Parents Retreat To Bali

Parents Retreat To Bali

Hi guys,

As this post is landing on your browser my husband Leki and I are heading to Bali for a ‘Couple Retreat’.

We have left baby #1 (4yo) and baby #2 (1yo) with my parents (Nena and Poppy) for 5 days and 4 nights while we enjoy ourselves.

So how did this come about?

I outlined earlier in the year what our Family Core Values are!

Husband and Wife is always number one.

We reinforce this rule by having parts of our day that are routine.

It’s more then just saying ‘I Love You”.

It also about how we argue and attempt to listen to each other when we try to resolve disagreements.

We fight at times like any couple do!

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We’re not special by any means.

But what does make our connection special is that we’ve spent time understanding each other.

That comes with time, love and a lot of patience with each other.

What’s the result?

A little step closer to a tighter bond.

The stronger our bond is as husband and wife then more fertile the soil is for our family to grow.

I have also laid out small but regular trips away to recharge and reconnect.

As a family we try and have little getaways every 3 months.

Doesn’t have to be extravagant although committing to a time away is the priority.

We are very big fans of the Big 4 family camping sites.

I’ve written about this – HERE.

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So far we’ve been to Big 4 Melbourne, Big 4 Moama, Big 4 Bateman’s Bay and Big 4 Bellarine.

We don’t wait for nice getaways for us to reconnect.

We stay connected but this is a chance to strengthen that connection even further!

The central theme of our core values is Discipline and Routine.

Our main family meal is in the morning and we all look forward to talking and sharing things at Breakfast.

Then on the weekend Leki and I co-ordinate our diaries and plan the upcoming weeks to make sure we are organised. I’ve talked about this – HERE.

Having the discipline to keep to our daily routine gives us the freedom to plan and do things we want.

There’s no sense urgency which helps reduce stress and because we are coordinated in our schedules we create time.

Makes you feel light on your feet when you aren’t bogged down by unnecessary commitments or being ‘busy’.

So Bali here we come 🙂

Love ya work Mamas!


With love,

Belinda xo


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