Meal Plans on Auto-Pilot

Meal Plans on Auto-Pilot

Hi guys,

I’d like to share the meal plans that I organise for the working week. The way I work it is that I prepare the food for the next day, today. For instance, on a Sunday I would bulk prepare a larger portion so that we have it for Sunday dinner then have enough to spare to have for lunch the next day and for Leki to pack and take to work.

Using the grocery list I outlined earlier here – I prepare the following main meals which alternate during the week:

Lightly grilled beef patties with mashed sweet potato and carrot with boiled broccoli/green beans
Oven baked salmon with sweet potato and grilled asparagus
Minced beef with white rice, black beans, avocado smash and Greek yogurt

All portion sizes are about 200g per meal which average around 350-500 calories.

As a general rule I try and make sure that the meal plans are nutritious, easy to prepare and have a low calorie count. These meals take about 20-30mins to prepare. The steps to follow:

  • Prepare the meat (lightly grill or oven bake) = 5-15min
  • As the meat is slowly being heated I prepare the complimentary vegetables by washing them and preparing them (boil, oven bake or light grilled) = 5-10mins
  • Pack the food (tomorrow’s lunch) and serve (today’s dinner) = 5-10mins

We only use coconut oil for all pan grilled prep work and it costs about $12-$15 per jar at Costco.


Here is the overall strategy – it’s more of a game plan rather then a strict protocol to follow.


Breakfast is also on auto-pilot and Leki usually cooks that for the family. Check out how he goes about it here.

We aim to consume somewhere between 1,600-2,000 calories of food for the day. If the main meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner average 500 calories per meal then I have about 500 calories remaining to ‘snack’ throughout the day.

Here are my go to ‘snacks’ for the day:

  • Fruit – blackberries, strawberries, apples, mandarins, mangoes, grapes and bananas
  • Rice cakes
  • Natural or Greek yogurt
  • Almonds

My main weakness is dessert and sweets. We tend to alternate below if our calorie count is low enough for the day:

  • Chocolate tops
  • Cyclone icy poles
  • Chocolate

The aim of this post is just an introduction into how we keep on top of our food prep and making sure it is healthy and most importantly tasty! No one likes eating cardboard 🙂

During my pregnancy I’ve replaced one of my mid week meals with a takeaway meal that I’m craving (usually Hungry Jack’s) but I try and be really good 80% of the time 😉

I hope you’ve enjoyed my post and as always I’m happy to hear feedback on what works for you!

Have a great day.


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