[Part 1] How Belinda Got Her Groove Back!

[Part 1] How Belinda Got Her Groove Back!

Hi all.

I going to share with you my monthly effort on how I lose my baby phat.

This is not my first time.

With baby #1 I lost over 30kgs in 2015.

Then with baby #2 I repeated the effort and got to my lowest numbers yet PLUS managing to breastfeed for one year in 2018.

Now I plan on sharing my struggles with baby #3.

So here we go!

Here I am 2 weeks before I had baby Safaia (early Sept 2019): 95kg

Just 1 day after having baby Safaia (Sept 28 2019): 92kg

Baby #3 Safaia weighed in at 3.1kg and so my starting weight for tracking this weight loss journey will be 92kg!

Let me be real with you for a minute.

Selfishly, I want to look good at my cousin’s wedding late-November 2019 in Sydney.

So let me start with the end in mind.

My goal is to lose weight.

The magic number to lose is 13kg!

I’m targeting a loss from 92kg to 79kg.

I have 4 weeks before we fly to Sydney and I need to make this happen.

Fortunately I’ve got my track history to help me and I already have some results!

Challenge accepted 🙂


In (from Sept-Oct) 4 weeks I’ve dropped from 92kg to 86.8kg.

That’s 5.2kg since I’ve popped out baby Safaia.

If I can work hard an drop another 6.9kg over the next 4 weeks (Oct-Nov) then I should be 79.9kg!

I just want to see a ‘7’ at the start of the scales 🙂

The challenge in the first 4 weeks was:

  • Making sure my nutrition was on point so I can have energy and continue breastfeeding (my priority)
  • Avoid strenuous exercise to allow my birthing wounds to heal quickly
  • Lay low at home and stay indoors to allow my body to recover quickly

With that being said I’m pretty happy with losing 5.2kg without exactly ‘starting’ my proper weight loss effort.

I mean I did eat well but I haven’t:

  • Started my home based HIIT training
  • Introduced my intermittent fasting regime during the week
  • Been as disciplined with my food choices as I would have liked
  • Been able go for long walks yet due to being stuck indoors (self imposed)

So, yes, I want to lose weight but my first priority is ensuring my little girl is thriving.


At the moment she feeds every 4-6 hours and so we can get some quality rest time.

We’ve been working on our new routine given the new addition to the Family but I will describe our processes down the track.

As always we continue to track our daily weight and pop it into our spreadsheet on the fridge which we look at everyday.

I can tell you that these jugs are also weighing me down 😉


So there you have it.

I need to lose almost 2kg a week over the next month to be able to reach my goal of 79kg.

Looking forward to bringing you the next update in a month’s time and showing you that I’m up for the challenge!

With love,

Belinda xo

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