Welcome Back To School!

Welcome Back To School!

Hi guys.

I’d like to revisit this post from last year. Read about it – HERE.


I wrote about tearful parents saying goodbye to their kids as they return to school for the new calendar year!

Traditionally, after the Australia Day public holiday is when children and parents are gearing up to returning back to school!

For parents, it can be a time of relief… FINALLY I can send them back so I can have some time back for myself.

For kids, it can also be a time of relief… I remember sitting at home waiting to go back to school because I was sooo bored at home 😉

For new kids at school, it can be a time of excitement and anxiety.


My nephew is starting Prep at his local Primary school and I can see him smiling ear to ear brimming with pride in his fresh school uniform.

My little Emelina returned to school yesterday although it’s 4yo School it’s a big upgrade for us!

She’s gone from 2 x half days to 3 and can potentially go to 4 x half days depending on how she goes.

Plus we’ve decided to continue her development at our local Montessori School.

So why have we put in Emelina back in Montessori?

Because Leki and I believe in the philosophy. Please take the time to read below from our school website:


Emelina is in her first plane of development and is in Cycle 1 amongst 3yo-6yo.

We have observed that this is great for her development as she’s one of the ‘younger’ kids in the class she’s pulled up by the older kids in some of their habits and they shape the way she learns.


For example – think about that time when you were young and impressionable and you had older siblings or cousins that you hung around. You thought they were so cool and taught you interesting things. You wanted to learn more about what they were showing you that you followed your natural curiosity to learn.

Another benefit we’ve observed is that although Eme prefers to hang out with the older kids she can help the smaller and younger kids. That’s all part of the plan.

Another example – imagine you are hanging out with your younger sibling or cousin. They look at you wide eyed and astonished with everything that you do! So as the thoughtful older sibling you would try and explain things in simple terms, or gently show them a way of doing things that easy or just be more gentle with them.

We are proud that Emelina is enjoying her education experience.

But, she’s far from being an angel.

Eme likes being first.

First in the line for an activity.

First to demonstrate something.

First to eat at snack time.


She’s learning to take turns and understand that we all have a turn in the ‘spotlight’. It’s not really the concept of sharing it’s more about understanding there’s a time and place to be competitive.

It’s ok to be second is the lesson she’s trying to learn!

Well that’s my little update on Eme’s education experience.

Little note – we’ve entered our 1yo Kyneton to Nido (pre-school/’nesting’) class for a 1hr supervised session per week. It’s really about getting him in another environment with some specialised play.

More on him down the track!

Not looking forward to being one of the tearful Mothers saying goodbye to the kids heading off to school full time 🙂


With love,

Belinda xo

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