MR. & MRS!

MR. & MRS!

Hi guys,

Yes it’s been a little while since I last spoke with you but I haven’t forgotten about you!

I will back post some of the important events that has happened since my last post in Nov 2019 up until this time Feb 2020.

They’ll include updates on my weight loss journey (for the 3rd time), Kids Development update, Daily routine managing my little family, Kyneton 2nd Bday and Safaia’s Baptism, Christmas and NYE!

Wow! A lot to catch you up on ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ve had a little break to focus on bringing up baby #3 Safaia who is very demanding of my time at the moment ๐Ÿ˜‰

But that aside, I want to congratulate my younger sister who recently got married!

Congratulations Taina!

It brought back a lot of memories of my special day on Nov 2011.

The special home setup, my Mother looking beautiful, my Dad pacing around nervously and my sisters doing what they can to help.

To let’s start with the date – Thursday 20 Feb 2020.

It would read like 20 02 2020 as you can see there’s a number combination here that’s very unique. Plus, having a wedding on a Thursday is extraordinary but everyone was made aware early and it gave us all an extra long weekend!

Taina’s makeup was done by Slay_Nisha and hair by Atalina Hair. Great work guys! My sister Vikki did my Mum’s makeup and she looked stunning… shoutout to VIP Beauty Melb!

The wedding reception was due to start at 1pm and the bridal party arrived by two Mercedes Trucks!


Unfortunately the unpredictable weather forced the Ceremony indoors as the Couple had planned an outdoor event.

This is fine for the guests as the setting was intimate and comfortable although we would have loved to have had the sunny weather and to be together in the outdoors!


After the exchange of the “I Do’s” we witnessed the first kiss and the announcement of the newly minted Mr. and Mrs!

It was heart warming to see my little sister tie the knot among loved ones and to see her take her place in the world as a proudly new Wife!

After a few moments for the signing of the Marriage Certificate the bridal party ran away to take some photos and the guests had a couple of hours rest to return and enjoy the Reception.

We decided to head home to Gisborne as I forgot a few things most importantly Safaia’s ear muffs so that she can sleep soundly tonight while Mama and Teti are dancing the night away!

So we had a little rest and recharge and home before heading back to the reception in Taylors Lakes – Lakeside Reception.

I must say the food, decor and venue was top notch – I’d give it a 10/10!

My hubby Leki was asked to be the MC and so I held down the fort with 3 x kids and I have to thank some of my Family who helped keep them in check.

It was a challenge trying to manage the 2yo and 5mo as Kyneton would often try and do a ‘runner’ but someone was always on hand to catch him last minute.

One of the highlights was Bride and Groom’s first dance as the fireworks went off with perfect timing to their song of choice.

I also enjoyed the throwing of the Bouquet and the Garter ๐Ÿ™‚

It was a privilege to witness my sister get married.

It’s always fun catching up with Family and friends who have travelled near and far to celebrate with us!

I know there were some who could not make it but sent their love and well wishes!

Thanks to my cousin Andy for organising an impromptu gathering the day after and Leki and I gatecrashed the party ๐Ÿ˜‰


Congratulations David and Dina!

Looking forward to many more great times ahead for you both.


With love always.


Belinda xo


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