

No I’m kidding – that’s the many hats I wear with managing Eme’s daily challenges. Fun times! It can be overwhelming to look after and care for ONE child let alone a few of them.

We are looking at building a system or a framework to raise Eme so that when we add more to the family the wheels can still turn smoothly because we have the ‘formula’ that works for us. Now it’s definitely not set in stone in terms of routine but rather an educated trial and error-type process. If we find something works really well we’ll continue to push with that particular ‘hack’ or routine so that Eme learns it to be the new normal.

More on that next time! 😉

The immediate challenge when you are balancing the homely life is to carve out a little time for yourself… ME TIME! Here are two best examples of how I am able to carve out ‘me’ time during most days:


  1. The ‘Midday Nap’

Emelina wakes most mornings at 7:30am. If she’s had a good solid nights sleep she’ll be full of energy in the morning and ready to attack the day. During the week days we have activities planned out like Playgroup or Mainly Music or play time with local friends that go from 10am-12:30pm. By the time we arrive home for lunch she’s spent. The eyelids get heavy, the head starts to sway and eventually she relents and crashes in a heap. Sometimes she may sleep where she lays!

This is the opportune moment to have that ME TIME! Most busy days Eme needs a 2 hour power nap from 1pm-3pm. I have a few options on how I use these 2 hours. During these pregnancy months I’ve enjoyed a couple of hours of rest or sleep. Other times it gives me a chance to clean or catch up with a load of washing. Sometimes I’ve spent an hour on the phone talking to friends and family catching up on the latest news. However I decide to spend the time is dependent on the mood and energy levels at the time but I must say having that time to myself is definitely appreciated!


2. Neighbours

One of the routines that we have encouraged Eme to learn is when Mama’s program is on – ‘Neighbours’ = ME TIME! If you don’t know the program it’s a soapie drama that’s popular Australia based around families of a suburban street in Melbourne VIC. Anyway, the show is broadcast for 30 mins on weeknights at 6:30pm.

As I mentioned earlier in (Prep Hacks 101) I plan my afternoon towards ‘earning’ my ME time. I tend to prepare dinner earlier, if I can I’ll get Eme in the shower/bath for a wash, any spot cleaning that’s required or any other task is completed before the 6:30pm deadline.

When the opening credits to the program starts, Eme has a little dance to the Neighbours jingle and then she wanders off to her toys and keeps herself entertained while I get zoned into the latest happenings on the program. Such as luxury!

Fast forward to 7pm and Leki usually arrives home from work and takes Eme off me to spend some daddy/daughter time! Organised crime really 🙂

That is how I’ve managed to calibrate my average day although some days I’m better at it then others and some days Eme wants to cuddle or be held for a while because she’s a bit moody after a long nap.

I hope you found that helpful and I’d love to hear about what works for you! Either way ME TIME is needed in whatever dosage you can prescribe!

With love,


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