[UPDATE] Daily Routine With 2 Kids

[UPDATE] Daily Routine With 2 Kids

Hi all,

This is an update from an earlier post about this very topic.

The only difference is that we are 4 months down the track and I’d like to report on some developments since then 🙂

Compare notes with my previous post by clicking here.

What are the main changes?

  1. Kyneton is out of the bassinet and in his own room
  2. Emelina was getting scared sleeping in her own room
  3. Everyone is in bed by 8:30pm (ish)


1. Ky’s sleeping on his own… well kind of

So let me start by saying that this is quite difficult for us.

We had Ky in the bassinet next to our bed from day 1.

He’s now 7 months old and has a few teeth poking through the gums and he can be quite irritable during the day and upset overnight.

Despite that we both agreed it was time to put him in his own room – the nursery aka bedroom #3.

The funny thing is we are all doing a little better at night time since we decided on that.


Let me explain.

When he was sleeping right next to me in the bassinet, every little breath and splutter was heard by the Mama Bear 😉

That would always have me on edge and have me in a light superficial sleep.

Since he’s been in his own room two things have happened:

  1. Ky is sleeping more soundly
  2. I’m getting better sleep

Now let me break this down for a minute.

Pre-nursery Kyneton was waking probably every 2-3 hours over the night time.

Now I only attend to Ky on average 2 x times over the night when he’s hungry or uncomfortable.

The other thing is that when my Mum visited the other day she told me off for having Ky mostly lying on his back. As a result he was developing a flat head.

Now I alternate his position at night so that he’s more comfortable and overtime the ‘flat headedness’ will settle.

For example, if I place him on his left side when I put him down at 8pm I’d probably be attending to him around 10-11pm (uncomfortable and hungry) and feed him then switch him to the right side in the crib.

Often when I return at 4am (usually he’s hungry) I then see that he’s lying on his back and after I feed him I return him to side lying.

In terms of my own situation I’m getting much better rest averaging 2 hours (9-11pm) in the first block then another 4-5 hours (11pm-4am) in the second block of rest.

We do not practice co-sleeping at all although it is quite common in our culture.

So there you go, 7 months old and kicked out of our room into his own setup 🙂

2. Eme’s new sleeping routine… well kind of

We decided to put Emelina in her own room when she was 3 months old but let me back up a little and remind you that our 3yo daughter was a dream baby.

Slept well all the way through the night even when she was teething and right through until today.

What’s changed?

She sees ‘monsters’ and has some nightmares.

It might be something she saw on the TV during the day and then she brings it up when we begin her ‘wind down’ routine for bed time.

So here’s our traditional game plan.

5:30pm – Shower/bath

6pm – Dinner

6:30pm-7:30pm – Screen time

7:30pm-8:30pm – Wind down routine


So what’s our wind down routine?

Well we start off with brushing her teeth and taking her to the loo to empty her little bladder. (Only occasional accident in bed now… last one was in Thailand)

Then she goes to kiss her brother goodnight and Leki if he’s home by then.

I then follow her into her room and tuck her into bed.

We then say our nightly prayer and then my final instructions are that you can now ‘rest your body‘ and read your books and sleep when you’re tired.

That is the key difference.

We don’t force her to sleep and turn the light off.

She would get upset when we used the words ‘it’s time for bed’ or ‘go to sleep’. We now reframe it to ‘it’s story time‘ and ‘our bodies need to rest to have energy for tomorrow‘.

I then tell her it’s ok she can stay warm in bed and read her book (which I pile up next to her so she doesn’t have to get out of bed).


In her own time and with the lamp light on she’s reading and then falls off to sleep when she’s tired.

There’s no more dramas about monsters lurking in the darkness as she’s looking at her picture book and talking to herself.

Often we walk by (quietly) and we’ve either seen her konked out or she’s busily ‘reading’ the words and looking at the pictures of the book!

My last little tip is that we try and manage Eme’s day so that she doesn’t nap during the day.

We’ve found that when she naps she’s either pretty grumpy and clingly for 1-2 hours after she wakes or when we’re in our wind down mode it’s hard to get her settled because she’s still energised and not ready to ‘go down’ to bed.

Your mileage may vary 🙂

3. Bed time is 8:30PM… well kind of

So to bring us back to the general timeline. (Please review my last entry about this here.)

In the morning my husband Leki makes breakfast before he’s off to work around 8am. I also squeeze in my little 9 min HIIT session while he’s preparing our breakfast.

This has been a little change for our family as we’ve moved and some days of the week Leki needs to leave home a touch earlier so he can’t help with some things like he used to.

Between 8am-9am I’ve finished getting the kids ready so we travel to either Montessori school for Eme or gymnastics.

From around 11am-1pm we’re out shopping or running errands before we head home for my main meal (pre-prepared).

Once home again I then try and put Ky down for 1-2 hours if I’m lucky and Eme is content with playing in her Montessori space at home or watching a movie. (I’m still unpacking a little bit from our move!)

It’s around 4pm I try and get my second HIIT session before having my last meal for the day. I practice intermittent fasting for 16 hours starting at 4pm until breakfast at 7:30am. My eating window is usually 8 hours from 8am-4pm on average.

After my last meal I then try and wash Eme and Ky at 5pm then feed them so that when Leki gets home we can maximise our family time together and just hang out.

He usually gets home around 7pm.

Sometimes Leki plays with Eme in her Montessori space.

Other times Eme is having screen time and then we watch reruns of GoT or whatever series we are watching to pass the time until GoT returns 🙂

Our set routine has sorted out the food so that Leki eats at work and comes home just to chill out with us, it allows the kids to be prepared for the wind down routine and gives Mum and Dad a chance to have couple time!

So when we’re all watching programs or just hanging out Kyneton is usually happy to sit with us and giggle and laugh. As soon as he gets irritable it’s probably because he’s hungry and tired.

Easy fix!

I feed him and then place him into his crib. One down one to go!

Around 7:30pm Eme has already had her screen time and I initiate the wind down routine and she’s usually asleep by 9pm.

From 8pm onward Leki and I often watch an episode of something but other times we decide to go to bed and talk about the day and start looking forward to things that are coming up.

Most nights Mum and Dad are asleep at 9:30pm until the Kyneton alarm wakes us up.

Well that’s how the picture looks like in our little household.

I’ll most likely update this in 1 year and see what kind of changes have happened since!

With love,

Belinda xo

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