Food & Sick Kids

Food & Sick Kids

Hi guys,

The struggle is real with how to feed my kids when they can be picky with their food.

“Eat your broccoli”

That’s what my parents used to tell me.

Then I would try and hide the vegetables under other scraps on my plate and try and look for the exit.

Soon my Mum or Dad would notice the veges that were poorly hidden and then I was forced to sit at the table until everything was eaten.

I’m sure you can relate to this scene in your own upbringing.

But, now the tables have turned.

I need to raise my own kids to ‘Eat Their Damn Broccoli” 🙂

Funny how life serves you justice…

When our children eat what we eat and when we eat sometimes I wonder whether ketosis is okay for kids.

To give you an idea of what we eat I’d already posted a big chain of blogs – HERE and HERE.

My older child Eme (4yo) goes 4-6 hours without eating and our food strategy helps ‘turn off’ their hunger so they can focus, read and play. (She knows that at Nana and Poppy’s house there are heaps of snacks but we don’t stress too much over that!)

Kids, because they’re growing, need a lot of energy.

We believe what you eat is important because it gives you the best form of energy!

I’m not a doctor, and you should consult one if you’re worried, but in my experience my 4yo daughter does well on a low-carb, moderate protein & high-fat diet, and she’s probably in ketosis at times.

My little guy (1yo) is eating 80% of what we eat. He only struggles in the morning as he doesn’t like eggs… yet 🙂


Here’s a great blog post from Dave Asprey that we like and I’d like to discuss the main points:

  1. Use Superhero Language – something that makes sense to them
  2. Be Firm At Dinnertime
  3. Make Bulletproof Versions Of Favourite Meals
  4. Cook With Your Kids
  5. Be Grateful

Use Superhero Language

In trying to encourage the kids to eat what want Leki and I sell the idea that it will give them energy to have fun at School or train at Gymnastics.

It gives them the impression that if they don’t eat then they won’t have the energy to have fun.


Works pretty well although we don’t have to used this strategy that often.

We started Eme (4yo) on our food strategy when she was about 18 months and she’s never looked back.

She rarely gets sick, has plenty of energy throughout the day and sleeps over 10 hours every night. We’re blessed!

Be Firm At Dinner Time

This is our ‘go to’ strategy.

If the Emelina (4yo) doesn’t eat what we give her then we send her to bed without eating anything.

We are firm that what we have cooked for them was made with love and that we wouldn’t give them something to eat that we wouldn’t eat ourselves.

It’s almost an “up to you” situation which encourages them to make a decision.

Eat and be happy or be unhappy and go without food overnight.

It won’t kill them to go hungry for a little while.

After a couple of days of dinner time stubbornness we’ve found that she fall in line pretty quickly.

Intermittent fasting for a 4yo 😉


Again, with Kyneton our 16mo, we are extending him a little more time but around 18-20mo we will also encourage our strict dinner time routine.

We believe building Bulletproof kids requires a loving firmness which will build their resilience.

Make Bulletproof Versions of Favourite Meals

This is our second go to strategy.

Whatever your favourite meal may be we substitute with another handy paleo/Bulletproof product.

Rice? Nope… Zoodles or spiralised zucchini.

Chocolate? We recommend making Cacao chocolate bombs.

Brownies? Try pitted date brownies.


Toast and omelette? Maybe sub in sunny side eggs, avocado, butter, asparagus and baby spinach.

Chocolate and biscuits? Fruits and nuts are always friendly.

Plan flour and sugar? Try almond flour or coconut flour and stevia.

Plenty of healthier substitutes you just need to keep digging and research 😉

Cook With Your Kids

On occasion I cook with the kids mainly for a bit of fun for also so they understand the process it takes to prepare a meal.

In the morning Leki and Ky prepares breakfast. So when he’s lightly pan frying eggs Ky sees the process.

On weekends Leki makes pancakes and Eme often helps with cracking eggs and mixing the bowl.

It can be messy but more often it about the trial and error.

Once upon a time Eme really struggled with cracking eggs.

She didn’t have the right mixture of light handling and controlled force to break the egg shell.

Over time she has become a lot more confident in cracking eggs.

Now, our 4yo Eme can prepare fruit and cut the stem from strawberries for the family.

We’re so proud of her!

Be Grateful

Lastly we share things with the kids so they can understand how lucky they are.

If our 4yo was clumsy and spilt a cup of water. We often ask her to be careful and we don’t refill the cup of water.

She complains and asks why she can’t have more water.

We reply: “You need to be more careful Eme because some kids just like you don’t have water like you do”.

She usually cries trying to understand what’s happening.

Regardless, we stay firm and don’t replenish her cup.

She learns the lesson of disappointment and dealing with her actions.

Other times, if she’s not listening or misbehaving, we take something away from her that she loves.

We often keep her from her Montessori school or we threaten not to take her to swimming or gymnastics.

These aren’t empty threats.

Once we load the chamber we need to fire the bullet otherwise future threats/’negotiations’ are worthless.

We are reinforcing this feeling of disappointment so she understands things shouldn’t be taken for granted and that she should be grateful.

Ky gets off scott free… for the moment 🙂

BONUS! HERE are some Bulletproof sugar-free snacks for kids!


Love ya work Mama!

With love,

Belinda xo

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