Avoiding The Naughty Things

Avoiding The Naughty Things

Hi guys,

I hope you all had a lovely time with your Grandfathers, Fathers and partners over the weekend celebrating Father’s Day.

Today I’m writing about trying to maintain your lifestyle when there are so many temptations.

We had a Father’s Day weekend as Saturday our family celebrated for my husband Leki and Sunday was flat out with my father’s breakfast and then catching up with my father-in-law for lunch/dinner.

So with that said here are my 3 main points:

  1. Communication
  2. Food prep
  3. Decision making


Leki and I talk all the time.

Over breakfast in the morning we communicate to our family about what’s happening today, what we’re looking forward to later in the week and little trips coming up in the next few months.

During the day while I’m running around or holding the fort down at home Leki might call me on the phone and we’d chat for 20-30 mins while he’s driving to and from different locations for work.

We often talk about things that we’re planning to do later that week or events that are about to happen over the weekend.

Then later at night we would continue to talk about it while we’re winding down.

The theme of this is communication.

We discuss and plan for what is coming down the pipeline because we can understand it from both perspectives – his and mine.

Watching Rugby with Ky

Let’s take the Father’s Day weekend for example.

Leki works every Saturday.

After he finished we drove 60 mins to support my cousin play in his Rugby League grand final at 2:30pm.

Then from there we travelled another 30 mins to a meeting Leki had until 7:30pm.

We would return home after 8pm on Saturday night.

It would be almost too easy to drop into Maccas or take away on Saturday – but we didn’t.

Instead of making excuses we communicated over the week on how we busy we were going to be plus managing our little kids.

The solution?

We prepped meals and talked about how we would manage our day.

Once I had prepared the meals Leki and I talked about our respective eating windows (intermittent fasting) and how we would manage things together.

You see, Leki only eats in a 4 hour window from 2-3pm until 6-7pm and I’m eating within a 8 hour window from 8am-4pm.

So we talked through how we’d be managing ourselves and our family over the upcoming weekend.

Communication with your partner is key to being consistent!

Food prep

Last week I shared our outlook on prepping meals to free up time later in the week.

Our food prep can supply our household from Sun to Fri most weeks.

By Saturday lunchtime we’ve run out of food which is when we’d do our weekly shopping, have our carb refuel meal (cheat meal) then rest up Saturday night having a night in.

Sunday after church from 1pm to 3pm we’d spend the time bulk prepping nutritious meals for the upcoming working week.

Bulk shopping 🙂

Over the Father’s Day weekend though things were a slightly different.

I knew we’d be busy all weekend long so in order to keep our healthy buzz going we would have to prep and pack food to take.

My goal is to get to less 69kg by the time I’m away in Bali in late Oct. That’s about 7 weeks away and I’m around 71.5kg.

In order to lose the weight I need to be consistent.

Moments of weakness or a weekend of ‘letting myself go’ can undo over a fortnight of ‘being good’. It’s happened to me before!

So I was willing to get on the front foot, shop, cook and prep meals and snacks all the while balancing my 2 x kids and keeping my home in good working condition.

On Thursday (leading to the Father’s Day weekend) I went to Aldi and did some extra shopping.

Then over Thursday and Friday I pre cooked some meals so that we’d have them ready for the weekend coming up!

We had some snacks for the Rugby game and then we had some food ready to have just before Leki’s meeting on Saturday night.

Which leads me to my next point…

Communication + Prepping = Better decision making

Decision making

With our efforts to communicate throughout the week we can make better decisions.

In my “Sister chat” which we discuss things on Facebook Messenger in a group chat and it’s here my sister organised Father’s Day breakfast for my Dad.

Similarly with Leki’s family on a group Viber chat they had organised something for Sunday lunchtime.

The result was challenging.

2 x restaurants to eat on the same day with a lot of temptations 🙂

Given that we would be tempted we decided to check out the menu of Lazy Moe’s where we’d be having part of our celebrations.

After having a quick preview on what was on offer we both decided to grab the Veg breakfast option with extra poached eggs, avocado and picked the gluten free toast.

It was amazing because we enjoyed ourselves with family but didn’t feel too guilty after as we maintain our disciple with our food choices.

Soon after we caught up with Leki’s parents and last minute decided to eat out at a Chinese restaurants in Crown called Man Tong Kitchen.

This was unplanned.

As we sat down to enjoy the banquet meal we decided on some options that would not throw us out of wack.

We decided to order some smaller entree dishes (dumplings etc.) and one fried rice and sizzling chicken plate to share among us. We also had some dessert – Leki had the red bean pancake with ice cream and I had the banana split with Eme.

The result?

I put on 500g or half kilo the next day when I weighed myself.

I take that as a positive because I could have chosen to ‘let myself go’ for the weekend and easily put on over 2kg (which has happened in the past).

It’s now 2 days after the weekend and I’m back to where I was on Saturday – weight wise.

So, 2 x meals on Sunday takes me 2-3 days to return back my ‘usual’ weight.

Decision making is important and I feel you need to help yourself as best you can by communicating with your partner/support network and prepare food to make choices easier on you and your family.

We are all human and there are things that we like and don’t like.

I like eating.

I like having fun.

I like seeing the numbers on the scales going lower and lower.

I like feeling and looking good.

Whatever you like comes at a cost and you have to be prepared to make the sacrifices.

The struggle continues 😉



With love,

Belinda xo

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