Creative bits and (centre)pieces!

Hi guys,

I like to think that I’m a creative-type of person. One thing that gets my creative juices flowing are decorative centrepieces and other arty bits and pieces for celebrations.

I’d like to put together a little summary of designs below and the celebrations they were for:

1. My Baby Shower


I got a lot help from my family with this event as I was a bit sluggish at 8 months with Emelina doing cartwheels in my belly!

We had a pretty big party in a church hall and I invited a lot of family and friends where we played games, ate a lot of food, took a lot of photos and watched the little kids play!

The first creative piece that I created were for the adult tables which included – a white and pink table cloth ($2.50 per metre from Spotlight), a table runner ($5 per metre from Ebay), decorative bird cages ($14-$18 each from cheap discount shops) and balloons ($2 per pack).

The candy bar was put together by my sisters and it had a mirrored base ($3 each at cheap discount store), glassware (borrowed from family), a funky ornamental dresser table (FREE on the roadside) and little nick knacks.


2. Emelina’s 1st birthday


We like to party! At Eme’s first birthday party we hired a play centre and had a lot of fun. There was plenty of planning going into the event with home cooked food, setup of the play centre, speeches, getting around and working the room 🙂

For the main table I ordered through Ebay a wooden cut out of Emelina’s name which cost under $60 in total. My sisters organised the candy bar and the birthday cake which was greatly appreciated.


My biggest accomplishment was a 2 meter cardboard cutout of the number ‘1’ which featured photos from everyone involved with Emelina’s first year and I wanted to make sure everyone who was attending was in the photo collage. It took almost 5 days to complete because I manually printed photos, cut them out and blue tac’d them onto the cutout – this had to be done after hours because Eme would come and try to ‘help’ but it would take even longer to finish.

**CAUTION** If you are trying this at home – remember a 2m cutout board does not fold nicely into the car ;P


3. Emelina’s 2nd birthday


A bit more of a low key affair as we celebrated her birthday in the backyard but this time I spent a little more effort on the decoration side of things. The theme was ‘Secret Garden’ which went well in March as it is Autumn/Fall but still very warm in Australia.

Most of the decorations from the Baby Shower was recycled for this event although we added some minor changes. Things like the bird cages (flowers inside), table cloth, table runners and the ornamental dresser made another appearance!

I attempted some home made ‘flair’ with tutorials I followed on Youtube making a ‘balloon garland’ (total $15 from Ebay), my Mother helped with the ‘Secret Archway’ into the ‘Secret Garden’ which took longer to make then I thought ($20 from Bunnings), fake decorative flowers ($5 in total from the local Op Shop), I made Mother and Daughter headpieces (from left over materials) and a decorative frame (materials from the Op Shop) for happy snaps!

I understand that organising events can be stressful and time consuming – so why go to the effort to decorate things yourself? Because I enjoy it.

The only thing to consider is that it can take a lot of time to complete. So I would suggest beginning your plans 3 months in advance so you can shop around and ‘see’ it comes together slowly rather then the mad rush at the end.

I hope you find this helpful and I’d love to see how you celebrate your little one’s birthday!

Lots of love,


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