Baby Wraps

Baby Wraps

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Today I would like to share my observations on baby carriers and baby slings.

Now to be honest I’ve only started to pay more attention to baby wraps the second time round. When I had my first child I carried her for the first 8 months then transitioned to the Baby Bjorn carrier which was gifted during my baby shower.

This time round though with my newborn son I’ve come across baby wraps through my local community πŸ™‚

If you’re unsure about baby wraps, don’t stress because I was too!

Ky in the kangaroo pouch πŸ™‚

Looking at it purely as a newbie the baby wraps looks so difficult to put on.

You have almost 5 metres of material that you need to carefully wrap around you while you’re making sure care that it sits comfortably on you.

So why have I decided to give the baby wraps a go this time? Because it feels better.

I have a closer connection with my child as he’s resting his head right over my beating heart.

It is really convenient when breastfeeding as the need arises because the wrap can provide some privacy.

One of the significant down sides of the baby wrap is the time it takes to put one on and it can get pretty hot and stuffy if it’s a warm day.

I have also been introduced to baby ring slings which I haven’t had a chance to try out yet although I do know a few ladies who swear by them!

It’s essentially the same design although instead of layers of material to pull on (baby wrap) the ring sling can take some of the guess work out.

This made me think about how other cultures tend to carry their babies.

The two main styles that similarly carry their babies on their back are African and Asian cultures which I thought was interesting.

It may be better for my posture to have the baby slung across my back but I like the intimacy of having them across my chest especially when they’re infants!

If they’re old enough to walk then I’d prefer to have them on their own two feet then have me lug them around everywhere πŸ™‚

The African style

The Korean style – Podaegi

In short, I am starting to use my Baby Wrap more and more and with time I should be able to reduce the time to pop the baby wrap on.

Currently it takes me about 5 mins to put it on compared to 30 sec with the Baby Bjorn carrier but I’m really interested in maintaining that bond with little Ky until he gets a bit too big and heavy for it πŸ˜‰

Altona Beach 2015

To be honest I’ll most likely use the Baby Bjorn carrier when Kyneton gets bigger purely because of the convenience.

Moonlight Cinema – 2015

What’s your experience like with wraps? I’d love to hear it!

Have a great day,

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