I Know Nothing About Vaccinations!?

I Know Nothing About Vaccinations!?

Hi guys.

To be honest I sit on the fence with vaccinations.

But I can tell you that we are up to date with our vaccinations and booster shots.

Our 4yo daughter is about to have another round of vaccinations and our 1yo will have another round of shots when he’s 18 months.

Plus I’m needing some injections for my 3rd pregnancy (in the 2nd trimester now).

Mar 2016 – Eme’s 1yo vaccination injection

It’s a bit of a controversial topic for families but this is something I’ve been thinking and talking about with my husband Leki.

Parents only want the best for their children.

If you’ve been reading my blog entries then you’d know that Health is one of our top priorities.

So why am I interested about vaccinations now?

A lot of it comes from misinformation.

I know social media is not the best source of information and sometimes closely held facts can be challenged.

For example cocaine was a common medical prescription once upon a time in the 1800s.

At the time it was thought to be helpful in soothing pain. Much later it was found to be dangerous and had to be regulated as a narcotic drug.

So in this case something was thought to be helpful and then after some time and research – the opposite was found. It was harmful.Cocaine_for_kids

Then there are cases of the opposite.

Look at all the recent developments with medical marijuana and CBD oil for disease.

Something was once thought to be harmful and now through research is showing positive benefits.

And this is where I am at the moment.

What are we being told and what are we open to exploring further?

I’m not completely ruling out vaccinations all together but I think my family needs to ask more questions about what’s in it and how it actually helps?

We could be in a cocaine situation where vaccinations are thought to be helpful but end up being harmful.

Or we could be in a medicinal marijuana situation where something thought of as dangerous is actually beneficial.

My little girl 🙂

This is why we sit on the fence.

At the moment we appear healthy and happy and as I mentioned we are up to date with all vaccinations. Adults, toddlers and newborns in our little family.

But some healthy scepticism remains.

Here are some of the places where we will be getting our information:



For now we will continue to vaccinate our kids and say up to date until we feel otherwise.

Will update you in the next 6 months!

With love,

Belinda xo

Who’s Your Favourite Child

Who’s Your Favourite Child

Hi guys.

Had this thought during the Easter weekend and it is something I’d like to explore.

Who is My Favourite child?

I only have 2 kids with number 3 due to arrive in Sept 🙂

Why did this thought come to me?

Because I am one of 4 girls in my own immediate family.

Mum 4yo | Emelina 3yo

My parents spent the most time with me before my older sister joined us from Tonga and there’s an 8 year gap between me and my younger sister.

So those 8 years would be special for my parents and I because I was their sole focus.

I’m not saying I’m the favourite child but I think there’s time there where I was all there was.

Then my younger sisters came along and then my older sister joined us.

My parents had to divide their attention equally among us.

The only thing I see though is that I got an 8 year head start 😉

My little team

When I look at my own Family I would say that I treat my 4yo daughter differently from my 1yo son.

I love them both… so much.

There was almost 3 years from baby #1 to baby #2.

I had more one-on-one time with Emelina and Leki and I got invested in everything we did together with her.

I’m spending that same amount of time with Ky but I’ve found it’s not as deep given that I have to divide my time up.

And with a new one coming to join us in September this will become even more apparent with dividing my time among them.

There will be 18 months between baby #2 and baby #3.

Leki and I are trying to have 5 kids God willing and so the time we give to each of them is important and something we think about a lot.

Mama | Emelina | Kyneton

I’m not sure if I favour my oldest child Emelina but I must admit everything we go through with her is ‘new’.

With the younger lot we’ve already been through tears, diapers, school and sport.

I think it’s exciting doing and experiencing things for the first time and that is special in it’s own way.

Regardless of how it appears or how we deal with adding to the Family – we love each of our kids unconditionally!

The adventure continues…

With love,


Belinda xo

Easter 2019

Easter 2019

Hi guys,

How was your Easter long weekend?

As a Christian family we believe that Jesus died for us for the promise of life after death.

Brigid’s Catholic Parish in Gisborne

This is an opportunity to appreciate everything that we have no matter how big or small.

The wind in your hair, the roof over your head, the warmth of your bed, the love of your friends and family.

Even the challenges in your life is something to be thankful of.


So what did we get up to?

We caught up with Leki’s Family on Easter Sunday which was good fun. We did have plans of having it at Brimbank Park like last year but the weather was a bit iffy so we celebrated at his sister’s home instead.


On Easter Monday we celebrated with my family at Edwardes Lake in Reservoir.

It’s great to be around my Family to celebrate this great gift of Life.

From my photos from last year I can see how much the kids have grown, the relationships have strengthened and that both our Grandmothers have gone to Rest 🙁

Thank you Jesus for everything we have.

With love,

Belinda xo

Caravan trip for 2 weeks

Caravan trip for 2 weeks

Hi guys,

I’d like to share with you some things we have planned for the future.

I’ve written in the past about how we like to have regular but small trips to keep us fresh.

In 2020 we plan to travel around country Victoria for 2 weeks with a little camper trailer.

Then we are looking to build up towards a 3 month trip around coastal Australia in 2021.

Emelina will be 6yo. Kyneton will be 3yo and Baby #3 will be 1yo.

Perfect timing!

2017 – Emelina and Nana at Big 4 Coburg

Then in 2022 we want to spend 6 months travelling around Australia.

Eventually we plan to travel around Australia for 1 whole year! This will be when the kids are still in primary school and want to hang around Mum and Dad.

There’ll be a time where they’ll prefer to hang out with their friends rather then their family on school holidays.

So we would like to book them in before they’re too cool 😉

Here are some of the places I’d like to see around our beautiful country:

  • The Murray River
  • The NSW Central Coast from Merrimbula to Byron Bay
  • The Red Centre – Uluru/Alice Springs
  • Sunshine Coast
  • Far North Queensland
  • Coastal Western Australia

Plus many many more!

A benefit of being a Big 4 member is that there are plenty of places around Australia where we can dock our camper trailer in a cheaper site with shower and cooking amenities available.

Bbq at the Big 4 caravan park

Looking forward to documenting the trips ahead and here are some families that I’m following:

Hope you have a great day.

With love,


Belinda xo

Husband Is Away For 2 Weeks

Husband Is Away For 2 Weeks

Hi guys,

My husband is travelling with work to Europe for 12 days.

He’s been gone for 5 days already and it’s been difficult without his help 🙁

Being 3 months pregnant and having 2 little kids to manage has been challenging but I’m really fortunate because I have supportive family to help me through.


I’ve been home alone to run the house and if you’ve followed my story, my husband Leki is responsible for our morning routine in our little house.

I am understanding how hard it can be for women who are home alone with their kids while their husbands are Fly In Fly Out (FIFO) or in a professional trade where they are away for long periods of time.

I remember when I was a child my Dad who’s a plumber sometimes was away for a week because the job needed them far away for a short time.

As a kid I missed my Dad but I never thought about how much my Mum had to work to keep the family afloat.


I’m at the other end with my husband away and I’m wondering what my kids are feeling with Dad being away, not cooking breakfast, not being there to be the playful Dad, not being there to help with the wind down routine at the end of our day.

Its a big change for my little guys 🙁

This is a short post appreciating what our husbands do for us and acknowledging Mums who regularly drive their household while their husbands are away.

I can’t wait for Leki to come back because I miss him but also because I appreciate the work we do together in raising our children together.

Come back to us safely!

We love and miss you.

Belinda, Emelina, Kyneton and Baby

My 1st Trimester

My 1st Trimester

Hi guys,

I thought I’d follow up from my last blog post and give you a monthly update on how I’m travelling with my 3rd pregnancy.

I’m currently due to have baby #3 on 24 Sept 2019 and am currently 3 months along with my pregnancy.

Here are my main topics I’d like to talk about throughout my pregnancy:

  1. Pain
  2. Energy
  3. Self care

1. Pain

In the first 3 months I can proudly say that this has been the smoothest pregnancy so far.

Smooth in the sense that I’ve had very little morning sickness, had a great appetite for food and not in much pain.

The first trimester has scored an A 🙂

3 months pregnant with baby #3

On reflection I would say that I’ve been in the best shape physically and mentally in leading up to this pregnancy.

I am in the best shape weight wise.

I am in the best mood and consciousness mentally.

The choices I’ve made food wise has been the best leading up to this pregnancy.

Leki bought and read a book from one of his mentors – Dave Asprey – called “The Better Baby Book“. It’s the lessons in this book that we’ve followed in leading up to this most recent pregnancy. Highly recommend!

2. Energy

In my last blog post I wrote about how I’m preserving and recharging my batteries by napping daily with my kids.

It’s usually a 30-60 min nap at 3pm with my kids.

Aside from that I have been pretty good at eating well.

I have been eating quite a lot of take away food probably 3-4 times per week compared to pre-pregnancy which was once a week.

The problem is that I don’t enjoy the food being cooked at home.

It’s great nutritious food but I just don’t like the smell and taste of it 🙁

Here’s my typical meals I’m eating which can alternate:


  • Low carb Toast + avocado, tomato and cheese
  • Porridge, banana and raw honey
  • Egg + baby spinach, asparagus, avocado and butter
  • Smoothie = cacao powder, chia seeds, flax seeds, banana, MCT oil, almonds and coconut water


  • Bone broth soup + vegetables
  • Organic minced beef + boiled vegs (carrot, sweet potato, zucchini and broccoli)
  • Wild caught salmon + boiled vegs (carrot, sweet potato, zucchini and broccoli)
  • Organic chicken + boiled vegs (carrot, sweet potato, zucchini and broccoli)
  • Take away – Pizza, McDonald’s, KFC


  • Rice cakes + butter
  • Dark choc bombs = 70% dark choc (from Aldi), cacao powder, chia seeds, almonds, coconut oil and pitted dates)
  • Tim Tams/crackers
  • Fruit = strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, banana, grapes, peaches and pears
  • Water and coconut water

I also supplement with Blackmore’s Pregnancy Gold for Pregnancy and Breastfeeding every morning with my breakfast.

3. Self Care

Well I can tick the sleep box because as I’ve written before Leki and I place a massive amount of focus on sleep.

Feeling good is very subjective though.

It can mean different things to different people.

One way to make me feel good is spending time with loved ones.

Here we go again?!

Leki and I plan regular small getaways which is a good way to sight see and recharge. We are big fans of Big 4 caravan parks.

Another thing I like to do is seeing my beauty therapist once a month for doing my nails or waxing to make me feel beautiful.

From my previous pregnancies there were times where I didn’t feel beautiful.

I plan to stay on top of that by eating well, resting regularly and managing my happiness by being consciously happy.

I still track my weight so that I don’t put on too much bad weight as I grow my new baby.

In my previous posts I put on 30kg with my first baby in 2015 (105kg), then 25kg with the second baby in 2018 (99kg) and I’m currently around 71kg.

These are the things that I will be monitoring 🙂

So there you are.

3 months along and happy.

I have a little trip planned in May 2019 without the kids which Leki and I are looking forward to and my cousin’s wedding in Sydney in November.

Aside from those dates I have my usual daily routine that keeps me busy week in week out.

I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Have a great day.


My little sidekicks!

Belinda xo

Baby #3 Is On The Way!

Baby #3 Is On The Way!

Hi everyone,

Exciting news!

We are expecting another addition to the family due to arrive in Sept 2019 🙂

This is a special blessing because I wrote about trying to have kids and having to educate ourselves on how best to fall pregnant.

We fell pregnant on our 2nd month of trying! We’re so happy 🙂

Btw, revisit our announcement of baby #2 – our son Kyneton – HERE.

Our family of 4 turns to 5 and we are so happy!

Now it’s still early days as we completed the 12 week ultrasound earlier this month.

I’m fortunate to have my caseload nurse from my last pregnancy – Allie – manage me again! YAY!

Right now I’m feeling pretty happy and healthy.

I’ve had a little bit of morning sickness but I have been very hungry and craving meaty meals.

I also prefer to have other people cook for me or eat out.

I love visiting my parents and having my Mum cook and look after me. It’s such a great feeling being able to be pampered even if it’s just a nice home cooked meal and a nice foot and stomach massage from my Mum.

Whatever Leki cooks at home I don’t want to eat 🙁 Poor Leki.

Getting the new team member in September!

I’ve recently brought my pregnancy clothes back from storage and it’s a nice feeling to be comfortable with my fitted dresses and clothes.

My plan is to provide you with a monthly update on how my 3rd pregnancy is going.

Plus, with my last two pregnancies I documented my efforts to lose weight.

In the future I will share with you my efforts to lose the baby weight but this time I’ll have more experience and focus more on staying happy and optimistic.

Appreciate your support,

Belinda xo

[UPDATE] Daily Routine with 2 Kids

[UPDATE] Daily Routine with 2 Kids

Hi all,

This is an update from an earlier posts about this very topic – read about my last update Aug 2018 and my original post Mar 2018.

So a quick summary our son Ky was in the bassinet as a 2mo infant and Eme was continuing strongly in her own bed in her own room with some night scares here and there.

By Aug 2018 our son Ky was in the crib in his own room and Eme was happy in her own room with our ‘wind down’ routine in full swing!

Ky’s 1st Swimming Lesson!

What are the main changes?

  1. Kyneton is in his big boy bed
  2. Nap routine
  3. Daily routine

1. Kyneton is in his Big Boy Bed

Our little guy has graduated from his crib to a low set baby bed.

I managed to source the new bed and mattress from an Op Shop (where my Mum works) and I got a great price 🙂


The challenge now is getting Ky to stay in bed when we begin the ‘wind down routine‘.

Once we get the kids fed and washed we get them into bed around 7pm.

It can take 30 mins to get Ky to sleep.

He often cries and gets himself down from the bed and wonders into our room upset.

I then hold his hand and show him back into his room and lay him down to bed and I say ‘goodnight Ky it’s time to sleep’.

He then cries for a little while and then again helps himself down before wondering back into our room.

I repeat the process of returning him back to his room until he finally gives up which can take 30 mins!

That was early March 2019 just 2 weeks ago.

Fast forward 2 weeks I’m now down to 15 minutes in getting him down into his own bed.

The struggle continues 😉

Happy camper!

2. Nap Routine

In the next section I’ll share with you what our week looks like.

The reason why I’ve revisited the nap routine is because the kids and I get so tired with how our day is running.

With Kyneton he gets up early around 5:30am-6am Leki looks after him.

By 10am he’s really irritable and needs a little 30 min nap.

If I’m lucky he’ll go down for 60 mins!


When he’s up again he’ll go strongly until 3pm where he needs another 30 min nap.

I used to keep Emelina up all day so that she can konk out at the end of the day and sleep all the way through.

We are blessed that Eme is a great sleeper and consistently sleeps 10-11 hours all the way through with minimal disruption.

She goes down around 7:30pm-8pm and wakes around 7am.

I know! We are really blessed with her 😉

But her current calendar has become very busy which means a couple of days per week she goes down for a nap with Ky and I at 3pm.

I would say Eme is napping at 3pm for 30-60 mins most weekdays.


Most days I nap with the kids at 3pm for 30-60 mins.

I get some rest and recharge plus I enjoy ‘nesting’ with my kids.

I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to enjoy them at this time of their lives so I’ll spend as much time having some down time with them 🙂

3. Daily Routine

This is an update from our last routine update which you can read – HERE.

4:30am-7am: My husband Leki is up and studying before Ky wakes at 6am and Eme is up at 7am.

7am-8am: Leki makes a hot breakfast for the family which is our daily family meal as he gets home late from work.

8am-9am: Leki leaves for work and I prepare the kids for the day.

9am-6pm: Emelina has Gymnastics on Monday mornings from 10:30am-11:30am and 4yo Montessori School Tues, Wed and Thurs 9am-12:30pm

She also has a weekly swimming class on Tues at 5:00pm.

Kyneton has a weekly swimming class on Thurs at 11:00am and has a weekly Montessori ‘Nido’ session on Wed at 9:45am.

We bulk cook food on the weekend and simply reheat on the weekday which saves me time and trouble while I’m chasing the kids.

So the daily napping routine allows the kids and I to continue to be happy and functional 😉

As I mentioned above – Ky naps at 10am which gives me a chance to do some cleaning or follow up on things and we have a family nap at 3pm!

There are some days that are friendlier then others.

For example I enjoy walking to the local park and allow the kids to play for a good hour which gives me some down time and get the kids in the sunshine.

Leki and I put a lot effort organising our time during the day and training the kids to respect the wind down routine.

This process ensures that the kids are asleep by 8pm-8:30pm every night.

So Leki and I can have couple time where we can choose how to spend it.

It might be movie time watching a popular series, or chill out in bed reading or being on our phones unwinding before talking and catching up 😉

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We then aim to unplug and place our phones on airplane mode at 9pm and aim to sleep at 9:30pm every night.

This enables us to be happy and healthy and we place a high importance on quality sleep.

Well that’s how the picture looks like in our little household.

I’ll update this in 6 months and give you an update on how we’re travelling as a little family!

With love,

Belinda xo

Eme’s 4th Birthday

Eme’s 4th Birthday

Hi all,

Our little girl has just turned 4 years old and we celebrated it with a good old backyard party.

It was themed as the popular PJ Mask and my sisters pitched in and hired an entertainer to come dressed as Eme’s favourite cartoon character – Owlette!


You should have seen the wide smile and big eyes on her face as Owlette popped out from the corner.

I’ll never forget that for the rest of my life.

This made me think about the innocence of youth.


Our daughter Emelina is newly 4 years old and believes everything you tell her.

She believes in Santa, the tooth fairy, the Easter bunny and all the other make believe things we grew up adoring.

There will be a time when she realises how the world actually works.

She might be at school and one of her friends will tell her that Santa’s not real.

Or may be an older cousin will find out the truth and share the news with her.

Maybe she busts Mum and Dad slipping the presents under the Christmas tree not Santa and Rudolph.


Or Mum and Dad might accidentally slip that the tooth fairy is not real.

When that day comes I know that little spark in my little girl’s eyes will change… forever.

I guess that’s why I was so moved when she reacted the way she did when she saw the ‘real’ Owlette at her party.

She was absolutely convinced it was Owlette from TV and Emelina hardly let her out of her reach as the entertainer was playing games and organising the kids.

I highly recommend the entertainers and you can find them at Magical Princess Entertainment.


She did a great job and will look to have them host a Party again in the future!

So a little about the actual party….

We had a backdrop which I built and it took me an hour and a bit to piece together with a balloon garland  🙂

I ordered the backdrop off UBACKDROP which arrived within 1 week from when the order was made.

Thanks Vikki they look awesome!

Having a large family we had plenty of hands on deck to help with preparing the food and drinks.

Special shout out to my Mum for all her hard work and great help (couldn’t do it without you!), my Aunty for always supplying seafood and her special Island drink Otai, my sisters Kathy and Taina for their help and Vikki for putting the cake and cupcakes together within hours 😉

These events do not go to plan unless I have my supporters to assist. THANK YOU!

Believe it or not I have already thought about Eme’s 5th and 6th birthday party themes.

I guess I have more fun then her planning her birthdays then she does actually celebrating it 🙂


Emelina please enjoy your childhood before the you join the rest of us in the real world!

In the real world where you can be disappointed.

In the real world the curiosity and wonder diminishes with each day 🙁

Stay where you are where there is magic and wonder my beautiful little girl.

Happy birthday Eme.

Don’t ever grow up.


Mum, Dad and your brother Kyneton.

KonMari & Me

KonMari & Me

Hi guys,

It’s now Autumn and the closet clean out has commenced!

Funny how all the old items lying around becomes such a struggle to giveaway/throw away when you’re faced with actually throwing it away.

When we relocated from Kyneton to Gisborne last year I wrote about how the KonMari Method helped me with decluttering.

Here is a short overview of what Marie Kondo is about:

I have packed most of my Summer clothes away and pulled out my winter clothes from the shed.

I’ve also been dealing with the kids toys because there is so much of it and so little time that they’re actually being used.

We send out kids to our local Montessori school and we have a dedicated simple space for the kids to play.

We are transferring their lessons and environment from School and mirroring those lesson at home.

We are now actively asking friends and family not to buy toys for birthdays and celebrations because it will just to a waster of money. I’m not wanting to sound ungrateful but being honest helps everyone 🙂

So what is the KonMari Method?

It’s a state of mind – and a way of life – that encourages cherishing the things that spark joy in one’s life. Belongings are acknowledged for their service – and thanked before being let go, should they no longer spark joy.

In my last post about this topic in June 2018 Leki and I gave away a lot of things that no longer sparked joy.

Leki struggled but parted ways with over 80% of his Rugby gear he had been collecting over the years. He donated the items to Tonga and forgot all about it.

Then, he saw photos on Facebook with young people in Tonga wearing his Rugby gear when I returned for my Grandma Taina’s funeral in Sept 2018.

It genuinely made him joyful!

Lastly, I have become more conscious with my shopping habits.

I seem to question any purchase for the home. Will I use and will it be worthwhile or will it just be parked in the closet ready to be KonMari’d 😉 down the tracked.

So as the mission of Marie Kondo suggests it is a ‘state of mind and a way of life…’

So I have been preparing for the cold Winter that’s due to arrive in the Macedon Ranges and I’ve written before how it can be 5 degrees cooler here then Melbourne.

There’s also another reason that I’ve dug out my stored clothes but more on that later 😉

How have you applied the KonMari Method in your life?

Have a great day.

With love,


Belinda xo