Ky’s Baptism

Ky’s Baptism

Hi guys,

Last weekend we celebrated the Baptism of our son into our Catholic Church.

It was a great day and we enjoyed having friends and family together to celebrate the occasion.

We selected my first cousin from Sydney to be the Godfather and Leki’s older sister is the Godmother.

The Godparents 🙂

I enjoy the traditional aspect of our Faith and our Culture.

The day started off early with the help of my sister with make up and hair at 7:30am. While I was being made up Leki was getting Emelina ready and Kyneton was being nursed by my sister.

I had already asked my Family to help organise the day by getting my sister to pick up the Cake from Eiffel Cakes, my Aunty picked up the balloons from Lombards, we have personalised chocolates as a gift made by chocsbymez and we had 3-4 cars rolling over to the Church from my parents house loaded with local Family and those who came from interstate and Overseas!

Thanks ChocsbyMez 🙂

Despite our best efforts we were a little late to the Church service at 10:30am but we were apart of the second half of the service.

My mother helped us into our Traditional costume which are woven mats with fibre ropes tying everything down. It looks uncomfortable but it’s not too bad and we are not in the traditional te’unga (costume) that often so we both enjoyed it 🙂


Our Church

Kyneton’s Christening was at 11:30am and I was feeling a bit of stress as we were running late but things settled as we spoke to Father Jan and he settled my nerves!

The Baptism went for about 20 minutes and I must say little Ky did very well as I tried to make sure he was comfortable as possible. I fed him earlier and made sure his nappy was nice and fresh.

All smiles 🙂

As Father Jan poured the water over Ky blessing him I thought Kyneton was going to belt out a massive tantrum but he was quite settled and actually drifted into a deep sleep 🙂 Lucky me!

As with all our Family celebrations we make sure we take plenty of photos to remember the occasion! This event was no different 🙂

Our little community 🙂

Special shout out to my cousin and his girls from Sydney! We know more Sydneysiders would have loved to be here but sent their love and were there in spirit 🙂

Thank You Sydney Crew!

Also want to mention my overseas travelers from Tonga and New Zealand.

My Grandmother, Aunty and Uncle and cousins from NZ who were able to celebrate the day with us.

From the Friendly Islands with Love
Cousins from NZ!

After we finished up our photos and engagements at our Church we made our way to the little after party at The Braybrook Hotel.

It’s a buffet restaurant based in West Melbourne and the main reason (apart from the quality of the food) we decided to host the gathering here was because they have an AWESOME indoor playground that is great for entertaining the kids. Highly recommend them for your next party!

So Kyneton’s Baptism was on Sunday 6 May 2018 but I pre-booked The Braybrook Hotel in February to make sure we had enough seats.

I picked and organised the date early in 2018 so I could let all the travelling families know early and allow plenty of time to save $$ and travel to Melbourne.

Ky’s Baptism Cake

So by 3:30pm the day was completed and we were all done.

Despite a few little hiccups the day was a success.

Special shout out to my sister for capturing these priceless photos.

To all my friends and Family thank you for your help and witnessing my son’s journey in God’s love.


With love,

Belinda xo

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