Aloha! My Name is Noelani.

Aloha! My Name is Noelani.

Aloha! My name is Noelani.

I am the happy, sometimes crazy, surf-partner/best-friend, wife and soulmate to Tim and the silly hula-mama to two beautiful kolohe (rascal) boys, Nainoa and Keliikoa. I’m very excited to have the opportunity to share my story as a part of MyWifeLife.

A few things about me before you read any further, I’m a dancer. I’m not a singer, or a songwriter, or a writer. I tell my story through dance. Over the years I’ve attempted to tell my story in other ways, and they were… interesting attempts. So please bear with me as this all unfolds.


I am a small business owner and one of the founders and Directors of Nuholani which came to life in 2013. We, myself and Krystle Cocadiz, started off as two American girls living in the land down under wanting to start an entertainment company. Today we are a community of over 80 dancers celebrating life and telling our stories through Polynesian dance, mainly Hula and Ori Tahiti. I run classes, workshops and a company team for aspiring professional hula dancers. Nuholani is all about making connections and sharing or cultivating the Aloha that is in all of us.

While I love my life and feel very lucky to do what I love as a job, there are days when trying to run a dance school with over 60 students, manage an entertainment company’s bookings, enquiries, choreography, costumes and rehearsals and on top of all that manage my house and kids plus love life… it gets overwhelming! Sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of what’s really important. I have to remind myself, “Remember who you are and what makes you happy.” The answer to that is simple and it’s in the first two sentences of this post. Aloha (love) and Family! But it took a while to get to this point, to know who I am, appreciate where I am in life, and to let myself be truly happy. That’s not to say my life is perfect, no- far from it! As you’ll soon fine out!


Today and everyday I hope to choose to be happy. I’m working on things, setting goals, sometimes failing, but always growing and learning. I’ve learnt to accept that this is my life, I take things one day at a time, and try to let go of any negative thoughts and beliefs that do not serve me.


The symbol for the Nuholani logo is a va’a or canoe to represent the voyage of our ancestors and our own personal journey. Isn’t this life just one great big voyage? Someone in that really amazing Disney movie, “Moana” said something about voyaging, “Knowing where you are, by knowing where you’ve been.” When I remember where I’ve been, and some of the things I’ve done, sometimes I cringe or roll my eyes, and then sometimes I cry, sad and happy tears, However, most times I try to remember the joy of it all. I’m looking forward to sharing a few pieces of my journey with you!


Tiffany Noelani Le Nevez

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