Fit Mama!

Fit Mama!

Hi everyone.

Hope we are all over the winter season. It’s spring time meaning time to get back into fitness.

Today I am going to talk about how I am fitting my busy schedule in a week. Working 3 days a week on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, stay at home mum for the other 4 days a week and an aged group triathlete training 6 days a week with 2 sessions each day.

My training sessions are based on periodisation (eg. 12-17weeks before the first race starts). Race season starts in November and my base training starts late July. Basically, it lasts about 6-8weeks to build up my fitness. Then, training will be more specific like doing bricks, intervals and longer session. Race finishes in early April and I will have a 3-months break which generally I take 2-weeks off with no training and then start with minimal training and takes around 30-60mins, 1-2 sessions a day. During the season training, I will have 2 swim sessions, 3 strength sessions (1 functional strength and conditioning in the gym and 2 Tabata or HIIT sessions at home), 2 wind trainer/spin bike sessions at home/gym, 1 long ride on the road and 2-3 run sessions (intervals,  trail and a long slow distance.


Our lil one with us during the Annual Good Friday Appeal Outdoor Training session with friends and clients. He is making sure Daddy is doing the correct technique!

My typical week starts on Monday which I work from 6am to 11am and up at 5.05am, and I have a few hours break which I do my strength and cardio sessions range from 50mins for functional strength and conditioning and 50-60mins of cardio on the spin bike. Then, a protein shake, shower and lunch and back to work for another couple of hours before picking up my son from the childcare. My partner does the drop off in the morning. My partner would go to the gym after his work and we have dinner together when he is back from the gym before 6pm. Then, we have a little play time before our little one have a bath and playtime again. His bedtime is around 7.30 – 8pm and usually my partner put him to bed as he prefers daddy to do so.  Once he is asleep, my partner and I have our couple time talking about our day and relax watching tv. At the same time too, we get ready for next day work where we make our breakfast, lunch and snacks. Plus, preparing my workout gear and work stuff.

Tuesday where I wake up at the same time as my partner at 5.45am. I’ll get ready in my workout gear and wake up our little one at 6am if he’s not awake. Tuesday is my turn to drop him off at the childcare at 6.30am. I would go for a quick 45-60mins run before work starts at 8.30-11.30am in a medical clinic. Then, I’ll have a few hours break again where I would go to the pool for a 50mins swim. Then, a protein shake, shower and lunch. Work resumes at 2-6.30pm (or later as it depends on the length of the consultation). I’ll be home around 7.15pm. This time my partner would pick up our child around 5.50pm after his gym and will already feed him dinner by then.  This time, I’ll be giving him a bath and spend some play time with him before his bedtime where daddy puts him down.  It would be a same routine for us each night getting ready for next day.

Wednesday is my off day. I would still wake up at 5.05am to train on the wind trainer between 30-45mins before my partner goes to work at 6.15am. If our little one wakes up between those times, he could look after him before I finish the session. Then, I will do a 30mins Tabata or HIIT session. Sometimes the session doesn’t complete in 30mins if our little one already awake. It would take between 45-60mins to complete them.  Then, I will get myself ready for the day with him. Normally, I would take him to the pool for a play for 60-90mins. Then, we will head to the shopping centre for lunch and we love sushi and walk around there to do some shopping for the next few night dinners. He would sleep in the car when we come home and I will have a few hours of quiet time where I try to catch up doing my clinical reports and preparing for the next day work. During summer, my partner plays golf after work. So, we will have dinner without him. By the time he is home, our little one would be in bed. Generally, my partner and I go to sleep around 10-10.30pm.


Trying to lift the kettle bell while I am training in our lounge room!

Thursday, I would get up at 5.05am to get ready for work from 6-12pm. Of course, I will have 30mins break somewhere in between for another round of breakfast. I would have two by then. I run Mums and Bubs Class on that day too. I am so passionate about it as I could teach new mums how to exercise right and how to get back on track. There is so much to teach because it is just not about exercise. There a lot to consider as once we have a baby, our body physiology changed and to make sure we are not rushing to get back to our pre-baby body, we need to understand what is the right thing to do. About 12.15pm, I would get changed and get on to my training sessions. My sessions are 60mins interval or trail run and 50mins swim. I will have a few hours of resting where I would catch up with emails and updating work Facebook page. Work resumes at 4-5.30pm. Then, I will pick up our little one from the childcare and preparing dinner. Normally, our dinner is pretty quick and easy to prep like meat in the oven and steamed veg or salad. We have a same routine every night.

On Friday, I will be up at 5.05am for training. Same as Wednesday schedule. Every 2nd Friday, my partner has an RDO, if so, I can have a sleep in and train later around 6.30am. Our little one has Ready Steady Go Kids on that day. He loves it. Then, we would come home after and have a rest and lunch. Then, we would either be at home to have a playtime or out at the shopping centre for a few hours. He would play a little more at the play area or the rides and eats all the way from one end to the other. He can’t stop eating. Friday night is our movie night, we would watch a kid’s movie first and once he is in bed, we would watch our movie. We would go to bed at the same time too.

On Saturday, it’s my day off of training but will start an open water swim in a few week times with a group and a coach. I am looking forward to it even though it’s in a very cold water and maybe choppy.  When I return from the swim around 11am, my partner will head out to the gym and we have lunch after. We would either go out to do groceries, or staying home to do some work around the house like cleaning and organising the place. At night, we would either go out for dinner with friends or do take away. If not, we would stay home spending time watching a movie or a tv program. Our little one goes to bed around 8-8.30pm.


Swimming session. Practicing underwater submersion!

On Sunday, I would go for a long run and finish around 8.30am and have breakfast together. Then, my partner goes to the gym or goes out for a ride. We don’t really do much on Sunday. We could either catching up with family or friends or just stay home to do some more house stuff. Around 4.30pm, I would make dinner for the week. I would cook a big patch where it would last us for few meals and for freezing. It is also time for me planning my clients’ program for the week.

How I manage my work is by doing bits and pieces during my break time and at night. As for our little one, we would take him to do some activities like swimming and sports. We think he has done enough at the childcare like readings, playtime, arts, etc, so we don’t do much of that at home. The only different is we play Mandarin educational CD during the day or night for him to learn on top at home speaking with him with 3 languages.  We do the best we can and most important is to plan ahead and team work.

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