The Montessori Method

The Montessori Method

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Today I would like to congratulate all the children returning to school for the new calendar year in Australia – especially the little kiddies starting prep ūüôā

My Facebook feed was blessed with photos and testimonials of parents wishing their kids all the best for the upcoming year.

I’m looking forward to be one of you doting Mothers tearfully saying goodbye to your kids as they return to school!

But… not too soon as I’m enjoying having them at home ūüėČ

We are a Montessori family.

Eme’s 1st day at Montessori – June 2017

We arrived at Montessori after being recommended by a friend who has their 3 x girls at their local Montessori school in Sydney.

Skeptical Leki and I discussed the different pre-school options and decided that The Montessori Method fits our perspective of lifelong learning.

This short video can give you an idea of why we chose Montessori.

We enrolled Emelina into Montessori in June 2017 and so she’s completed 6 months and we have enrolled her for 2018. We are really enjoying everything the school offers and we invite you to research this as an option for your children ūüôā

So I thought I would share our thoughts on how we arrived on Montessori from all the pre-schooling options.

To give you some context I wrote in the past about our commitment to have one of us working full time and the other one at home to help raise the kids and keep the home homely.

It’s a common sacrifice that many parents make but I also acknowledge that some parents also choose to have both parents working too!

We looked for information on local support groups, community groups and casual groups that I could join allowing me the chance to meet new people and act as a gauge for Emelina to start 3yo kindergarten!

So after finding some local groups this is what Emelina’s weekly routine looked like early-2017:

Day Time Activity
 Mon  10am-11am  Library
 Tues  9:30am-11am  Mainly Music
 Wed  10am-11am  Playgroup
 Thurs  10am-11am  Playgroup
 Fri  Free Day  REST

After 6 months of local community activities we found that Emelina was needing a bit more of challenge for her day so we decided to do some research and compare the benefits of daycare vs 3yo Kindergarten vs home schooling vs Montessori.

Eme at Mainly Music – Feb 2017

Here are the main pros and cons with the options available to us:




 Library/Playgroup  РFREE

– Meet locals

– Walking distance


– No structure

– No flexibility

 Mainly Music  РCheap

– Fun/Play!

– Community focused

– Very organised

– No flexibility

– Require close supervision

Daycare/3yo Kindy  РFun/Play!

– Local families

– Free time for Mama


– Get sick often

– Can’t control food sources

Home Schooling – Work from home

– Coursework supplied

– Protect Kids

¬†– Work from home ūüôā

– Costly++

– Sheltered Kids

 Montessori РSelf directed learning

– Open structure

– No homework


– Dealing with older kids

– Not going to a ‘normal’ school

So after some initial research and visiting different centres we decided to enroll her in our local Montessori school about 25 minutes away from home.

We are very much in the early stages of being a Montessori family and I’m sure there will be challenges ahead but we are loving it so far!


Eme’s 2018 calendar now looks like this:

 Day Time Activity 
Mon  9:30am-11:30am  Montessori
 Tues  10am-11am  Mainly Music
 Wed  Free Day  REST
 Thurs  10am-11am  Playgroup
 Fri  9:30am-11:30am  Montessori

To be honest with you – I wasn’t the best student in school and always struggled from as early as Grade 3.

I couldn’t believe that I graduated from primary school because I couldn’t even spell properly! Leki and the other hand comes from a family where education was very important. (He helps me a lot with this blog and I’m so grateful that we can work together on this!)

So in closing we are big raving fans of the Montessori Method of teaching and learning but Leki and I are already discussing and planning primary and secondary schooling options for our kids.

Although we will continue with Montessori we do plan to send our kids to Tonga for a semester during the primary school years to learn the culture and to understand the humility of having the ‘good life’ in Australia.

I know this may sound strange given that our kids are still small but we are already thinking of sending them to boarding school overseas in high school!

Why would we do that? There are several reasons but giving that the world is changing so quickly having a worldly view is very important to us!

We are not hard set on anything at the moment but we are definitely putting some serious thought on this.

We have a 3yo and 1 month old and we are already talking about boarding school and overseas schooling – sounds crazy but if you think about it a lot of cultures do this for their kids.

Believe it or not I genuinely believe the Montessori Method coupled with overseas experience will serve them best in this rapidly changing world… more on this down the track ūüėČ

With love,


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