10 Years And Beyond!

10 Years And Beyond!

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Hi guys,

Today I thought it would be interesting to share about how I met my husband and how we mark the occasion yearly!

Well… in short we met on the internet.


[Did you have one of these Nokia phones?]

In the mid-late 90s when I was in middle high school – Nokia phones were all the rage with the snake game, dial up modems would buzz and choke for 2 minutes before you were connected to slow Internet and immediately cut off if someone picked up the phone :), a direct phone line into your own room was the dream scenario and social websites were in the very early days. Things changed from MSN chat, ICQ, MIRC, Friendster, Bebo, Myspace and ultimately Facebook is how we all stay connected.

This was a time where instant messaging was still brand new so Leki and I would have to talk to each other to organise a time to meet.

Do you remember growing up when you wanted to meet with your friends to watch a movie during school holidays – you’d have to either meet your friend’s parents to gain their trust and permission? Or after watching the latest episode of Friends you couldn’t wait to get to school the next day to chat and gossip with your girlfriends. My point is, things weren’t instantly accessible like Facebook Live or video calling or texting to share information. I empathise with the young people of today. I think instant information doesn’t necessarily make things easier – if used incorrectly it can make things worse… but I don’t want to get off track!

So in short, Leki and I somehow managed to ‘find’ each other on Bebo and we talked online for a couple of weeks before he finally asked me out on a date.

last 137

[Leki and I on a date circa. 2007]

Our first informal date was 20th September 2007 which was more of a good old hang out. Leki was finishing his final year of studies at University and I was working full time and we were both 22 years old. Wow has time flown so quickly! The following week Leki formally asked me out after dinner and a movie in the city – it was 27th September 2007.

It is this date we celebrate every year. 

Today, in fact, is our Anniversary that we celebrate. Our 10th Anniversary!


[I always wanted to be the Lady in Red ;)]

We had planned to spend our first date night away from Emelina with some fine dining, watching a Michael Jackson tribute concert and some alone time together.

Never would I have envisioned my life at this point through the lens of that 22 year old ten years ago and I am truly grateful for all the experiences we’ve shared and continue to share into the next 10 years and beyond.

21687634_2189829304376382_2150177126274160913_n[10th Anniversary in the City]

So what does the next 10 years hold? Who knows. There’ll be heartaches and pain, growth and success, wins with losses, Emelina will be 12yo and in early high school, our little bub will be almost 10yo, friends may move away, family will return home but this I will know….

We will be celebrating our 20th Anniversary 🙂

Thank you for witnessing my little story about our yearly celebration. How do you celebrate your important dates? Have you got a special way that you remember your memorable milestones?

Have a great day!


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