Time To Say Goodbye

Time To Say Goodbye

Hi guys,

Today is a funny post… well for me at least.

As you know I recently moved home and Leki and I saw it as an opportunity to get rid of things which we’ve held onto for too looooong 🙂

We are both sentimental with things.

Eme directing traffic

That little piece of paper that Eme first scribbled on as a baby.

My old cards and work slips that serve no purpose.

Leki’s old rugby gear which can take up a whole room.

Little toys that Ky was given that he doesn’t even use.

Other assorted knick knacks that don’t have a home in the house but live in a tired looking box ‘just incase’ we need it in the future.

We all have them.

Well most of us anyway.

So Leki came across a lady who’s whole ‘shtick’ is minimal living.

Now I know it can be simple to declutter and get rid of useless things but her whole angle is how you get rid of things.

Marie Kondo developed the “KonMari Method” which is a decluttering method based on Japanese values in order to surround yourself with items that spark joy.

Now personally when I think of a ‘Japanese home’ what I think of very little clutter and a simple natural feel within the home.

On the way to the tip

Basically Leki and I agreed that we would get rid of 90% of our things and practice a simple version of the KonMari method.

So how does it work?

To the item you are struggling to ‘let go’ you simple look at the object and think about the joy it had brought you… once upon a time.

It may be an old book, or a article of clothing, or in my case… boxes upon boxes of shoes, little things that have lingered in the closet for the day you might need it (and that day never comes).

You then say to the item – “you have brought me joy and now I must let you go“.

I’ll let you go to the op shop to bring someone else joy.

I’ll let you go and give joy to other family members.

I’ll let you go and help someone in need elsewhere.

You get the picture.

It’s almost reframing the item which was once much loved or neglected to be released and give someone else that joy.

Now I know this sounds crazy and woo woo but it really helps.

Fun times with Eme

Leki loves Rugby.

He’s been involved in Rugby and has collected A LOT of rugby gear and memorabilia from over the years.

He said goodbye to over 90% of his things and gave it all away.

I love shoes.

I have shoes spilling out of every closet of my home and I had more in storage.

I gave away 90% of my shoes.

We both feel good about it.

Speak to us 12 months ago and there would be no chance that we’d part with our special treasures.

Let me give you some insight:

Leki has traveled a lot with sporting teams and there is often tracksuits, tops, polos and other various equipment that comes with travel.

He would travel almost 6-8 x times a year and each traveling team would have their own uniform. After 5-7 years of traveling at 6-8 tours per year you can imagine how much stuff you collect.

Each tour would be special and he would tie some of those special memories to the clothing.

No anymore… he’s said goodbye to 90% of that stuff now.

Leki at the tip

 As I quoted earlier I love shoes.

All sorts of shoes too! High heels, platforms, knee high boots, sleek flats, runners. You name it, I had it in one shape or colour 🙂

I remember the exact pair of shoes I wore when Leki and I went on our first date!

They traveled with me in each of the homes we moved into even when I never wore them because they weren’t that fashionable as the years went by.

Regardless of that I still held onto them.

That was until I say goodbye to them last week and off they went. Given away to family in Tonga.

Wherever all our treasures have ended up…

“I hope they give you joy as much as they have given me”.

YAY – We’ve finally landed 🙂

With love,

Belinda xo

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