[Update] Meal Plans on Auto-Pilot

[Update] Meal Plans on Auto-Pilot

Hi guys,

This is an update from my first post on this topic almost 10 months ago. Read about it here.

There have been some slight changes in how we organise our grocery shopping, our bulk prep work and the meal plans after monitoring our results over this period of time.

The big factors in deciding what we’ll eat is taste, prep time and quality of the produce.

I previously wrote about how we prefer to spend a little extra on quality food and cut back on other things as the trade off.

Using the grocery list I outlined earlier here – we spend 2 hours on Sunday cooking for the week as a family. We look at it as a bit of bonding time 🙂

Word of warning!

We don’t count calories.

We lean towards having a nutrient rich meal (paleo food source) which keeps us in ketosis for 3-5 days of the week.

We then ‘refeed’ carbs on Saturday or Sun so we don’t get too tired or overwhelmed!

It’s called cyclic ketosis.

I’ll talk more about this down the track but for now here’s more information that I’ve found helpful 🙂

On top of that I try and move (HIIT 1-2 per day) regularly and practice intermittent fasting where I eat only within an 8 hours window from 8am-4pm.

That sounds like a lot of work but once you get into a routine and develop a discipline it quickly becomes a lifestyle.

Due to this routine I’ve been able to lose weight quite quickly and easily since having baby #2 earlier this year.

I open up and report my findings monthly – read the August issue here.

So back to the original point of this blog post – here are the updated 3 x meals we prepare weekly:

beef burger with lettuce
Beef burger with tomato, carrot, lightly pan fried egg and lettuce bun (no cheese)
salmon sweet potato
Pan grilled salmon with pine nuts, asparagus, broccoli and baked sweet potato
Minced beef
Grass fed minced beef with green beans, broccoli and spiralised zucchini

Here’s the process on how I prep everything:

  • Prepare the meat (lightly grill or oven bake) = 30min
  • Prepare the vegetables by washing them and preparing them (boil, oven bake, spiralise or light grilled) = 30min
  • Allow the food to cool > 1 hour
  • Pack the food into containers = 10min

The end result is we can pick from a variety of food to eat on any given day.

Check out how we do this together on a typical Sunday:


For example I might have the burger + lettuce bun for lunch with the kids at home and then salmon for dinner.

All I have to do is heat it up.

Similarly Leki picks what he wants in the morning as he’s packing his food to eat lunch and dinner at work.

So as breakfast is prepared every morning by Leki and lunch and dinner for the week is organised after our Sun cook out the whole week is pretty much running on autopilot.

Can’t get any better then that!

In terms of cooking oil we only use coconut oil for all pan/cooked prep work and it costs about $12-$15 per jar at Costco.


Here are my go to ‘snacks’ for the day:

  • Fruit – blackberries, strawberries, apples, pawpaw and bananas
  • Natural or Greek yogurt
  • Almonds
  • Keto friendly snacks like chocolate drops and cookies which I make at home with Eme

My main weakness is dessert and sweets. On my weaker days especially when my monthly visitor arrives my poison of choice is usually:

  • Tim Tams
  • Corn chips

This is an update on how we keep on top of our food prep and making sure it is healthy and most importantly tasty! No one likes eating cardboard 🙂

We’ve made the effort to drop our sugar/sweets intake over the last 10 months but it’s always a work in progress.

We’ll see how good we’ve been over the next 6 months where I aim to provide you an update on how we’re going food prep wise and whether we’ve made any changes.

What works for you? Do you practice intermittent fasting? Are you apart of the Keto cult 😉 or do you follow another game plan? Either way I always try and keep an open mind when trying new things!

Have a great day.


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