Want To Learn My Best Way To Reduce Stress?

Want To Learn My Best Way To Reduce Stress?

Hi Mama,

My pursuit in the last half of 2018 was happiness.

You see I had made it my mission to lose weight after having baby #2 in Jan 2018 and track my progress.


Because I was going to be in Thailand with my family in June 2018.

√ I achieved that goal!

Then I made the goal of losing weight in just over 5 months to have a bikini body… while maintaining my target of breastfeeding baby #2 for 1 year!

√ I achieved that goal too!

Throughout the journey of self improvement and self discovery I found that I managed my stress better.

√ My quality of sleep improved.

√ I wasn’t as stressed dealing with kids who cry at night.

√ I maintain a loving bond with my husband Leki.

√ And importantly I was able to prioritise my time to things that really matter.

Our Catholic Community

My best way to reduce stress was to contribute to my community.

Being apart of a Family is special and not to be taken for granted.

My husband Leki works in the health field and speaks to a lot of different people from all walks of life.

New Australians from overseas struggle when they arrive because their whole network of friends and family are far away!

Belonging to our Family, our Church community and having Montessori, Mothers Groups and Gymnastic friends are important for my stress management.

But my Family bond is special.

I feel the special gift of Family when ever we get together.

The noise, the laughter, the energy of all the little cousins when they see each other.

My sisters who now have their own lives with their own families.

My parents who are getting older but still have the energy to play and help with their grandchildren.


This is something I don’t take for granted and it’s a gift to behold.

So whenever I feel overwhelmed and stressed I pick up the phone and call someone that loves me.

Most of the time it’s Leki.

Other times it’s my sisters.

Sometimes I chat with Mum or Dad to say hello.

Eme and Ky in traditional clothes

Then we have Mass I catch up with Aunties and community members from Church.

It’s something that I manage in cycles because I don’t want to lean on everyone everyday but when I’m really in need it’s reassuring to know that loved ones are around me.

If you are in need of a pick me up or you’ve found yourself stressed beyond relief – I would encourage that you look to the ones closest to you and ask for help.

Happy Birthday Princess Neriah!

We all belong to a Community in some form or another and the laughter and happiness can help reduce your stress plus relieve your feeling of anxiety and hopelessness.

If you need encouragement in your own journey Mama I’m always here – don’t hesitate to reach out and say hello 🙂

With love,

My Family

Belinda xo