Stay At Home Mum (Quarantine Life 2020 edition)

Stay At Home Mum (Quarantine Life 2020 edition)

Some of you Mamas who are a Stay at Home Mum have already been in isolation raising the kids at home πŸ˜‰

… but seriously, how are you keeping in this COVID19 environment we’ve found ourselves in?

I live with my Family in Victoria as a Stay At Home Mum and at the time of writing this post we are still in lock down v2.0 (after the earlier lock down v1.0 was unsuccessful here from mid-Mar to mid-May 2020).

Let’s try and stay ahead of the game Mamas and stick to the Government guidelines so we can get back to our Best Lives!

Despite the most recent troubles our Family celebrated two weddings recently!

One just before lock down and one during lock down – both my younger sisters!

So instead of focusing on all the negative drama I thought I’d go through some of the positives of being ‘stuck at home’ with my Family.

I’ll list the Top 3 reasons here:

  • Home Schooling (yes I think this is a good thing!)
  • Connecting with Family, video calling and spending time
  • Iso-tainment and organising the Family to be more efficient with routines

So let’s jump into each section πŸ˜€

Home Schooling (I think this is great!)

Our daughter is at our local Montessori School and in Cycle 1 which has children aged 4-7yo in the same class.

We were afraid that some of Eme’s reading, writing and behavioural development was lagging…

That was until covid19 hit and we we’re forced to home school for 2 weeks at the end of Term 2 and then another 4 weeks in Term 3 until they were allowed to return back to school.

Our typical day looked like 2-3 video classes and some home based activities driven by the school curriculum.

One big learning for me was using Microsoft Teams.

It was pretty straight forward by the end of it and the kids learnt some group video etiquette (which is worked in progress) 🀣

We also celebrated our 2yo being admitted in his first day at child care.

He did so well and like most of you who chose to be a Stay At Home Mum, you’re never completely sure if they’d ‘take’ to being away from home.

After some initial nerves, Ky did really well and when we returned to pick him up at the end of the day…

And he was trying to run away at continue playing in the sand pit.

I guess that was a success!

We started off being scared with allowing the kids to mix with technology but COVID19 forced us to review this.

The reality is… the world is heading towards more and more technology.

Plus home schooling involves tablets, Microsoft Teams and learning apps.

It was a situation of educating ourselves and reducing the fear and assumptions we placed on technology and tablet use.

Let’s just say we are aware but not afraid πŸ™‚

Something we’ll keep an eye on and review regularly.

Early on we used my phone to tap into the virtual classes until Nani and Papa bought Emelina her own tablet. Thank you 😘

Connecting with my Loved Ones

Being forced to stay home meant spending a lot of time with my Family which was a blessing in disguise.

Often we would make our way to a lot of the walking tracks around our village of Gisborne.

We are so lucky and fortunate.

Even now the recent lock down restrictions we sit slightly outside the lock down zone.

That means our local services, restaurants and schools are still open… for now (update: Level 4 restrictions have just been announced for Melbourne for 6 weeks and regional Victoria Level 3)

We revisited some local walking tracks, visited Trentham Falls and returned to Kyneton Botanical Gardens.

Other times we would call Family and friends on Zoom or Messenger to connect and check in on loved ones.

For that brief window when lock down lifted in May we welcomed my sister Kathy and Leki’s brother Veni to stay over on different occasions.

We were able to throw a little celebration for them as they missed out on a birthday party due to the quarantine challenges.

My little nephew also celebrated his birthday too and we were happy to have the Family for a nice little catch up.

Stay At Home Mum Iso-Tainment and Improved Family Routines

Improved routines has also been a additional benefit of quarantine.

We’ve found some things could be done in a better plus reviewed and celebrated what was working for us.

For example we have previously documented our routines like the Daily Routine and Wind Down routines.

Things have changed considerably since these last blog entries and I’ll do my best to update it with 3 x kids soon.

Long story short, we have the same processes in place it’s just with an added degree of difficulty.

Instead of changing one diaper it’s two at the one time. Instead of putting one down for a nap its two.

Good thing is that Kyneton (our 2yo) is increasing his days at childcare soon although it does make me sad as my kids are growing quickly.

Don’t worry I’m definitely holding on to them while they’e small and cuddly.

During Iso we were still able to send the kids off to school, childcare and participate at Gymnastics. But things are about to change and we’ll wait to hear what we can and can’t do.

Another great event during Iso was a “Friend In Me” home disco event.

Highly recommend this positive Mamas group as they hosted an awesome FREE event at home! Keep an eye out for their next online disco.

Eme has also taken to skating and explored our local skating ramp and half pipes.

She needs to work on her spider senses though. She was almost the reason why some of the other kids had mini-accidents 🀣

That’s my little Iso-Update Mama’s.

Regardless of your own situation being a Go To Work Mum, Work From Home Mum or Stay At Home Mum we’re on the same boat.

Doing our best to make our Houses a Home 🏠

Love you Mama πŸ’“

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