Introducing Kyneton Wardell Sisifa

Introducing Kyneton Wardell Sisifa

Hi all,


On Wed 3 January 2018 Leki and I welcomed our second child – Kyneton Wardell Sisifa.

He joins our little girl Emelina who will be 3yo in March.

So I would like to share an unfiltered account of the last stages of my pregnancy and document the delivery below.



So here is the story of Kyneton’s journey to join us in chronological order on Wed 3 Jan 2018:

3:35pm – 3rd Caseload nursing appointment

In week 36 to week 38 leading up to the final stages of my pregnancy I had high blood pressure monitored by my caseload nurse/Ellie as I’ve had history of mild pre-eclampsia from the last pregnancy.

I had 3 x 6 hours screening sessions on Wed 27th Dec 2017, Fri 29th Dec 2017 and the fateful one on 3 Jan 2018.

My nurse Ellie was not too confident with my high blood pressure readings so she sent me to Sunshine Hospital (local public hospital) to be screened.

I also started having Braxton-Hicks contractions.

4:25pm – Dropped Emelina to Leki’s sister to babysit in a nearby suburb

We had pre-planned for worst case scenarios by having our pregnancy ‘bug out bags’ in the boot of the car. I had bags packed for Leki, Emelina and myself. What a relief as I still had 2 weeks until I reach term ๐Ÿ™‚

Leki’s sister and her family are a short drive from the hospital and helped a lot by having Emelina for 2 nights. THANK YOU!

5:20pm – Arrived to the Sunshine Pregnancy Care Centre

The nurses planned for another 6 hour screening of my blood pressure every 30 mins.

Leki dropped me off and went to chase up some loose ends at work with the intention of returning within the next 2 hours. He did was most men do and think that everything will be ok!

Back to scrolling my Facebook feed ๐Ÿ˜‰

7:00pm – Baby is under stress!

While I was at the Pregnancy Care Centre (PCC) my growing contractions and abdominal pain was concerning the Head Nurse. She mentioned that it is not uncommon that high blood pressure can be an indicator that the baby is under stress. Things escalated pretty quickly as the specialists insisted that I should have an epidural and undergo a Caesarian sectionย to get this baby out ASAP.

Luckily I didn’t share the specialist’s enthusiasm and opted to attempt a ‘natural birth’ after receiving great advice from the Head Nurse.

As I was moved from PCC to the birthing suite I rang Leki to let him know that the medical staff are looking to induce me. (He was obviously shocked with the sudden change in management and jumped on his magic carpet straight away! Fortunately he was only 30 mins away in peak hour traffic.)

So my Braxton Hicks contractions were starting to worsen and I told Leki to stop by his sister’s house and pick up some supplies as we may be having a baby tonight and my contractions were still more then 15-20 mins apart.

I video called Emelina when Leki arrived to his sister’s house and said soon you’ll be an older sister! For some reason I wanted to speak to Eme and let her know that Mama is ok as I felt rushed in dropping her off earlier and I had not properly said goodbye to her. I felt guilty that we’ll now move from being a family of 3 to 4 and that ‘time’ with Eme has come to an end. I was starting to feel so overwhelmed by it all!

8:30pm – Settling into the Birthing Suite

Imagine this scene.

Leki is sitting in the chair next to me eating fried rice, salad and chicken while I’m next to him in the bed huffing and puffing like a heavy elephant.

It didn’t irritate me if anything it comforted me as his casual approach smoothed the seriousness of the occasion – I’m being induced because baby is under stress!

We were offered options for birth – Caesarian section (again?!), water birth or natural birth.


My goal from the outset was to push for a natural birth without medications. Managed it with Emelina so let’s try and make it 2 from 2!

Contractions were 10 mins apart now.

8:40pm – Water is broken


My caseload nurse Ellie was making her way and so I had an experienced nurse Michelle for the first part of my delivery. She was successful in breaking my water and it felt like a cold stick being inserted between your thighs and then a rush of ‘warming flooding’ flushing out.

Fortunately after my water was broken they did not need to induce me as I was already starting the contractions and they were getting shorter and shorter between each contraction.


Soon after the water was broken Michelle could see the baby’s head so she attempted to place a monitor on the baby to get some vital signs.


*8:55pm – 2nd attempt to place monitor on baby’s head

*9:00pm – 3rd attempt to place monitor on baby’s head

Michelle had trouble placing the monitor on baby’s head as there was a small film of fluid that didn’t allow the monitor to stick properly. I’ll be honest it was frustrating to have her physically penetrate me each time and fiddle around so I focused on slowing my breathing down and picture being somewhere else more relaxing.

Contractions are now ramping up to being 5 mins apart!

9:13pm – STRONG Contractions

My contractions are now more frequent and more forceful being 2-3 minutes apart. Did I mention they were PAINFUL. I would rate the pain being 6/10 at this time although it shot through the roof quick smart!


*9:16pm – contraction

*9:19pm – contraction

*9:21pm – contraction

*9:24pm – contraction

*9:28pm – contraction

*9:30pm – contraction – pretty much 10/10 on the pain scale now!

9:35 – Attempted to use the toilet

A sense of dread hit me now.


OMG!!! I might have this baby in the toilet! Michelle was trying to help my by saying “let your body do what it wants you to do”. If you need to use the loo then go use it baby is fine! Sounds like good advice but when you’re in the moment can you really trust your bowel and bladder to work together with your baby?

Believe it or not I felt more embarrassed that I might shit myself more then anything else. Definitely a moment of weakness.


Luckily Leki was there to help. He had no problems with assisting me and did a great job of cleaning up the backdoor for me ๐Ÿ™‚ and help calm me down.

It was a great challenge trying to manage the bowel contractions to the baby contractions. Even though it only took me 3 mins to use the toilet I had to time the baby contractions between the bowel contractions so I don’t get the double whammy!

Unfortunately I did have one ‘double contraction’ which is where BOTH the bowel and the baby contraction hit me.

You can imagine the range of emotions in that 3 minute window. Pain, embarrassment, fatigue, relief… and so on.

Again I was focusing on my slowed breathing strategy – 5 seconds in through the nose then slow exhale out the mouth in 5 seconds. Helped me a lot and I highly recommend it!

9:40pm – Standing Contraction

So by this time my caseload nurse Ellie had finally arrived and relieved Michelle from her great work.


Ellie immediately recommended that I try and stand to labour for a short while to allow gravity help bring the baby ‘down’. I swear every time the contractions came on I could feel his little head was poking out the front door.

At this time my contractions were VERY STRONG and almost 2 mins apart.

*9:48pm – VERY STRONG contraction in standing

*9:51pm – VERY STRONG contraction and “feels like he’s coming”

*9:52pm – “HE’S COOOOMING!?”

9:52pm to 10:18pm – THE FINAL PUSH

I had reached peak dilation now and baby was making his grand entrance.

Leki reported that I had about 3-4 contractions over 20 mins in which I allowed the contractions to come over me then ‘push at the bottom of the contraction’ and give it everything I’ve got.


As I was concentrating on pushing this baby out Leki peered over and watched everything from front row seats and saw baby’s head starting to show. He helped time my BIG PUSH with when the contraction was about to end and helped with my breathing regime in between contractions.

With my final efforts Leki saw that his whole head had finally popped out and that the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck two times around!


Not the most pleasant thing to see but with my LAST FINAL PUSH Ellie masterfully removed the cord around his neck and cradled him out all in the one motion and we had finally done it!

Leki and I had already cued up 2-3 names but we decided to wait until he arrived to see which name would suit him the best.


So, I’d like to formally introduce our son measuring 3.1 kgs, 51cm long and 32cm in head circumference – Kyneton Wardell Sisifa.


10:23pm – Placenta delivery

Nurse Ellie offered an injection into the leg to help with the labouring to ‘deliver’ the placenta. It took another period of time for the placenta to arrive and Ellie asked if we wanted it.

Unfortunately we hadn’t done much research on do’s and don’ts so we donated it to science ๐Ÿ™‚

*10:39pm – Placenta out and Leki cut the cord


10:56pm – First family selfie

So this is our first (of many) selfies after the 2 hour labour. What a relief!


We implemented the skin on skin time straight away and tried unsuccessfully to get little Ky onto the boob for his initial feed. He had the right idea but didn’t quite have the co-ordination to latch on straight away but after a few minutes of trial and error the little man managed to get on and suckle!


11:29pm – Stitches

Ellie said that I’ve settled post delivery to start the stitching and repair the wounds of birth. She was pretty happy that there was only a little bit of damage which required 7 x stitches.

*12:01am – Finished stitches

12:01am-2:00am – Skin on skin and rest time

While Ellie was completing her clinical notes on how everything went Leki had a little nap on the floor next to me and Kyneton and I hung out and got ourselves acquainted!

2:00am-2:20am – Freshening up!

So I was well enough to help myself into the shower and wash all the pain and suffering away in the warm water! After the shower I got into my comfortable nightie which made me feel so relaxed and luxurious after the 2 hour labour!


During this time Leki got Ky into his first costume change and he did a pretty good job while I was in the shower!


Another selfie of the proud parents with their latest product! ๐Ÿ™‚


2:20am – Waiting to be moved to the Ward

So we’re nearing the end of the show and I’m waiting on the bed to be prepared in the Ward so I can be transferred from the birthing suite.


Unfortunately there was no room for Leki to shack up with us so he was politely asked to go home. He kissed me goodbye and congratulated me on the great energy and effort spent on squeezing our little cherub into the world!

The next morning Leki told me he was too tired to drive anywhere so he slept in the car parked in the hospital car park. He’s one of those people who can sleep anywhere ๐Ÿ™‚


8:01am – Thurs 4 Jan 2018 – 1st Morning

So I had a pretty good night’s sleep with around 5 hours and I was fortunate to share the Ward with another 3 new Mums and they were all courteous and respectful despite the ‘cosy’ environment. We all made it work as women tend to do ๐Ÿ˜‰


Leki came by early in the morning and bought my first meal which was McDonald’s with coffee. Exactly what I wanted! Probably not the best meal to have first up but I felt I needed something to reward my effort ๐Ÿ˜‰

Soon after I got myself up and changed Ky for the first time. Had to manage handling the doodle but it’s second nature for me now after having a couple of days practice.

**TIP –ย My sister who has a son recommended putting a wet wipe over the willy as you wipe just in case the ‘fire hydrant bursts’ which can protect you and the baby from waterworks LOL


Well, if you have stuck with me all the way through – THANK YOU.

I really wanted to demystify the birth process and make it real. It’s very different from woman to woman and fortunately mine was quite straight forward with some minor challenges.

So how can I summarise the birthing experience? The best analogy I’ve come across is – “Imagine trying to squeeze a watermelon though a lemon” ๐Ÿ™‚

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post as much as I have presenting it to you.

And just like that we’re now a family of four.

With love,

Leki, Belinda, Emelina and Kyneton xo

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