Baby #3 Is Almost Here!

Baby #3 Is Almost Here!

Hi guys,

I’m down the home straight of my 3rd pregnancy – our due date is 24 September 2019.

Read my last update on how my 2nd Trimester went… (HINT: It’s going really well! YAY!)

Last week I wrote about our intention to have a Water Birth.

So far things are looking great as I’ll only qualify if I am healthy and I don’t need medical equipment all over me.

Being healthy was a long term strategy and I’ve touched on this over the journey…

Read my update on my 1st Trimester where I also share some health tips that have helped πŸ™‚ – HERE.

I’d like to maintain my KEY topics throughout my pregnancy:

  1. Pain
  2. Energy
  3. Self care

1. Pain

Getting very heavy now but still managing pretty well.

No back pain.

Sleeping well.

Feeling good.

And enjoying my baby bump.

20190317_102905 [2]

I would only say that I’m getting tired quicker so things that normally take 20 mins to do currently take an hour πŸ™

Focusing on my health and making better choices is the only reason for why I feel so good.

Honestly… with our first child Emelina who’s 4yo I didn’t focus on my health and ballooned out to 105kg. I felt sluggish, had back pain and was sleeping poorly.

I believe my poor dietary choices contributed to Emelina’s mild food allergies.

Fast forward to our 1.5yo Kyneton I was much improved with my nutritional choices and I focused more on stress management and better sleep conditions.

My little is boy indestructible… hardly gets sick and can eat anything.

I have mentioned previously that this has been my smoothest pregnancy so far and I look forward to how our little girl shapes up when she finally arrives in 2-3 weeks πŸ™‚

2. Energy

I stay home full time and am responsible for running our 4yo to kindy, managing our 1.5yo and keeping the house in good working order.

That’s not for sympathy because a lot of us Mamas enjoy this but it can be taxing!

Leki’s Dad and Family

Often I can be driving long distances for seeing Family like on Father’s Day.

Travelled 60 mins from our town of Gisborne to the city where Leki’s family live.

My Dad and my sisters πŸ™‚

Then from the city 40 mins to Thomastown where my family live.

It was great fun to participate in Family events even though I’m about to pop and it beats being at home all day πŸ™‚

I did eat a whole heap and enjoyed myself!

I’m currently weighing about 91kg and I hope to maintain my health and lose 1-2kg before I give birth.

I plan on documenting my healthy weight loss journey post baby like I did last time πŸ™‚

Having more energy allows me to focus on things like cleaning up my home and preparing for a newborn baby, shopping for gifts for Family and friends, manage my household to make it homely, plan my nutritious meals, be there for my husband, care for my kids, look after myself and focus on things that make me happy!

Who couldn’t do with more energy!

I’m sure you can relate Mama!

3. Self Care

A big part of self care to me is communication.

I let people around know what I’m feeling and what I’m prepared or not prepared to do.

It saves time and reduces a lot of stress for everyone involved.

Another self care trick we use is planning our cheat meals as a little reward.

All week we are good and there are 1 or 2 meals where we can loosen up a little bit.

20190317_102925 [2]

So every week we look forward to our cheat meal.

It’s usually a Friday night and hubby Leki drops by our local Maccas and collects a Family McFavourites box.

We go with 1 x Big Mac (Leki), 2 x Quarter Pounders (kids) and 1 x McChicken (me) plus 2 x Sprite and 2 x Coke with the 10 x McNuggets.

We substitute the chips for 4 x salads and I bake sweet potato chips at home.


Leki has avoided eating fried chips all year and soon we will all upgrade to avoiding most takeaway fried food… I can’t quite kick the habit just yet πŸ™‚

This is something that we are slowly moving towards as we work towards better alternatives.

Well… as I mentioned in my last blog post I will be looking to have a Water Birth (fingers crossed all goes well) and I’ll document and share that process with you.

My health journey as Mama continues as we plan for a generous household of Mum, Dad and 5 x kids… eventually πŸ™‚


With Love,


Belinda xo

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