Stay At Home Mum Is 35!

Stay At Home Mum Is 35!

If you’re from Melbourne plus you’re a Stay At Home Mum I’m sure you can join me in taking a collective ‘aahhhh’… finally we’re free from the covid19 restrictions that crippled us from March to November 2020.

Looking back, being a SAHM with 3 x kids 5yo and under was actually a blessing as it prepared me for the home schooling… How did you survive it? πŸ’©

All I can say is that I’m very grateful to teachers. It’s a hard job! πŸ‘

We also celebrated our 3yo Ky starting childcare in July!

There were a lot of events that I’ve missed during lock down but I’ll return to review them later.

Today, I’d like to rewind time and celebrate my “Stay At Home Mum in Iso” birthday πŸŽ‚

The timing for a getaway was slightly off as lock down lifted on Sun 8 Nov 2020 and my birthday is on 5 Nov.

Fortunately we were able to organise a Family Getaway and added more birthdays to celebrate together: my cousin Vesi, nephew Princeton, niece Bella and my Mum Lia.

Stay At Home Mum Out of Iso and my beautiful family

We are very BIG FANS of the Big 4 family holidays parks.

Here’s some posts of our previous visits: Coburg 2017, Echuca 2017, Bateman’s Bay 2017, Bellarine 2018, Bendigo 2020 and now… Queenscliff 2020.

Highly recommend it to other Stay At Home Mums and your families! πŸ’―

Day 1 – Fun Times

Firstly, in planning the weekend we decided to leave Melbourne at lunchtime on Fri 13 Nov and we arrived around 3pm, checked in and settled in.

Secondly, we wanted to avoid the traffic out of Melbourne!

Everyone probably had plans to get out of the city on the first weekend after lock down lifting!

Finally we arrived to Big 4 Beacon Resort!

Initially we thought that Day 1 was mostly going to be about settling in and getting comfortable but… we got into a lot more then that!

My highlight? Definitely the kids charades 🀣🀣

Day 2 – Beach Times

Day 2 started with Leki heading off to the complimentary yoga class early in the morning.

We got up and had a lazy breakfast in our comfy little cabin and got prepared for the day.

We had organised set times for catering over the weekend.

My sisters and their families organised Friday night dinner.

My older sister Kathy, cousin Lino, my Mum and my little family organised the Saturday BBQ along with the birthday celebrations and decorations.

Special thanks to Aunty Moana for always looking after us with seafood 😁

Shout out to Cooks Desserts for designing and delivering the awesome cakes!

After our nice bbq lunch we took some time to rest and prepare to go to the beach at 4pm and took some group photos. Such a thrill to be among Family again after such a long time apart!

Stay At Home Mum Out of Iso and my beautiful family

After a short walk to the beach and sun came out to greet us!

The water was nice and cool, played some silly games, enjoyed the nice sand between our toes and took another group shot (Any excuse for the Gram πŸ˜‰)

Stay At Home Mum Out of Iso and my beautiful family

After such a long day we all retired back to our own cabins and had an early night.


The party continues at Geelong’s Eastern Beach for Bella’s 10th birthday. We definitely know how to celebrate a birthday πŸ˜‚

Day 3 – Geelong Times

Checking out from a Big 4 is pretty straight forward.

It’s just like a hotel… make sure the rooms are in reasonable condition, return the keys, settle any outstanding payments and away you go!

Similarly they’ll ask you for an honest review and we left them a happy

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ and we’ll highly recommend to you all!

After that, we travelled 20 minutes up the road to Eastern Beach Geelong and arrived just before 11am.

We thought we were early but as we thought… most of Melbourne had the same idea!

In addition, we managed invite more day trippers to join us in the celebrations.

It was awesome fun!

The only downside was the high wind and having our things being blown around.

But not to be undone we continued with our own fun and enjoyed the beach and water!

Thank you to everyone who made the time to come away and celebrate the special milestones in our Family.

Until the next trip…

‘Ofa lahi atu 😘

Stay At Home Mum Out of Iso and my beautiful family

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