Learn How To Spend $10 & Get $70 of Value!

Learn How To Spend $10 & Get $70 of Value!

Hi guys,

If you pull out a $10 note I’ll show you how you can make it $70 🙂


But before I do have a quick read of my first post on Op Shopping in July 2017.

Our little girl is now 4yo not 2yo.

We have a little boy who’s almost 1.5yo.

I’m pregnant with baby #3 due in September 2019.

Plus we’ve moved from our town Kyneton into the village of Gisborne in the Macedon Ranges of Victoria.

Something for hubby – only $2!! Valued over $100!!

As our kids are growing their little bodies need bigger sizes of singlets, onesies, tops and pants.

It makes it easier for baby #3 as I can reuse a lot of baby #1 clothes I stored when she outgrew them all.

So where will I get all the other clothes for all my babies?

Op Shopping.

That’s how you turn $10 into $70 😉

Here’s a photo of my recent haul!

For my 1.5yo Kyneton 🙂 cost me $16 (valued over $200 retail brand names like Cotton On Kids, Zara Kids, Best & Less, Target etc.)

When your family is on a tight budget or whether you enjoy digging for some great finds I’m a BIG fan of op shopping.

For example, I managed to find 7 x different items for baby #2 who is 18 months old and it only cost me $10.

If I had bought these items brand new and retail I would have easily gone over $70!

How good is that?

My older girl is 4yo and is lucky because she gets some hand me downs from an older cousin and so does my little boy from his cousin. Thanks sisters 😉

I tend to hunt around my local area for bargain buys.

There are 3 x op shops in Gisborne, 2 x Sunbury, 2 x Woodend and 3 in Kyneton that I visit once a month.

I also make a habit of giving back to the op shop by donating things we don’t need in the house.

They include: home phone, old bags, ill fitting clothes, toys and books.

I generally drop it off on my next visit to the local op shop as I plan to visit and browse the aisles.

For my 4yo Emelina for $11 (valued over $200 retail from Bonds, Adidas, Zara Kids, Cotton On Kids, Target etc)

When I splash out on my next op shop adventure I’ll be sure to share it with you!

There are good finds for kids sometimes $1 quality items and when you find those op shops – GO REGULARLY! 🙂

What’s your best find?

With love,

Belinda xo

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