Staying Active Whether At Home Or On Holidays

Staying Active Whether At Home Or On Holidays

Hello everyone.

Hope you are enjoying the warmer weather.

We have taken this opportunity to stay outdoors if possible like playing with our dog, a bit of fun with the soccer ball, skate boarding (pushing our lil one) and of course gardening.

With our busy lifestyle, we don’t really go away on the weekends. We only do that when I have a race where the race is further than an hour drive. If this is the case we usually organise a stay for 1-2 nights which is our ‘mini holiday’. So, it’s a win-win for us!

Finishing the swim leg and transitioning into the bike then run!

When would be our next mini holiday?  My race season starts in November which is either in Altona or in Elwood and so no mini holiday. My race buddy and I had signed up a race down in Safety Beach in December. We literally just booked 1-night accommodation near the race site. We would get there early  for lunch and explore the area before checking in. The day before race day we try and chill out as we need to conserve our energy.  At night, we head to a local restaurant or pub and my friend and I will carbo load (more on that next time) which helps with energy and our race performance the next day.

If we are staying in a self-contained place, I would pack pasta and bolognese sauce there to heat up as our dinner. In the morning, my friend and I will get ready for the race and my partner and our boy will get there later as the race doesn’t start for another 1-2 hours. They are my number one support crew.

After the race, we would have a nice brunch and get ready to head home. This is my race weekend completed then we get ready for Monday and the standard working week.

The next triathlon will be in Portalington and Mount Martha in March 2018. That would be our last two races for the season and the last of our ‘mini holidays’.

It does sound like everything we do revolves around my triathlon schedule. Our perspective is that if there’s no real purpose around travelling then we are not interested to travel. We think it is so expensive holidaying locally or interstateWe would rather save money for our yearly oversea holiday.

Chinese New Year in KL, Malaysia

We did have one extended holiday earlier this year visiting Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (back to my hometown) for Chinese New Year for few days and 14-days in Japan (my 40th Birthday present) and back to Kuala Lumpur for another 7-days!

It takes at least 6-9 months to plan especially booking for flights. I would do some research for flights cost first and have an idea how much we would need to budget and book 1-2 months later.

As for accommodation, it’s better to do some research online and book sooner too as we found it gets expensive closer to date or it may be fully booked. I’ve found it better to book accommodation where you can cancel without penalty. This is helpful as I sometimes find better deals after doing more research online.


I like TripAdvisor compared to as a general guide for things to do and accommodation . My partner and I also like to exercise while we are away. So, we make sure the hotels we are staying either has a gym or gym near the hotels. We found that hotels with a gym is either expensive and or is not really a gym that meets our needs. So, we would tend to go for a run every second day instead.

For example when we were in Japan, the accommodation we were staying in had no fitness facility available and the local gym was expensive as casual fees were crazy at around US$50 per person. So, we would make do and go for a run and take photos in between our “sight-seeing slash running effort” to maximise our time. Our lil one was with my family when we were out exercising.

So when would be our next overseas trip be? We don’t think there is one for a little while as we recently bought a house (HOORAY!) and we’ll need some renovations!

Disneyland, Tokyo Japan

We are planning a trip to Japan in April 2018 with another couple which may involve a cruise trip from China to Japan and back. But it’s early days yet. Who knows?

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