[UPDATE] Child Development

[UPDATE] Child Development

Hi guys,

Today I thought I would revisit this post from Oct 2018 – read about it HERE.

It documents how my 2 x kids are developing.

Our daughter Emelina will be 4yo very soon and our son Kyneton recently turned 1yo!

Kyneton is 13 months old



Ky’s sleep is now more regular. He wakes at 5am and he hangs out with my hubby Leki who likes getting up early (lucky me!).

His first nap is around 10am and then again at 3pm.

He averages around 1 hour of nap time in which gives me a chance to rest up and sleep or to finish any tasks at hand.

We have been successful in having Ky in his own crib and in his own room since he was 7 months old.

Read about how we did that – HERE.


Body Movements

He’s walking!

Only a couple of steps confidently although he does wobble around a little bit πŸ™‚

We celebrated his birthday at Geelong and soon after his party he started taking some steps the next few days and weeks after!

We’re so happy!

Ky was not a crawler and only started at around 9-10 months although we had him on plenty of tummy time (he was NOT a fan!) and sometimes in the baby walker for short periods of time.

Now that’s he’s up and running… we’ll have to keep an even closer eye on the little man πŸ˜‰

Spatial Awareness

Ky is very adventurous and is not afraid to crawl around the house and down the long hallways independently.

If the rest of the family are in the lounge room watching TV it’s not uncommon that Ky would disappear into the kitchen or other parts of the house for a little while before resurfacing with a cheeky grin on his face πŸ™‚

If he’s gone for longer then 5 minutes or he’s been ultra quiet then either Leki or I go and investigate what he’s up to.


He’s very interested in tissue paper and toilet paper at the moment and if w’re not careful I’ve seen my lipstick, toothbrushes and toys down the toilet. (So now all toilet bowl seats are closed LOL).

Unfortunately Ky has had a few falls and knocks as he wondering around on his feet.

He has a few bumps on his head and his worst fall was off the arm rest of the couch. Luckily he landed on a soft toy which cushioned his landing but he got a big fright and burst into tears.

We’ve since observed that he’s very careful being off the ground like if he’s on the couch, on a bed or being sat on a bench. We think we has a better understanding of depth now and has learnt that a fall from a height is painful πŸ˜‰


This boy can eat anything.

We have him on formula when he wakes up and when he’s due to go to sleep at the end of the day.

Other then that he has main meals with us and eats was we eat.

The only thing is that I tend to ‘Mama’ his food. That is, I chew his food and mash it up and then I feed it to Ky. Kinda like a seagull πŸ˜‰

He eats our pre-prepped meal plans, enjoys the sweet treats, drinks water like a champion, enjoys some take away with us and is very fond of ice cream πŸ™‚

The only thing he doesn’t like?


That sucks because that’s our go to breakfast.

So what does he have? Sometimes, 1 x Weetbix or some porridge with chia seeds, milk and banana.


Ky is a boy’s boy.

He crashes into things and likes to hear the boom bash of things making loud noises.

We are very patient with his curiosity and the only time we’ll intervene is if he’s going to break something or if it’s dangerous!

We also believe in discipline.

Firm discipline.

If little Ky doesn’t understand by the tone of our voice that he’s in trouble and needs to listen then he gets a little flick on the back of his hand.

What sort of flick?

Imagine you’re play marbles and you flick your thumb to launch the marble forward.

Same thing only with the middle finger.

It can be quite forceful and painful but Ky gets the message πŸ˜‰

Ky is very good with picking up the tone in our voices now so he very well knows when he’s in trouble!

Emelina is 4yo (almost)!



I’ve started added a nap into Emelina’s routine.

When Ky goes down around 3pm I take Eme down too and we have a nap to recharge the batteries.

This is helpful as we are heading towards 3 x half days for her Montessori School.

By the end of the year we hope to increase her to 4 x half days.

The daily nap helps her and ME recover adequately to see out the day with good energy πŸ™‚

Overnight Eme is our dream child.

She may have a few little things that causes her to be scared to begin with but then we encourage her to be a big girl and after her nightly prayers she closes her eyes and falls asleep around 7:30PM most nights.

She’s such a blessing!


Spatial Awareness/Gymnastics

Eme has graduated to the next class of her gymnastics school!

There are some older kids in her class and although it’s early in the year it’s good to see her training with them.

Just like her Montessori School there is an age range of 4-6yo in her gym class.

There are some kids in her class who are soΒ  athletic already! Their little bodies are so flexible, strong and fluid that it’s amazing to see the potential of what Emelina could develop into if she is consistent.

So proud of her effort so far I hope she continues to enjoy it!


Eme is talking back to me. Not so much Leki but she’s definitely testing the boundaries.

At school and at gymnastics she struggles to take turns and always wants to be first!

As we understand it can be completely normal and developmental issue.

It’s interesting for us as parents because we choose NOT to intervene when Emelina is being pushy.


Emelina needs to learn from her peers that it’s not appreciated.

There will be an older child who will just tell her it’s not on.

Or Eme will see that she’s made another child upset make her want to change her behaviour.

It’s really hard for me to stand by and watch her cause a disturbance but I believe it will help her own development.

It’s even harder when other Mums or parents are looking at me disapprovingly BUT I am not a helicopter parent.

I don’t mind if my kids fall over and get hurt.

I don’t worry if there’s a chance that my child will get fingers caught in the drawer.

I like watching Eme climb ladders and play in the local playground without having her need me to help her.

I am trying to teach her to be resilient and self sufficient.

In the real world we feel pain, we get disappointed and come second or last.

What matters is how you bounce back and learn from those failures.

I love my kids but I’m not always going to be there to cushion their fall.


So looking ahead for the next 12 months I would like to tell you of our intentions.

School and Gymnastics for all our children will be mandatory.

Then every 6 months we will look to introduce new things for the kids to try.

It may be an learning instrument, scouts, nippers, sport or drama. Whatever may take their fancy but we are not looking at letting them be lazy on school holidays. Especially in the final years of primary school leading into high school!

From Term 1-2 we are looking to put our kids into local swimming classes.

Then from Term 3-4 we are looking at entering Eme into my friend’s Hawaiian dance group – Nuholani.

More news to come as I look to keep you updated on how the kids are going every 6 months or so.

This is helpful because it reminds me how quickly they grow and what little time I have with them before they’re too cool for Mum and Dad πŸ˜‰

I hope you enjoyed this post.

With love,

Belinda xo

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