[UPDATE] Losing Weight After Having A Baby (Pt.II)

[UPDATE] Losing Weight After Having A Baby (Pt.II)

Hi all.

Thanks for tuning in for another episode of MyWifeLife.

I’m adding to the story from my first entry which you can read all about it here 🙂

The idea is to share my journey on losing weight safely but maintaining high quality breastfeeds for my newborn son Ky for over 12 months.

So what’s new?

Well let’s go through a quick recap of the journey so far from my last entry.

My first reading (3 days after having a baby) was 94.9 kgs on 6 Jan 2018.

By the final reading of my last update (2 weeks after having little Ky) I was 89.5 kgs on 20 Jan 2018.

I lost 5.4 kgs in 2 weeks and I didn’t do anything spectacular. Just ate wholesome food and tried to keep a good sense of humour.

The aim of these post updates is to outline the ‘running score’ of how the safe weight loss process has been and whether I can ‘be good’ and disciplined with my plans to get that bikini body for Thailand by June 21 2018.

I’ll be providing monthly snapshots with photos plus letting you know what worked and what didn’t work as we go. Enjoy 😉


20 Jan – 3 Feb 2018

So here is a snapshot of my weight chart that I update daily.

Leki and I always weigh ourselves first thing the morning before we have breakfast.

Sorry about my messy handwriting!

So you can see on my tracking sheet from the 20 to 27 January 2018 I was steadily losing weight.

It averaged from 200g to 800g (Jan 25 to Jan 26 lost almost 1 kg!) over that week.

Again, I wasn’t doing anything special – didn’t have any junk food and I was successfully breastfeeding although my nipples were starting to get quite sore.

27 Jan 2017 – 88.2 kgs
27 Jan 2018 – 88.2 kgs

It was around this time I really put more effort into expressing for little Ky and spacing out the expressed bottle feeding to give my sore nipples a break 🙂

Spectra S2 – Great for expressing!

I have been using Spectra s2 for expressing and I find it to be powerful and quiet although it is bulky and difficult to take around with you.

Although I would recommend the Spectra 9 Portable model as it’s less bulky and easily fits in your handbag!

I do recommend the ‘let down cup’ which can help with any post-breastfeeding leaking. It’s been magic!

Thank you to my sister for pointing me towards these great resources 😉

Example of a ‘Let Down’ cup for post breastfeeding leakage

At almost a month old Ky was giving me around 3-4 hours rest in between each feed at night. Not too bad 🙂

So on the 20 Jan 2018 I came in at 89.5 kgs and on the 3 Feb 2018 measured 86.6 kgs losing 2.9 kgs for the fortnight and average 1.45 kgs lost for the week.

My waist circumference was 120 cms (6 Jan 2018) down to 113cm (3 Feb 2018)!

3 Feb – 17 Feb 2018

This fortnight was a MASSIVE struggle! I celebrated my husband’s birthday and Kyneton finally had his first round of vaccinations so we could get out and visit family and friends 🙂

20 Feb 2018 – 87 kgs
20 Feb 2018 – 87 kgs

Struggle #1 – Leki’s birthday

The 5 Feb is my husband’s birthday and we have this ‘thing’ where we celebrate a ‘happy birthday weekend 🙂

It’s basically a licence to eat whatever you want for dinner.

So on Sunday 4 Feb we had take away Chinese – YAY!

We went all out and ate special fried rice (large), honey chicken, Mongolian beef, wanton noodle soup and prawn crackers.

Don’t forget the dessert and birthday cake (yummy strawberry cheesecake and hokey pokey ice cream – Leki’s favourite!)

Then on Mon 5 Feb we finished off the left over Chinese food for dinner and Tues 6 Feb my sister visited and brought some Subway rolls which we shared.

So what was the result? I put on a whole heap of weight.

Updated Tracking Sheet

If you look at the tracking sheet I was 86.3 kgs on 4 Feb then a day after the ‘birthday weekend’ on 7 Feb I weighed 87.8 kgs?!

I put on 1.5 kgs in 2 days which usually takes me 1 week to lose!

TAKE AWAY MESSAGE =  A week’s worth of being good with eating well can be quickly undone with eating only 2 x ‘cheat meals’.


Struggle #2 – Staying with Family over the weekend

So with grit and determination I restarted my effort to lose weight and keeping in with this theme of eating well, getting good quality sleep and trying to establish a good routine with Leki’s help.

So on Fri 16 Feb I left to stay with my Family in the city for 2 nights while Leki was away for the weekend.

It was great to finally see everyone as I was getting ‘cabin fever’ from having to stay away until Ky got his injections. While I was away at my parents house I was unable to weigh myself in the mornings as we usually do.

The challenge here is that you can’t eat your normal food.

Now there wasn’t anything completely ‘bad’ with the food I ate at my parents house it’s just not what I usually eat. You know what it feels like. It’s been a while since you see your parents and they want to feed you until you burst 😉

TAKE AWAY MESSAGE =  Next time I stay a couple of nights away from home I’ll pack my own food to make it easier for me

I previously outlined what my ‘standard’ eating week looked like – check it out here.

I basically stuck with the same food choices and the only addition was the breastfeeding smoothie that I’ve put together.

The ingredients are: water/coconut water, almonds, cocoa powder, flax seeds, honey, half banana, cinnamon, MCT oil, oats and grass fed butter.

The end result is amazing!

The consistency should feel like a milkshake and I’m happy with 1 cup a day for breakfast 🙂

Typical breakfast = Lightly grilled egg + avo + grass fed butter + baby spinach + asparagus AND Power Smoothie for breastfeeding

**NOTE – We bought a Vitamix blender as our family Xmas gift to ourselves 😉 and it is AWESOME! We make all sorts of things with a flick of a switch but be warned it comes with a heavy price tag – $729.99 at Costco. The feature we enjoy most from the Vitamix is the safety switch off mechanism if the blender is overheating. Saves it from itself essentially which is good for long term usage. We can make smoothies, ice cream/sorbet, baby food/purees, soups and much more. See the video below and you’ll get the picture – highly recommend!

Keep in mind for over a year we were using the Ambiano blender from Aldi until it died on us after a year of use and we paid $39.99 for it.

So there are may ways to lose weight. I documented earlier how with minimal exercise but being careful with food helped with losing weight the first time round.


In summary from my last entry I finished up weighing 89.5 kgs on 20 Jan 2018 and my latest entry on 20 Feb 2018 I weighed 87 kgs.


That’s a loss of 2.5 kgs over the last 4 weeks which is an average of 630 g per week.

My calculations from my starting date of 4 Jan 2018 to 21 June 2018 was to lose 1.2 kgs per week to achieve my goal of 69 kgs by the time I get to our Thailand holiday!

So I wasn’t very successful in the last 4 weeks because of a couple of cheat meals (Leki’s birthday and staying over my parents place) but on the positive side Ky is now 6 weeks old and averaging 5-6 hours in between breastfeeds at night 🙂

At least something I’m doing is working!

I’ll keep pushing on and provide you the next update in a month. Wish me luck 😉

With love,

Belinda xo

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