My Journey On Losing Weight After Having A Baby (Pt.I)

My Journey On Losing Weight After Having A Baby (Pt.I)

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This is an online diary for all the interesting and simple things that I experience as a Mother and I love sharing my observations with you.

The topic for today and my intention is to share my journey to self-educate on the best and safest ways for me to lose weight but maintain high quality breastfeeding for Ky for over 12 months.

I aim to provide a monthly in depth report of my well being journey for myself and my newborn son.

This is not the first time I’ve attempted to safely lose weight. I managed to lose just under 30 kgs in 6 months after the birth of my daughter in 2015. Read about that journey here 🙂

But… I have to be honest. I have a selfish reason on trying to lose weight.

We are celebrating my Mother’s 60th birthday and my sister’s wedding in Phuket, Thailand in late-June to early-July 2018.

So I have under 6 months to get to achieve my goal of being <70kg before we fly to Thailand.

So let’s begin…

Leki and I weigh ourselves EVERY morning.

This is incorporated into our day and Leki and I always talk about our numbers and why we are losing weight or gaining weight. What do we talk about? The food we eat.

Below are my starting stats:

On the 3 January 2018 I was 39 weeks and 4 days pregnant and I weighed 98.5 kg. After I had baby Kyneton I was weighed at the hospital coming in at 95.5 kg.

6 January 2018

3 days after I gave birth and was discharged from the hospital I weighed 94.9 kg.

This is my starting date and weight that I will track closely and report back monthly.

94.9 kgs on 6 Jan 2018

So how will I lose the weight safely? I hinted at this earlier – by being really good with the food I eat.

I’ll present my research (which will be very basic) from different sources that I read, watch and subscribe to.

If it helps me, I’ll share it. If it doesn’t help, I’ll share that too!

I’m wanting to design an easy way for new Mums to lose weight but not compromise on the health and well being of our child 🙂

6 Jan 2018 – 94.9 kg

So let me start with the end in mind.

My goal is to lose weight.

The magic number to lose is 25.9 kg! Targeting a loss to 69 kg from 94.9 kg.

I have 22 weeks before we fly overseas and to lose 25.9 kg.

So that means I need to lose an average of 1.2 kg per week to achieve my goal!

Challenge accepted 🙂

6 Jan 2018 – 94.9 kg

So there are may ways to lose weight. I documented earlier how with minimal exercise but plenty of vigilance with food helped with losing weight the first time round.

Thank you Dr. Google

In short we followed a modified paleo diet.

The name ‘paleo’ comes from the word paleolithic which is a technical term for a prehistoric era. A word I use interchangeably with ‘paleo’ is caveman – the caveman diet.

Think of how our prehistoric caveman ancestors would have found food. Probably a lot of vegetables, fruits and nuts because they were easy to find. Meat on the other hand may have been something to look forward to on a rare occasion. Maybe a couple times a month when the prehistoric tribe were successful in catching prey.

So I would summarise a paleo diet as being 80% fruit, vegetables and nuts and 20% meat. There is very little dairy in our modified paleo diet (mostly grass fed butter and a very small amount of full cream milk). You are cutting out anything that is manufactured. Basically anything that comes out of any box – we try and avoid as best we can.

The main source of information and inspiration 😉 comes from the guys at Bulletproof and Tim Ferris’ slow carb diet.

6 Jan 2018 – 94.9 kg – 120 cm waist circumference

Ok so why don’t I follow the same program as I did earlier?

That’s a valid question but the difference this time is that I am looking to lose weight while I am breastfeeding rather then waiting until I finish breastfeeding which I what I did last time.

20 Jan 2018

So I have updated my most recent reading which was 89.5 kg.

This is 2 weeks after my initial reading of 94.9 kg on 6 Jan 2018.

So I’ve lost 5.4 kg over the last fortnight that would be 2.7 kg per week so far 🙂

20 Jan 2018 – 89.5 kg

Obviously I’m not getting too carried away as there is a lot baby fat that will come off me but I’ll take that! 😉

Made with Square InstaPic
20 Jan 2018 – 89.5 kg

The most important thing to me though is the well being of my newborn son Ky (now 3 weeks old!) and my goal is to breastfeed for over 1 year!

If I find that I’m not producing quality breast milk then I’ll have to review what I’m doing and the weight loss challenge may have to take the backseat for a while.

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20 Jan 2018 – 89.5 kg

Remember my goal is to lose at least 1.2 kg per week by late-June 2018 so I can squeeze into a bikini in Thailand!

This will be a real account of my weight loss journey – no filter.

If I lose momentum and gain weight I’ll have to be accountable to you and report it.

Looking forward to bringing you the next update in a month’s time!

With love,



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