Sick On Holidays

Sick On Holidays

Hi guys,

Short post from me today.

I got sick while on a little family trip over the weekend.

We left on Friday afternoon after my husband Leki finished work and arrived to the Bellarine Big 4 site at around 3:30pm.

We had pre-cooked a lot of our meals, packed a lot of our usual goodies and had been prepared to have some quality R&R time.

We spent Friday maximising the sunshine because the forecast for Saturday was rain and grey clouds ๐Ÿ™

Eme jumped on the trampoline, made new friends at the playground and we went for a nice swim together.

We then warmed our pre-prepped meal and had our dinner together at 7pm.

Later that Friday night I got violently sick.

Vomited 3-4 times, had the runs and achy joints all night. The works!

Woke up on Sat and the batteries were very flat! Btw #NotPregnant

I’m still not sure what caused my reaction.

I was the only one that fell ill.

Leki, Eme and Ky were all fine so I can’t really blame our food – which we all ate.

Leki seems to think that I picked up a bug somewhere that only I was susceptible to. As a result I was the only one that fell sick ๐Ÿ™

Ky was upset wanting to be fed but I managed to breastfeed him 3-4 for the whole day as per usual!

Eme and Leki were pretty good making use of the family park even though the weather was pretty cold and rainy. He took the kids out for almost 4 hours to give some time to rest.

I didn’t plan on getting sick so I didn’t pack any medical supplies – not even panadol. I’m usually pretty good with remembering to bring some things but didn’t on this trip for some strange reason.

So here’s what we did to ensure I bounce back quickly.

I rested and slept for nearly all of Saturday.

Leki bought activated charcoal and probiotics to assist with my recovery.

The activated charcoal was mixed with a cup of water and taken with an empty stomach (didn’t want to eat anything at that stage).

Believe me it doesn’t look that nice but I knew it was going to help my upset stomach so down the hatch it went!

I wouldn’t say that I felt better straight away but it did seem to calm the rumbling in my stomach.

Leki and Eme both took some of the activated charcoal with water as a safety measure.

My understanding of activated charcoal is that it binds with all the nasty toxins in your stomach/guts so the body can get rid of it more effectively.

The probiotic has some ‘healthy/friendly’ bacteria to help repair the intestinal wall and fight the ‘bad’ bacteria.

Again, no immediate relief but every little bit counts.

It makes me think what I would have done if I was unwell and at home.

I may have gone to the local GP and she may have prescribed an antibiotic to kill the bacteria in my gut.

Sure, it would have fixed the problem but the issue with antibiotics is that it kills ALL bacteria. Both good and bad bacteria in your gut. So I try and avoid it unless I really need it to save me ๐Ÿ™‚

So the rest of Saturday was pretty boring for me anyway. Mostly staying indoors while Leki took the kids to the local shopping centre, watched a movie at the park’s indoor cinema and playing outside.

By Saturday night I had recovered enough to eat something.

By Sunday morning I had recovered 80% and was able to enjoy the rest of our little trip especially the beach walk at Ocean Grove.

This had been a timely warning for me as we prepare for a little trip to Bali in late-October and I’d hate to fall sick over there!

I’ll be doing some research and become more knowledgeable about things to prepare before a trip to ensure my family stays healthy!

With love,

Belinda xo



[UPDATE] Size 10 Dress By Christmas (Pt.VIII)

[UPDATE] Size 10 Dress By Christmas (Pt.VIII)

Hi guys.

I started recording my weight loss journey after baby #2 on Jan 2018 and this is the 8th (August) edition of the how it’s been going for me.

I summarise my results and publish every month – check out the story so far:

Episode #1 – Jan (4 days after baby #2)

Episode #2 – Feb (Losing the baby fat)

Episode #3 – Mar (Starting to hit the wall)

Episode #4 – Apr (Intermittent fasting and HIIT training)

Episode #5 – May (Lost 17.2kgs in 4 months!)

Episode #6 – June (Mission Accomplished!)

Episode #7 – July (New Goal)

Last week I wrote about my primary goal of maintaining high quality breastfeeding with the secondary goal of losing weight down to a size 10 summer dress.

Surviving the winter… brrr

The real struggle has begun!

The main issue I’m finding is the reward is NOT married to the effort.

What does that mean?

In my early days with the baby fat it was ‘easier’ for that to come off me.

All that was required was a little effortย with my food choices and aย big effortย with discipline.

So what’s changed?

Now that I’m back at my ‘healthy’ weight it’s a harder task to lose more weight.

What’s required now is aย big effort with my food choices and aย bigger effort with my discipline.

Blessed ๐Ÿ™‚

Where to from here?

Let me start with what’s worked for me

I always come back to the same ideas that seem to work for me.

Once I acknowledge what’s been good I then think about what hasn’t been that good or what I can improve on.

Good things first:

  • Modified paleo/wholefood diet
  • Intermittent fasting
  • Simple High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) routine
  • ‘Cheat’ treats

Things to improve on:

  • Negative self talk
  • Seeing other people’s results and making them my own
  • Letting other people enjoy their own well being journey
Glamourous Mum life ๐Ÿ™‚

The Negatives

Self talk

Sometimes when things don’t go your way it can be easier to blame other people, other things or just blame the situation.

In those testing times it can be the self talk that determine the outcome.

My natural tendency is to blame other people, blame things or blame the situation.

Negative self talk has been my go to strategy. Not good ๐Ÿ™

Something that I’m actively working on is asking myself “is this as bad as it seems?” or “what does that mean?”.

Example no. 1 – Seeing that I’m not losing weight

If I try and ask myself those questions then helps manage those inner feelings of frustration, anger and hopelessness. So if I ask myself “is it as bad as it seems?” then I can see that’s it’s simply just numbers on a weighing machine. With time and persistence these numbers will change.

Example no. 2 – Ky crying at night

I’ve written that I’m struggling with settling Kyneton at night. Rather then get upset I ask myself “what does that mean?”. I try and work on the questions I ask myself so that I can arrive to better solutions rather then accepting things as they are.

Social media is not real

The interconnected online world is not real.

A simple photo on Instagram does not show the struggle.

A short video showing you my best angle is not the real me.

My freckles on my face really irritate me.

My thinning hair and the fact that I may become prematurely bald worries me.

These are some of my many self perceived ‘problems’.

In Facebook-land or Instagram you don’t see those things… just a good things.

Imagine the image that people online may or may not be showing you.

What’s my point?

Don’t measure your happiness with what you see online.

Find happiness in real places like what’s inside you, people around you, at home, a sunny morning, drinking your coffee… you get the idea.

A bit preachy I know but I hope you see the message.

I follow all types of Mums online.

Some are funny, others are passionate about things and others are really fit and healthy.

Sometimes it can feed into my negative self talk.

So next time you see the gorgeous girl on Instagram, feel guilty with images of that Mum sweating in the gym or just plain feel uncomfortable about where you are in your journey don’t make things worse by comparing yourself to someone else.

Run your own race ๐Ÿ™‚

Food prep 101

Let other people enjoy their own well being journey

Don’t get me wrong I am proud of the results I have had since I started in 2015 (after baby no.1).

I’ve grown A LOT.

I have lost a lot of weight.

I try my best not to judge you.

I try my best to keep an open mind.

I appreciate that we are all on a different path.

I appreciate that you might have a different game plan.

I need to learn that you’re on your own journey.

My results are unique to me and if you find it helpful – that’s really cool ๐Ÿ™‚

Teaching Eme, Ky crying and Leki bulk cooking ๐Ÿ™‚

The Positives

Modified Paleo/wholefood diet

I’ve written at length about our family food choices.

We believe in eating a paleo/wholefood diet meaning that we try and eat things that come directly from the land or from animals.

Basically we try and avoid things that are manufactured or come out of a box.

There are a lot of free materials available to assist you in your ongoing self education but I would point you to who we follow – Dave Asprey and Dr. Berg.

Since we have changed our eating habits our bodies are nowย very efficientย with the type of food we eat we are optimised forย ketones.

What’s ketones? Basically our bodies use ketones (healthy fats) rather then carbs (sugars) or protein for energy. Think of it as the body using all the fat (in storage on the love handles) for energy rather then carbohydrates or protein.

I highly encourage that you educate yourself on this because this is the key for lifelong health.

This means that we practice cyclic ketosis where 4-5 days throughout the week we are in ketosis and the other days we cycle out of ketosis. There are many factors on why being in ketosis is beneficial not only weight loss but it’s really good for your insides. (I can elaborate on this later.)

We just eat a varied wholefood/paleo diet (food source). This food source is high in good carbohydrates (vegetables), moderate in protein (meat/fish) and very low in sugar (fruit/treats).

Since we have chosen this wholefood/paleo food source it allows my family to use ketones (healthy fats) as the primary source of energy.

When we have a treat on the weekend and eat some takeaway with family or have something ‘out’ it will take us out of ketosis although we can return to our optimised selves within 1-2 days.

That has been the result of hard work and I would encourage everyone to start your own journey TODAY!

Heading towards that summer dress ๐Ÿ™‚

Intermittent fasting

I’ve written at length about how I fast for the majority of the day and that my 8-hour eating window is typically at breakfast until late-lunch/early dinner. From 8am-4pm is my eating window.

Intermittent fasting is not a diet plan.

It’s a ‘pattern of eating‘ that’s all.

You can eat whatever you like and still fast.

That’s what I mean by not a diet but rather a pattern of eating.

So I couple my paleo diet with intermittent fasting to maximise my external and more importantlyย internalย health.

Simple High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) routine

I’ve shared with you that regular exercise is a clear struggle for me.

The science suggests that a short high intensity exercise for 10 mins is the same as an hour of leisurely walking.

With 2 young kids at home I’d struggle to carve out 60 mins for myself.

So 10 mins of action packed workouts is the goer for me!

Everyday I’m hustlin’!

‘Cheat’ treats

Leki and I enjoy coffee and chocolate.

It’s our weakness when it comes to treats.

We have been working on paleo friendly desserts/sweets that won’t break us out of ketosis but still tasty and satisfying.

I’ve just started making a couple of things and when I get them to a good enough level to share with you I will ๐Ÿ™‚ Keep an eye out soon!


I’ve nearly gone the whole post without telling you where I’m at with my numbers!

Lost 23kg in 8 months

Well 4 weeks ago I weighed in at 74kg July 2018.

As this reaches you I’m at 71.9kg.

I lost just over 2kg in the last 4 weeks.

Also another little thing to share… we’re going to Bali in late-October ๐Ÿ™‚

Long story but in short I’m so happy I’ve been steadily working on losing the weight because Leki only decided that we’d go in the last 2 weeks.

Gives me an extra incentive to push harder for the weight loss and the summer dress!!

Can’t wait until summer ๐Ÿ™‚

So, if I can continue to lose an average of 2kg per month by late-Oct I should be 68kg!!

Then if I can be good in Bali and continue my journey to Xmas I should well and truly squeeze into that size 10 summer dress ๐Ÿ˜‰

Here’s to fighting the good fight.




With love,

Belinda xo

[UPDATE] Size 10 Dress By Christmas (Pt.VII)

[UPDATE] Size 10 Dress By Christmas (Pt.VII)

Hi all.

I’m now into month #7 of my documented well being journey.

The quick summary is that I achieved my goal of losing my baby weight before I went on an overseas holiday in mid-June.

July 2018 – 74kgs

I gave myself 6 months to achieve this and I’m proud to say I lost more then I originally targeted.

July 2018 – size 14

How did I do it?

Well, you are welcome to review how I went about it all below.

Episode #1 – Jan

Episode #2 – Feb

Episode #3 – Mar

Episode #4 – Apr

Episode #5 – May

Episode #6 – June

Despite all the ups and downs I want to reaffirm my primary goal which is:

To track my weight loss as I maintain breastfeeding for my newborn son Ky for over 12 months

Originally, I made the goal to lose weight down to my ‘best self’ which was 69 kgs from 95kgs after having baby no.2 Jan 2018. (I documented my weight loss after baby no.1 in 2015. Read about it here.)

About 4 months into this recent journey I realised that it will take more time to lose the weight to 69kgs and so I made the adjustment and targeted my pre-baby weight of 75kgs.

I managed to weight 73.9kgs just before my trip to Thailand. YAY ๐Ÿ˜‰

BIG in January 2018 to a Bikini in June 2018 ๐Ÿ™‚

So now what?

Well, I’ve set another goal.

To fit into a size 10 dress by Christmas 2018

What’s the latest?

Well… I can tell you we had a BLAST in Thailand with family and friends.

Almost 20 of us went.

We survived the 9 hour flight which I wrote about last week.

Ate to our hearts content – seafood, pad thai, fresh fruit, hot buffet breakfast, crepes, sweets and all types of drinks ๐Ÿ™‚

The only bit of exercise I did was walking around the markets and swimming in the pool ๐Ÿ˜‰

The result?

I put on some naughty weight.

So it’s back on the bike for me, returning to my usual daily structure and building back into my normal routine and positive habits.

My Top 3 Things To Report

  1. Stress levels
  2. Back on the grind
  3. Time out?

1. Stress levels

Our sad gummy bear!

Our little son is now a little over 6 months old and has 2 little teeth popping through the gums.

As a result he’s really irritable at night and with the help of some child friendly Nurofen and Bonjela he’s found a little bit of relief at night time.

During the day he is like a little joey in the kangaroo pouch.

As soon as I get him down for some tummy time or set him down to do some things around the house – he starts crying.

It’s not one of those ‘cute’ baby cries either… it’s like a firetruck siren.

It’s loud to begin with then it rises and falls depending on how much attention he gets.

I swear this little guy knows how to press my buttons ๐Ÿ˜‰

So on top of his teething issues we have also had some additional challenges like travelling overseas and moving house.

As a result I’ve been incredibly stressed and I feel it’s affected my supply of breast milk.

I know our established routine will help me ‘de-stress’ once I get everything up and running at home.

We’re back on our nutritious food plan, taking my ‘power smoothie’ with Fenugreek supplements plus I’ll be cooking my boobie cookies again soon. Read about it here.

Once I have all that under control then the stress will go ๐Ÿ™‚

2. Back on the grind

To be honest I wasn’t too naughty while being overseas.

Eating in Patong

Although I enjoyed myself I didn’t over eat (too much), only had 1-2 alcoholic drinks and kept meals light at dinner time.

But now that I’m back and settling into the new house I’m looking to get back into routine.

So it’s back on the grind now.

I’m currently hovering around 74kgs and my target is to lose 5kgs over the next 5 months from size 14 to size 10.


I have found that the ‘easy’ part was losing the baby weight.

I’m in the ‘hard’ part of my weight loss which is shrinking down from my ‘stable’ pre-baby weight.

I have found it takes a lot more determination and discipline to lose weight here so I have given myself another 5 months to lose 5kgs.

But any progress is better then no progress.

I’ve returned to my normal routine of weighing myself in the morning and stuck to my program of eating during an 8 hour window and practicing intermittent fasting. (If you’re not sure what fasting is about check out my summary here.)

The thing I need to improve on is the regular exercise.

Right now I try and compliment my eating regime with a short high intensity interval training program (HIIT) consisting of sit to stand squats off a chair, wall push ups and step up and step downs.

I spend one minute at each exercise and complete the circuit three times. It only takes 9-10 minutes and I’m done. I also work at a high intensity (80% max.) so you should feel your heart beating out your chest and your breathing gets quite heavy. Now you’re working!

Once Ky get’s a little older I’ll be looking to start some strengthening work to tone up ๐Ÿ˜‰

Swensen’s ice cream ๐Ÿ™‚

3. Time out?

I’m a really big believer in trying to manage your day effectively so you can carve out some “ME TIME”.

In the morning breakfast is organised by my husband Leki.

We prepare the kids for what lies ahead before he’s off to work.

When I’m by myself it’s all hands on deck for the next 8 hours.

Eme doesn’t nap during the day anymore and she’s only got 2-3 things to attend throughout the week.

So there’s a lot of down time. A LOT OF DOWN TIME.

There’s plenty to do – it’s full time work.

But I’m not complaining. I actually enjoy it.

It just takes a lot of effort to plan the day for myself, my newborn Ky and the active 3yo Eme.

So as a family we’ve stated that we tend to commit to regular short ‘mini-breaks’. I wrote about it here.

It gives you a little bit of pleasure knowing that while you’re working hard – at home or at the office – coming soon you have a short trip planned to relieve some pressure!

So we have pre-planned a couple of small trips in August and September plus our annual Christmas getaway with Leki’s family is being organised now.

We are also planning a little caravan trip probably Easter next year for maybe a week. More on that later ๐Ÿ˜‰

How bad am I?

I just got back from a holiday and I’m already planning the next one(s).

It makes us happy ๐Ÿ™‚

Waiting for the warm sun to come back…



With love,

Belinda xo

[UPDATE] Size 10 Dress By Christmas (Pt.VI)

[UPDATE] Size 10 Dress By Christmas (Pt.VI)

Hi all.

This just in – I’VE ACHIEVED MY GOAL ๐Ÿ™‚

I am officially at pre-baby weight 6 months after having my second baby on 3 Jan 2018.


How did I do it?

Well, this is the 6th episode of my weight loss journey which I update monthly and you can review below the story from beginning to end!

Episode #1 – Jan

Episode #2 – Feb

Episode #3 – Mar

Episode #4 – Apr

Episode #5 – May

The goal of this chain post was to track my weight loss as I maintain breastfeeding for my newborn son Ky for over 12 months

What’s the latest?

Well… I leave for Thailand tomorrow. HOORAY!

I’m 6 months along and I’ve reached my goal of being my pre-baby weight before I fly away for 2 weeks!

Well actually I’m EVEN LESS then my pre-baby weight last measuring 73.9kg! (I was around 75kg before baby no. 2)

So after much thought and goal setting what’s my new challenge to aim for?

Fitting into a sizeย 10 dress by Christmas 2018!

I’m currently floating around a size 14-16 depending on the make and type of dress but I’m going to love squeezing into a summer dress in the next 6 months.

Just thinking about that makes me smile.

I lost 21kgs in 6 months. What a ride ๐Ÿ™‚

Want the know the best bits to how I lost the weight?

Well… here’s my Top 3 bits of advice to help you along your journey:

My Top 3 Adviceย 

  1. Be happy and find the balance
  2. Be ok with slow results but consistent effort
  3. Celebrate everything

1. Be Happy & Find The Balance

Sounds a bit cliche and overused but that doesn’t make it untrue.

How you feel is the most important measuring stick ๐Ÿ™‚

If you are plus sized and happy. All the more power to you.

If you’re happy with being frumpy – no one can say anything to make youย feel different.

If you’re not happy being frumpy then onlyย you alone are responsible to improving the way youย feel.

Regardless of my body shape I always try and stayย happy.

Revisiting my original goal which is to ensure my newborn Kyneton can continue to breastfeed for at least 12 months while I strive to lose weight safely.

I’m now 6 months along and he’s started some mashed solids and going along like a little champion!

Things weren’t always so rosy though.

He had some problems sleeping at night and I was starting to lose volume with my breast milk.

Instead of sulking and being depressed I decided to research with my husband and we are now better informed and better prepared with a ‘power smoothie’, lactation supplements and home made boobies cookies to boost up my supply.

There’s been NO problems with breast milk ever since.

What’s the result of this positive action and research – happiness.

Other times I could find myself in negative self talk and wind myself up to the point where I’d almost eat something naughty just because I can.


It’s in these times of weakness that I lean on 2 things:

  1. My husband
  2. My tracking sheet

I pointed out in my earlier post on losing weight after my first child is that having an accountability partner is really important.

Whether it’s a friend or your partner – someone is better then no one.

We all have times of weakness or struggle with being ‘good’ so leaning on my husband worked really well for me.

Another strategy is to track your weight loss regularly because the numbers on a piece of paper doesn’t lie.

Imagine seeing your numbers and it shows you losing 2kgs over the last weeks. It will strengthen your drive to stay good and compliant.

So there you go.

Try and have a ‘Plan B’ because will power can only take you so far.

My Plan B was hubby and the tracking sheet ๐Ÿ™‚

Hope it helps!

Mother’s Day 4km Walk

2. Be OK with Slow Progress but Consistent Effort

I touched on the tracking sheet above and I have to emphasise that it is really important to measure your progress (in my humble opinion).


Because any progress is better then no progress.

Let’s pick the worst case scenario.

Let’s pretend you’ve tried your very best to be good.

On your research you decide to eat really well and commit to regular exercise.

After 4 weeks of being really good you notice that you’re not losing weight, in fact, you’re putting on weight!

What the hell is going on I hear you saying!?

Well the way I see it at the very least you know that you can push through and complete 4 weeks of discipline, you have eaten well and started exercising regularly.

It is at this important cross roads that YOU need to make a decision.

Will I quit or will I battle on?

Quitting reinforces that it ‘didn’t work’. The end. I’m going to be fat for ever.


I’m going to refuse to give in and dive deeper into what is stopping me from getting weight loss success.

In my weight loss journey over the last 6 months there was a period of time where I struggled to lose weight for almost 3 WEEKS!

I know how it feels to hit the wall despite being very good and sacrificing things for the greater result.

What happened next?

I lost 1.5kg in 4 days and went from being in 80s to the 70s in kgs.

That was a major breakthrough for my physical health and more importantlyย  my mental resilience.

I know that if I’m in pain and suffering all I have to do is be consistent and persist and the results will come slowly.

That is one of the biggest lesson this experiment has taught me.

And the reward?

Sure it’s great that I feel and look good for my trip to Thailand but what’s more important is knowing that I pushed myself and didn’t take any shortcuts.

Best feeling ever!

My sister’s birthday at Taco Bill

3. Celebrate Everything

This might be a given but I celebrated everything.

If I had McDonald’s with my family for a little treat then I would enjoy it knowing that I’ve ‘earned’ it.

Sure I know it may not be the best thing to eat all the time but now and then is harmless.

Ditto fish and chips, pizza and other takeaway.

I don’t let the fear of putting on weight slow me down anymore because I know that if I get back into my routine that it’s will come off me after a couple of days.

That knowledge didn’t come overnight – it came with time and patience.

Similarly if I lose weight from being good then great – Hi-5’s all around ๐Ÿ˜‰

But I always reinforce it to myself that the numbers a result of hard work and discipline. If I get caught being lazy and complacent then it can easily change!

Having a tough night with the kids not sleeping so well – no worries I’ll enjoy sleeping with Emelina to settle her because she won’t need me to settle her forever.

Kyneton has been crying and sooking all day but I choose to look at the brighter side of things and try and play with him.

Leki finishes work late and falls asleep early while we’re talking in bed. Although I can get angry I try and remember that he drives long distances and I thank God that he comes home to us safely every night.

I choose to celebrate the good things in life because there’s already plenty of things that we can’t control.

Celebrate everything and be happy.



With love,

Belinda xo

[UPDATE] Losing Weight After Having A Baby (Pt.V)

[UPDATE] Losing Weight After Having A Baby (Pt.V)

Hi all.

Thanks for dropping in ๐Ÿ™‚

This is the 5th episode of my weight loss journey which I update monthly. Click below to review the story so far!

Episode #1 – Jan

Episode #2 – Feb

Episode #3 – Mar

Episode #4 – Apr

F [2]

The goal of this chain post is to track my weight loss but maintain breastfeeding for my newborn son Ky for over 12 months.

What’s the latest?

Well… my original intention was to drop weight from almost 95kg to 69kg within 6 months while managing my newborn son Kyneton.

I’m 5 months along and currently weighing 77.7kg and my adjusted goal is now to achieve pre-baby weight of 75kg by the time we travel to Thailand in late-June.

So I have to lose 2.7kgs in 6 weeks.

I should be able to reach that goal – fingers crossed!

I’ll still work on losing weight down to my dream weight of 69kg over the next 3-6 months. I hope you enjoy the process as I report it to you ๐Ÿ™‚

S [2]

Top 3 Talking Points

  1. Ky is still irritable at night
  2. BIG improvement with breastmilk
  3. Being consistent

1. Ky is still irritable at night

Our son Kyneton was a dream baby for the first 2-3 months.

He was intermittently sleeping throughout the day but was giving us almost 6-8 hours at night – great trade off!

Then around week 12-13 we noticed he was getting incredibly irritable at night and wanted to feed every 3-4 hours.

Leki thought he may be ready for puree/mashed solids but I was wanting to hold out until he was 4 months. So we held on for another 4 weeks with feeding him solely on breast milk.

In the last week leading into month 4 we started some small samples of mashed banana and mashed avocado.

After a few missed attempts he took to it really well and hungrily ate what we gave him.

So we are now going to review our feeding routine and consider giving him solids with each meal and top up with breast milk.

We will then monitor how he goes sleeping at night as a result of our ‘experiment’.

One extra thing I would like to add is that Leki has been researching on other reasons why Ky may be generally irritable.

Earlier I documented that Ky was born with the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck and he was very stressed.

Leki’s research suggested that some babies can be quite sensitive and hormonally imbalanced as a result of the trauma in those early moments in life. As a result, the health of the child can be compromised.

More on that in the next update in June once we have more evidence of what helps/doesn’t work for us ๐Ÿ˜‰

2. BIG improvement on Breast milk

Got Milk?

I have ๐Ÿ™‚

Here’s what worked for me.

I’ve established a good base of eating well, having good sleep and monitoring my stress levels.

Highly recommend

On top of that I have supplemented with lactation support tablets and lactation cookies.

After some research I found that the Herbs of Gold brand had the ingredients that worked for me. It helps boost all the necessary goodies that help my mammary glands produce milk in volume to keep Ky happy.

Lactation cookies were pretty expensive from local stores for only 10 cookies so I decided to make them.

Here’s the boobie cookies recipe/instructions I sourced from Pinterest:

It comes out very toasty and most importantly – tasty! Both Leki and Emelina give their stamp of approval ๐Ÿ™‚



3. Being consistent


In the tracking sheet you can see there are 2 weeks where despite how good I was being the weight didn’t come off.

I practised my intermittent fasting window of 8 hours, tried my best to maintain a short HIIT exercise program daily and ate very well but… nothing ๐Ÿ™

Instead of beating myself up I tried to maintain my mindset and kept a healthy optimism about it all.

From the 21 Apr (80.9kg) to 4 May (79kg) I was hovering around the same weight for over 2 weeks! I must admit it was a struggle to maintain my positive outlook because I wasn’t losing and maintaining any weight loss.

But then I got some good momentum over the following week as I steadily dropped down the weight by STICKING TO MY GUNS ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m glad I did because I’ve got my second wind ๐Ÿ™‚

As I was hovering around the low 80kg for almost 2 weeks it started to come off.

Key take away – BE CONSISTENT!

Here are some small changes in how I run my day outlined below:

  • Usual light breakfast at 7:30am which is slightly earlier then usual
  • My first 10minย HIIT sessionย with before or after breakfast (probably doing this twice a week now)
  • Do my ONE thing if I’m at home or I might be out of the house for Montessori/Gymnastics from 9am-11am
  • Have lunch 11-12pm
  • Try and squeeze in my second 10min HIIT session (trying to do this daily)
  • “Dinner” at 2-3pm
  • Fast from 3-4pm to 7:30am
105cm in May 2018. Lost 5cm in circumference in 4 weeks!

More to share next month as we’re getting closer and closer to Thailand ๐Ÿ™‚



With love,

Belinda xo

[UPDATE] Losing Weight After Having A Baby (Pt.IV)

[UPDATE] Losing Weight After Having A Baby (Pt.IV)

Hi all.

Thanks for dropping in ๐Ÿ™‚

This is the 4th episode of my weight loss journey which I update monthly. Click below to review the story so far!

Episode #1 – Jan

Episode #2 – Feb

Episode #3 – Mar

The goal of this chain post is to track my weight loss but maintain breastfeeding for my newborn son Ky for over 12 months.

Why all the effort?

Well to be honest – it’s because I want to be in a bikini by late-June 2018 for our overseas trip to Thailand!

By this time my newborn son will be almost 5 months old.

So my goal is to get from my starting weight (94.9 kgs post baby) to my pre-baby weight (75 kgs) and ultimately to my super duper goal ofย 69 kgs by June 21 2018!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Apr 2018 – Weighing 81.5 kgs after 120 days in!

Top 3 Talking Points

  1. Ky is getting a bit irritable at night
  2. I’m running low on breastmilk
  3. Not losing as much weight per week as I would like

1. Ky is getting a bit irritable at night

Kyneton is now 3 months old and he was doing very well. Averaging 6-8 hours at night and feeding almost every 2-4 hours during the day.

Suddenly in the last 2 weeks I have had a couple of nights where he slept for 4 hours then would wake and cry to feed every 2 hours. This happened probably twice at home and a couple of nights when I stayed at my parents place during the week.

I’m not sure what changed as my diet, exercise and breastfeeding volume has been pretty good and consistent. My only idea is that he’s getting more hungry and pretty sensitive to noisy siblings ๐Ÿ™‚

So I will be thinking about starting to puree some solids soon – broccoli, sweet potato and other goodies! I hope that helps to settle him. Wish me luck ๐Ÿ˜‰

Apr 2018 – Waist circumference now 110cm. Down 10cms after 3 months!

2. I’m running low on Breastmilk

As I flagged in my last post (3rd edition) I have started intermittent fasting (IF) and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

My food intake has been consistent meaning I still eat 3 x meals in an 8 hour window: 8am-4pm then I fast for 16 hours.

I eat breakfast at 8am, have a heavier lunch at 12pm then a lighter dinner at 3/4pm.

I also have some great healthy snacks and smoothies during my 8 hour window with plenty of water.

I’m not sure if it’s Kyneton hunger that’s demanding more milk from me or if he’s ‘ready’ for solids but our Maternity Nurse suggested that newborns are ready for solids between 4-6 months.

So I’m going to be monitoring these next 4 weeks very closely and I’ve decided to stick to my health plan, eat well, practice IF and HIIT twice a day.

The only change is that I will double my breastfeeding ‘power smoothie’ intake. One at breakfast and another at the end of my 8-hour window.

I’ll let you know of my results next month.

Ky will be 4 months old and might be ‘ready’ for solids but I need to do more research on that!

Slow and steady!


3. Not losing as much weigh per week as I would like

In my first episode I put it out into the universe that I want to lose 1.2 kgs per week so I can achieve my goal of 69 kgs by June 21 2018.

At the time of writing I should be 79.1 kgs if I continued to lose weight at that targeted rate.

I’m currently 81.5 kgs.

Don’t get me wrong I’m really happy with that effort and how I’m looking and feeling but I’m not losing quite enough.

I notice that despite all my effort I’m losing about 3 kgs per month or 750g per week.

So if I continue at that rate I’ll be my pre-baby weight of 75 kgs by the time I get to Thailand. Not a bad prize for second place ๐Ÿ™‚

My husband Leki also promised to buy me an outfit for Ky’s Christening coming up in May if I reached my target of 79 kgs.ย That was another incentive to push for my goals.

Hopefully I can get a consolation prize off him LOL

Shrinking waist line ๐Ÿ™‚

So the game plan right now is to work on my mindset and general well being.

Sometimes when things don’t go your way you can start to beat yourself up and blame other people because it’s just not working.

My main goal over the next period of time is to be consistent.

No one wants this more then me.

No one is responsible for the results except me.

Only I can decide how I react to good and bad news and how I can move forward despite being disappointed.

ori [3]
My little man ๐Ÿ™‚
Again, I would like to reaffirm my primary goal which is Kyneton continuing to feed happily and sleep well at night.

By the look of how he’s putting on weight and filling up I’m VERY happy with my results!

More to share next month as we’re getting closer and closer to Thailand ๐Ÿ™‚



With love,

Belinda xo

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Hi guys,

I hope you guys had a great long weekend celebrating Easter.

This is a time of the year which we can all afford to slow down and be appreciative of the all the wonderful things like Family, friendship, health and time we can spend with people we love and those who are close to us.

Being raised and a practicing Catholic I know my faith has received a lot of criticism recently but I enjoy the community and structure that it provides me on my daily and spiritual journey.

Every Sunday when we attend our church service I use that time to reconnect with my Family and give thanks for the all the good things in my life and try and be forgiving of the things that are testing my patience.

This Easter we managed to organise an Easter Egg hunt for both sides of the Family which was great to see all the little kiddies hunting for eggs!

leki fam
Fun times with Leki’s siblings and their families

We started Easter off on Good Friday by participating in ‘The Stations of the Cross‘ which was a long walk to many ‘stations’ around our town. Great way to start this long weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

Stations of the Cross around Kyneton ๐Ÿ™‚

Soon after the Good Friday church service we caught up with Leki’s siblings in a National State Park (Brimbank Park)ย  and had our first Easter egg hunt which was a success!

leki fam2
The kids were very happy with their haul this year!

It was great catch up with with Leki’s family and we chatted about plans for the end of the year and planning the next family holiday which should be very exciting for early 2019!

On Easter Saturday we decided to stay in and make use of some of the local things available to us. Christmas 2017 we were gifted a tent that can fit 5 people and so we decided to give a few things a test run. We have a nice big river that flows through our town and Leki thought it’d be a great opportunity to trial some fishing.

Fishing in the Campaspe River – No fish though ๐Ÿ™

Later in the same day we had pre-planned to camp out in the tent. In Australia, we are now in Autumn/Fall and so the night temperatures are dropping below 10 degree Celsius so Ky and I decided to give the camp out a miss.

Eme and her ‘cubby house’

Emelina and Leki did very well and they reported that it was very comfortable in the tent overnight!

Easter Sunday we spent this time at home resting and cleaning up and then traveled to Leki’s parents house (over an hour away) to spend the night and hang out with them. We don’t travel to the city that often so it’s always great to get the kids to spend time with Papa and Nani ๐Ÿ™‚

Ky’s 1st Easter!

Easter Monday we then traveled to meet with our parish Priest to organise little Ky’s Christening for later this year. We had already asked some relatives to be the Godfather (from Sydney) and Godmother (from Melbourne) and now I am looking forward to organising the next family gathering in early May.

After our meeting with the Priest we then travelled to my parent’s place for the second round of Easter egg hunting.

Chocolate daze!

We planned for lunch at 2pm and then the Easter egg hunt soon after. The kids were very excited and I can report all the kids were bouncing off the walls with the chocolate they got ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy with her haul!

So we had plenty to eat and caught up with great conversations over the Easter Long Weekend.

I am thankful for all the good things in my life and I appreciate the setbacks and the lessons I can learn from them.

I love my husband, my children, my Family and that we live in such a great community with great peopleย around me.

From my family to yours – I hope you had a refreshing long weekend with loved ones and continue on in 2018 in good health and good spirit!

My little crew

With love,

Belinda, Leki, Emelina and Kyneton xo

[UPDATE] Losing Weight After Having A Baby (Pt.III)

[UPDATE] Losing Weight After Having A Baby (Pt.III)

Hi all.

Thanks for tuning in for another episode of MyWifeLife.

I’m adding to the story from my first entry which you can read all about it here ๐Ÿ™‚

The idea of this chain post is to track my weight loss but maintaining high quality breastfeeds for my newborn son Ky for over 12 months.

So what’s new?

Well this is Part III of my monthly weight loss progress report and the quick summary is below. My main measuring tools for how I’m progressing is weight loss and Ky’s sleep quality at night.

Weight Loss

Started at 94.9 kgs and now 84.7 kgs. That’s 10.2 kgs lost in 10 weeks! (from Jan 6 to Mar 17)

Kyneton’s Sleep

From the outset Ky needed feeds every 3-4 hours at night as a newborn and he’s now 2.5 months and giving me an average of 6-8 hours between feeds at night.

My little seedling Ky ๐Ÿ™‚

This tells me that he’s happy with the breast milk I’m producing and he’s looking quite full. He was 3 kgs at birth and now weighs 4.88 kgs.

So in my most recent update I flagged two things that I struggled with:

  1. Leki’s birthday and naughty food
  2. Staying over my parents house and not sticking to my food choices

I can report that I was put to the challenge again as there were a lot of celebrations over the last month:

My little family and Eme’s 3rd birthday
  1. My daughter’s 3rd birthday party
  2. 3 x birthday parties from my Mother’s Group (now 3 years of friendship!)
  3. My mother-in-law’s birthday

What’s a party without having a good time?

mother's group
Mother’s Group going strong!

After my last update I made the decision to be really careful with what I ate and I tried very hard to manage the portions when I ate at these parties.

I can say that it’s a hard task to turn off my emotional heart at celebrations and tell myself half truths likeย “It’s ok – only one won’t hurt” but I had to listen into my logical mind and rise above the internal struggle ๐Ÿ™‚

My mother-in-law’s birthday

The result? I chose to be really good.

Even better my results reflected my discipline. My numbers are steadily dropping and Ky continues to thrive!

But I don’t want to report just the good stuff. I prefer to write about the things that didn’t work so you can learn from my mistakes.


So what was the main challenge I’ve found in the last month?

I’m not losing enough weight per week to reach my target of 69 kgs by June 21 2018

As you know Leki and I always weigh ourselves first thing the morning before we have a light breakfast.

I was getting frustrated because although I was losing weight, I wasn’t losing enough.

Solution #1: Intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting is a pattern of eating IT IS NOT A DIET!ย This took me a while to understand.

So here’s what I’ve found after some initial research following guides from Dr. Berg.

Please watch this short 7 min video which will do a better job of summarising Intermittent Fasting better then I could:

What I really like about this video is that it gives you a practical strategy to progress your fat burning goals with changing my pattern of eating.

I am currently at the 16:8 stage whereby I have a ‘window’ of eating within 8 hours and fasting for 16 hours. I personally prefer to have my first meal at 8am and then have my final meal at 3-4pm.

That means I fast after lunch/early dinner through the night and wait for my first meal at 8am.

You’d be surprised as I don’t ‘feel hungry’ and most importantly I’m producing high quality breast milk and Ky is still very happy!

Updated tracking sheet

Solution #2: High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

So looking at the tracking sheet above I should be sitting at 82.9 kgs if I’m steadily losing 1.2 kgs per week to reach my goal of being 69 kgs by June 21 2018.

I’m currentlyย 84.5 kgs almost 1.6 kgs over where I should be.

You can see I have added in brackets where I hope to be every week (losing 1.2 kgs every week being the goal) so this weekend I should be 81.7 kgs and by Easter 80.5 kgs.

It doesn’t get any easier for me!

So instead of feeling sorry for myself I’m gonna suck it up and WORK EVEN HARDER!

HIIT is a form of interval training where you can ‘work out’ for a short period of time but at a high intensity. This willย  cause you to fatigue earlier if you’re working hard enough and burn up some calories!

Here’s what my self directed HIIT program looks like:

  • Sit-stand squats off a chair
  • Wall push ups
  • Step up/down

At each station I go as quickly as I can for 1 minute non-stop x 3 rounds = 9 MINS in total!

I do that HIIT twice a day usually around 10am and again at 4pm.

So my revised formula for safe weight loss is more of the same but finely tuning some areas.

I’ll still focus on eating right, monitoring my portions and keeping a healthy and optimistic mindset as the scales can really be mean to you even when you’ve been good ๐Ÿ˜‰ It’s a long game not a quick fix!

Layered on top of that I will now practice intermittent fasting eating within an 8 hours window from 8am-4pm and exercise HIIT twice a day as outlined above.

Sounds like a lot of effort but that is the level of effort I’m prepared to go to lose the weight.


The most important measuring stick despite all this effort, to me, is that Ky is happy.

I am finding that his feed at night is stable and consistent at 6-8 hours apart which is a very good sign!

More to share next month as we’re getting closer and closer to Thailand ๐Ÿ™‚


The struggle continues!

With love,

Belinda xo

Sweet & Sour

Sweet & Sour

Hi guys,

As a Mother I feel that the majority of the time I need to put my children’s needs and wants before mine.

It can vary from taking food off my plate to feed them if they’re still hungry to sacrificing sleep because of nightmares to just being there to soothe them even when I know I have heaps of things piling up on the to-do-list.

But… there are important times when I need to push my agenda first before my kids.

I would like to talk about my goal to raise independent Bulletproof kids.

I read this awesome article from Chris Sacca who grew up in New York and his parents practised ‘Sweet & Sour’ school holidays.

During the “Sweet” part of the school holidays Chris’ parents organised some nice experiences like sitting in a court room, being in an office-type job with an uncle and observing what it was like to work in that environment.

The remaining part of the holidays was known as the “Sour” experience. For example Chris was thrown into some waste management jobs with family friends and his parents advised them to give him the worst of the worst duties to manage.

Chris was probably in early high school at that time so roughly 11-12yo and he reported how that experience shaped his way of thinking and how he looks at people, work and the world at a larger extent.

You see, he valued BOTH the white and blue collar experiences.

The hard work of digging troughs and unplugging smelly pipes but enjoying the benefits of doing manual work and being outdoors. He also felt the benefits of being indoor and in a nice air conditioned facility but saw how stressed his uncle was with dealing with customers.

After reading that piece by Chris Sacca it has shaped my own thoughts and ideas as I’m mostly optimistic about how the future will be for our children.

For example, I see improvements in technology as a positive thing. Yes there are dangers and dodgy things lurky around the web but I still feel there’s so much good that outweighs the bad.

Having information readily on hand by searching Google, or trying to find out more information by watching a Youtube video or reading reviews on a product or service makes things very easy for us.

Most little kids I come across have no problems unlocking a phone, flicking across the homepage and then selecting the right App for them to play on! I’m sure most children are exactly the same ๐Ÿ™‚

So if little 2-3yo are already navigating iPhones and iPads imagine what they are watching and learning by the time they’re in middle primary school?

By the time they are 7-8yo these young kids will be well informed or are skilled enough to research things to help themselves!

I feel they will already start forming an idea of their place in the world and how the world really ‘works’. Wow what a world we live in now ๐Ÿ˜‰

So it is with that in mind Iย would like to plan little ‘Sweet & Sour’ experiments with my own kids as they grow because they are growing so quick already!ย 

I have previously mentioned that we plan to send our own children overseas for part of their education here. That will take some time to plan with the help of family and friends we can action that.

Outdoor vs Indoor

In the mean time I would be looking to chalk up a list of ‘Sweet’ and ‘Sour’ experiences for the kids ๐Ÿ˜‰ I know that sometimes the kids half expect to be entertained when it’s school holidays – definitely want to avoid that as best we can!

One final point I would like to touch on is the future and our children.

The job landscape is changing so much as technology is disrupting some really big players. I mean, Facebook collects and publishes news like a newspaper but it doesn’t own or produce any of the content, Airbnb offers accommodation without owning any property, Uber offers a ride sharing service challenging the business model of taxis – all that without owning any fleet of cars.

At the everyday level there’s companies like Xero that help with simplifying accounting for small businesses, robots improving the manufacturing efficiency and I even saw an article about how newly trained doctors should avoid some fields of practice because computer software is removing the human error element!

Dr. Eme
Dr. Eme or Chef Eme?

Again, I would like to highlight that I’m OPTIMISTIC about the future and that there are so many opportunities for our children.

My thoughts are that if we can offer our children a lot of different experiences when they are at an impressionable age both locally and overseas then they can come up with solutions to improve our future and make it a better place – for everyone!

Here are some examples off the top of my head for my own kids:

  • Eme has uncles working on the railways and her experience there may inspire her to create a solution for improved public transport
  • Ky has another uncle who is a doctor and he may be inspired to help kids with cancer
  • Eme might spend time with her auntie who is a make up artist and photographer and find out how to serve customers really well
  • Ky might enjoy listening and playing music and with the help of another uncle he can learn about how to be a musician
  • Eme might be affected by volunteering overseas that she wants to help people gain access to clean drinking water
  • Ky might figure out that he’ll make a better plumber then an academic scholar and decide to learn a trade rather then pursue University
  • Eme might really enjoy another culture and want to learn the language
  • Ky might be really good at playing video games and wants to explore software engineering
  • Eme might show some interest in operating big machinery and being outdoors
  • Ky might enjoy eating food so much that he wants to be a chef

The list goes on!

Camper Eme
Ranger Eme?

This post may come across as wishful thinking but I have to be honest it is something both Leki and I think and talk about all the time.

In these uncertain times the best we can do as a parents is raise children who are respectful and resilient – Bulletproof Kids ๐Ÿ™‚

Food for thought.

Belinda xo

[UPDATE] Losing Weight After Having A Baby (Pt.II)

[UPDATE] Losing Weight After Having A Baby (Pt.II)

Hi all.

Thanks for tuning in for another episode of MyWifeLife.

I’m adding to the story from my first entry which you can read all about it here ๐Ÿ™‚

The idea is to share my journey on losing weight safely but maintaining high quality breastfeeds for my newborn son Ky for over 12 months.

So what’s new?

Well let’s go through a quick recap of the journey so far from my last entry.

My first reading (3 days after having a baby) was 94.9 kgs on 6 Jan 2018.

By the final reading of my last update (2 weeks after having little Ky) I was 89.5 kgs on 20 Jan 2018.

I lost 5.4 kgs in 2 weeks and I didn’t do anything spectacular. Just ate wholesome food and tried to keep a good sense of humour.

The aim of these post updates is to outline the ‘running score’ of how the safe weight loss process has been and whether I can ‘be good’ and disciplined with my plans to get that bikini body for Thailand by June 21 2018.

I’ll be providing monthly snapshots with photos plus letting you know what worked and what didn’t work as we go. Enjoy ๐Ÿ˜‰


20 Jan – 3 Feb 2018

So here is a snapshot of my weight chart that I update daily.

Leki and I always weigh ourselves first thing the morning before we have breakfast.

Sorry about my messy handwriting!

So you can see on my tracking sheet from the 20 to 27 January 2018 I was steadily losing weight.

It averaged from 200g to 800g (Jan 25 to Jan 26 lost almost 1 kg!) over that week.

Again, I wasn’t doing anything special – didn’t have any junk food and I was successfully breastfeeding although my nipples were starting to get quite sore.

27 Jan 2017 – 88.2 kgs
27 Jan 2018 – 88.2 kgs

It was around this time I really put more effort into expressing for little Ky and spacing out the expressed bottle feeding to give my sore nipples a break ๐Ÿ™‚

Spectra S2 – Great for expressing!

I have been using Spectra s2 for expressing and I find it to be powerful and quiet although it is bulky and difficult to take around with you.

Although I would recommend the Spectra 9 Portableย model as it’s less bulky and easily fits in your handbag!

I do recommend the ‘let down cup’ which can help with any post-breastfeeding leaking. It’s been magic!

Thank you to my sister for pointing me towards these great resources ๐Ÿ˜‰

Example of a ‘Let Down’ cup for post breastfeeding leakage

At almost a month old Ky was giving me around 3-4 hours rest in between each feed at night. Not too bad ๐Ÿ™‚

So on the 20 Jan 2018 I came in at 89.5 kgs and on the 3 Feb 2018 measured 86.6 kgs losing 2.9ย kgsย for the fortnight and average 1.45 kgs lost for theย week.

My waist circumference was 120 cms (6 Jan 2018) down to 113cm (3 Feb 2018)!

3 Feb – 17 Feb 2018

This fortnight was a MASSIVE struggle! I celebrated my husband’s birthday and Kyneton finally had his first round of vaccinations so we could get out and visit family and friends ๐Ÿ™‚

20 Feb 2018 – 87 kgs
20 Feb 2018 – 87 kgs

Struggle #1 – Leki’s birthday

The 5 Feb is my husband’s birthday and we have this ‘thing’ where we celebrate a ‘happy birthday weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s basically a licence to eat whatever you want for dinner.

So on Sunday 4 Feb we had take away Chinese – YAY!

We went all out and ate special fried rice (large), honey chicken, Mongolian beef, wanton noodle soup and prawn crackers.

Don’t forget the dessert and birthday cake (yummy strawberry cheesecake and hokey pokey ice cream – Leki’s favourite!)

Then on Mon 5 Feb we finished off the left over Chinese food for dinner and Tues 6 Feb my sister visited and brought some Subway rolls which we shared.

So what was the result? I put on a whole heap of weight.

Updated Tracking Sheet

If you look at the tracking sheet I was 86.3 kgs on 4 Feb then a day after the ‘birthday weekend’ on 7 Feb I weighed 87.8 kgs?!

I put on 1.5 kgs in 2 days which usually takes me 1 week to lose!

TAKE AWAY MESSAGE =ย  A week’s worth of being good with eating well can be quickly undone with eating only 2 x ‘cheat meals’.


Struggle #2 – Staying with Family over the weekend

So with grit and determination I restarted my effort to lose weight and keeping in with this theme of eating well, getting good quality sleep and trying to establish a good routine with Leki’s help.

So on Fri 16 Feb I left to stay with my Family in the city for 2 nights while Leki was away for the weekend.

It was great to finally see everyone as I was getting ‘cabin fever’ from having to stay away until Ky got his injections. While I was away at my parents house I was unable to weigh myself in the mornings as we usually do.

The challenge here is that you can’t eat your normal food.

Now there wasn’t anything completely ‘bad’ with the food I ate at my parents house it’s just not whatย I usually eat. You know what it feels like. It’s been a while since you see your parents and they want to feed you until you burst ๐Ÿ˜‰

TAKE AWAY MESSAGE =ย  Next time I stay a couple of nights away from home I’ll pack my own food to make it easier for me

I previously outlined what my ‘standard’ eating week looked like – check it out here.

I basically stuck with the same food choices and the only addition was the breastfeeding smoothie that I’ve put together.

The ingredients are: water/coconut water, almonds, cocoa powder, flax seeds, honey, half banana, cinnamon, MCT oil, oats and grass fed butter.

The end result is amazing!

The consistency should feel like a milkshake and I’m happy with 1 cup a day for breakfast ๐Ÿ™‚

Typical breakfast = Lightly grilled egg + avo + grass fed butter + baby spinach + asparagus AND Power Smoothie for breastfeeding

**NOTE – We bought a Vitamix blender as our family Xmas gift to ourselves ๐Ÿ˜‰ and it is AWESOME! We make all sorts of things with a flick of a switch but be warned it comes with a heavy price tag – $729.99 at Costco. The feature we enjoy most from the Vitamix is the safety switch off mechanism if the blender is overheating. Saves it from itself essentially which is good for long term usage. We can make smoothies, ice cream/sorbet, baby food/purees, soups and much more. See the video below and you’ll get the picture – highly recommend!

Keep in mind for over a year we were using the Ambiano blender from Aldi until it died on us after a year of use and we paid $39.99 for it.

So there are may ways to lose weight. I documented earlierย how with minimal exercise but being careful with food helped with losing weight the first time round.


In summary from my last entry I finished up weighing 89.5 kgs on 20 Jan 2018 and my latest entry on 20 Feb 2018 I weighed 87 kgs.


That’s a loss of 2.5 kgs over the last 4 weeks which is an average of 630 g per week.

My calculations from my starting date of 4 Jan 2018 to 21 June 2018 was to lose 1.2 kgs per week to achieve my goal of 69 kgs by the time I get to our Thailand holiday!

So I wasn’t very successful in the last 4 weeks because of a couple of cheat meals (Leki’s birthday and staying over my parents place) but on the positive side Ky is now 6 weeks old and averaging 5-6 hours in between breastfeeds at night ๐Ÿ™‚

At least something I’m doing is working!

I’ll keep pushing on and provide you the next update in a month. Wish me luck ๐Ÿ˜‰

With love,

Belinda xo