Husband Is Away For 2 Weeks

Husband Is Away For 2 Weeks

Hi guys,

My husband is travelling with work to Europe for 12 days.

He’s been gone for 5 days already and it’s been difficult without his help 🙁

Being 3 months pregnant and having 2 little kids to manage has been challenging but I’m really fortunate because I have supportive family to help me through.


I’ve been home alone to run the house and if you’ve followed my story, my husband Leki is responsible for our morning routine in our little house.

I am understanding how hard it can be for women who are home alone with their kids while their husbands are Fly In Fly Out (FIFO) or in a professional trade where they are away for long periods of time.

I remember when I was a child my Dad who’s a plumber sometimes was away for a week because the job needed them far away for a short time.

As a kid I missed my Dad but I never thought about how much my Mum had to work to keep the family afloat.


I’m at the other end with my husband away and I’m wondering what my kids are feeling with Dad being away, not cooking breakfast, not being there to be the playful Dad, not being there to help with the wind down routine at the end of our day.

Its a big change for my little guys 🙁

This is a short post appreciating what our husbands do for us and acknowledging Mums who regularly drive their household while their husbands are away.

I can’t wait for Leki to come back because I miss him but also because I appreciate the work we do together in raising our children together.

Come back to us safely!

We love and miss you.

Belinda, Emelina, Kyneton and Baby

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