Meal Plans v3.0

Meal Plans v3.0

Hi guys,

As with all things you start to review what’s been working and what needs to be improved.

Well I can tell you that our food strategy has been working very well and the prep work to free our time has been working a treat 🙂

Then it gets to a point where you stop and look where you can gain further improvements based on what you can see.

I wrote about our Meal Plans that are easy to prepare in Nov 2017 which was then later updated on Aug 2018.

salmon sweet potato
Option #1 – Wild caught salmon, asparagus, sweet potato and avocado

For example, when we first set out on our weight loss journey in 2015 we kept it really simple and decided to cut out sugar and any grain foods.

After a few weeks we noticed that our appetite changed, the food cravings changed and our energy increased despite eating less.

Most recently we’ve then continued with our wholefood/clean food sources and follow a cyclic ketogenic strategy since late 2017/early 2018.

We both lost even more weight and gained even more clarity and energy!

Both Leki and I are now in a place where we want to eat better quality food.

Minced beef
Option #2 – Grass fed minced beef with spiralised zucchini

We’ve been educating ourselves on how meat and vegetables are prepared industrially before it reaches our local supermarket for us to buy.

This post will be an update on where we are choosing to buy our meat into the next phase of our wellness plan.

Basically we’re reducing our reliance on processed meat from factory farms and we’re looking to source from grass fed animals for the quality of their nutrients.

Following the healthy ketogenic strategy we are practising a high healthy fats, moderate protein and low carbohydrate game plan 🙂

Just a quick recap – we are switching the body’s fuel source to rely mostly on healthy fats (ketone bodies) rather then glucose (sugar) or protein although the body can tap into all 3.

We follow a lot of resources to guide our journey – Dave Asprey from Bulletproof, Tim Ferriss from 4-hour Work Week and Dr. Berg. Here’s a short video that can help spell out the basics of a healthy ketogenic diet 🙂

So if we’re relying on sources of healthy fats to power our bodies we need to make sure the food we eat are jam packed with great nutrients.

Unfortunately if you are eating meat from animals that are factory raised then they are usually given grain which is a carbohydrate. As they say you are what you eat.

But, if you eat farm raised, grass fed animals then you are eating meat loaded with the healthy fats. Add in the great vegetables, avocados, MCT oil with our Bulletproof coffee and grass fed butter then we are set up for success!

beef burger with lettuce
Option #3 – Grass fed beef burger (minus cheese)

We live in the Macedon Ranges and we are fortunate to live amongst some great organic farms and butchers. Here are our new sources for meat:

So we still prepare the same meals as our last update the only difference is the source of food. So we still shop at Aldi but we are now purchasing a lot less and going more local with the fresh produce.

The next thing we’ll look into is finding a great fruit and veg shop as I’ve come to learn a few things about that as well (which I’ll share on the next Food update).

I have also made the commitment to stop eating as much chocolate and sweets and we’ll look to make our own. These include:

  • Chai pudding with Almond milk
  • Keto chocolate bombs

It’s been hard to let go of the Tim Tams as we’d have it almost every night with our wind down routine when the kids sleep.

Leki has worked his way down to “one meal a day” (OMAD) and I’m being more strict with my intermittent fasting window and avoiding more of the naughty food.

This may seem like hard work but we genuinely enjoy it.

It helps keep us healthy and happy to do things we want with more joy and energy.


Hope you’ve found your happiness.

Belinda xo.

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