Miserable Baby Fat!

Miserable Baby Fat!

Hi guys.


With that aside I want to share a journey that I have been on and it would make me happy if it helps you with your own journey 🙂

I lost 20kg in 6 months without sweating in the gym! At my biggest I was 105kg carrying Eme, started my weight loss journey at 89kg and dropped down to 68kg!

*Note: US friends – 1 kilogram = 2.2 pounds so double my numbers for your rough conversion. E.g. 89kg = 196 pounds and 68kg = 150 pounds

I would like to jump into the time machine and review what was happening at the very beginning.

1[Daily walk – April 2015 – 89kgs]

In March 2015 I gave birth to Emelina and I had ballooned over 30kg from my normal weight of 75kg to 105kg!! To be honest, being my first pregnancy I was lucky to have had a smooth run carrying Eme so I ate poorly using the excuse that ‘I’m pregnant’ to silence those inner feelings from surfacing. So what happened? I felt absolutely miserable.

For the following 5-6 months I carried on feeling unsure of how I was going to lose this weight while I was breastfeeding. I used this time to research the best and most effective ways to lose weight which took me on a wild ride! It was around the 6 month mark when I supplemented breastfeeding and transitioned Eme to the bottle that I decided how I was going to lose the weight. It would be through my diet.




[Mother’s Day – May 2015 – 87kgs]

During this period I had to be really honest with myself and I knew that exercise in the gym was never going to happen. I just don’t have the discipline to get to the gym 2-3 x time per week. Recruiting a personal trainer and completing circuit training helped me in the past but having a newborn made things challenging. So the best option after researching, reading and asking trusted friends and family was being very selective about what I ate. This was especially handy now as I had stopped producing milk for Eme and I could now have a wider range of food options to pick from.

Below are my Top 3 bits of advice:


1. Recruit an accountability partner

My husband Leki and I kept each other in check. We pre-planned meals, went grocery shopping together, prepared meals together and enjoyed our cheat meals together too 🙂

We decided the best measure of our progress was to weigh ourselves daily and document the ‘scorecard’ and leave it on the fridge so we can see it every time we start to wane from our food discipline. We would always measure first thing in the morning and critique why things went up and down.

Higher reading today? Ahh that’s right I ate that naughty thing yesterday.

Wow! 500g drop overnight? What did I do these last couple of days… I’ll keep doing that.

It acts as a powerful positive reinforcement vehicle as over time you can see the downward trend of the numbers on the scales!


[XMAS – December 2015 – 68kgs]

Then, every Sunday we would take out the tape measure and measure around the waist, chest, biceps and thighs to keep track of those measurements too! I feel strongly that you should have an objective tool to track your progress (e.g. weighing yourself and tape measure) so you can correlate that to how you feel subjectively (e.g. do you ‘feel’ good and ‘look’ good).


2. Find a mentor or follow ONE particular strategy that syncs with your beliefs and lifestyle and see it through!

The 2 x main teachers or ideas that we followed was the Bulletproof Diet by Dave Asprey and the Slow Carb Diet by Tim Ferriss. They have complimentary ideas and we followed the framework that they had laid out. Check out this free infographic by the folks over at Bulletproof to give you an idea of what I’m talking about 🙂

Now to be totally transparent – we are NOT getting paid for any promotion I am simply sharing what worked for Leki and I!



[Scorecard – July 2015 – 87.8kg highlighted at the top ]

[Waist 117cm | L thigh 68cm | R thigh 69cm | L arm 33cm | R arm 34cm]

*Note: US friends – 1 centremetre= 0.4 inches so half my numbers for your rough conversion. E.g. 117cm = 47 inches and 69cm = 28 inches

Now to be fair this is NOT a quick fix. As you can see above I lost 9.3kg from the first entry on 6 July 2015 to the last entry 4 September 2015 – that’s averaging losing over kilo a week over 8 weeks!

Check out our tracking sheet for the early days (remember this is from July 2015 onward). I guess what I’m trying to say is stick the course and ride it out – peaks and bumps!


[Scorescard – December 2015 – 69.8kg highlighted at the top]

[Waist 97cm | L thigh 59cm | R thigh 60cm | L arm 30cm | R arm 31cm]


3. Celebrate each ‘Win’ and Troubleshoot each ‘Loss’

Now each time we dropped past a ‘barrier’ i.e. 85kg to 80kgs I would have a celebratory drink or sweet treat. If I was being really good when I was out with friends and didn’t eat poorly Leki would praise and congratulate me on being disciplined and vice versa.

We would go the whole working week without skipping a beat and then have a ‘cheat day’ which was usually Saturday and we would go all out – no holds barred! Imagine waiting all week to eat all the wrong things… Krispy Kreme donuts… Ronald McDonald… Pizzas… Hamburgers with the Lot. That was Saturday for us!

*TIP We would write down our cravings during the week and look forward to buying them on Saturday! Kept us strong during the weaker moments 🙂

We noticed about a month into our diet plan that after waiting the whole week for the cheat day we were starting to feel bloated and sick after a full day of ‘pigging out’. The natural progression was to reduce the cheat day to a cheat MEAL. One meal per week where we ate whatever we wanted. We managed to feed the ‘hungry sugar beast’ but didn’t come away feeling like we lost the whole week’s worth of being good!


[BEFORE – March 2015 – 98kg]

That was a little snapshot of how I managed to lose the baby fat weight. A lot of of self education, research and stubborn persistence. As they say, nothing good happens overnight!

So in summary, I gave birth to Emelina in March 2015 weighing 98kg, started my diet plan July 2015 at 88kg and reached 69kg by December 2015.

I continue to learn and grow with my weight loss journey which has now morphed into a well-being journey across many spheres not just physically. More on that next time 😉


[AFTER – December 2015 – 69kgs]

If you found this post helpful I’m happy to put more details about how each week (Mon-Fri) looked like so you have a bit of an idea of what we shopped for and what we cooked/ate.

Have you got any tips on what was helpful for you? I’d love to hear it. When our little bub arrives in early 2018 I’ll be looking to shed the baby fat again this time I can document it more closely for you the second time round 🙂

Happy days,


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